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  1. masia mocha

    Anfernee Simons auto

    Hi all Im chasing some Anfernee Simons auto or numbered cards. Let me know what you got and how much please
  2. masia mocha

    2019 - 20 NBA Hoops PREMIUM

    Just picked these up. I'm slowing down on cards and getting back into sneakers. Selling for $105 PayPal each posted. I have 6 to sell.
  3. masia mocha

    In Progress GCdogg05 an Masia Mocha

    Masia mocha gets Jevon Carter 3/199 nba hoops GCdogg05 gets paypal
  4. masia mocha

    Chasing Jevon Carter

    Im chasing Jevon Carter, i like his game. After auto or numbered and some of the hyper prizms, rated rookies. Heres hoping theres some out there...
  5. masia mocha

    In Progress Masia mocha and Jessica

    @Jessica gets paypal @ masia mocha gets jevon cater die cut
  6. masia mocha

    Cameron Johnson and Jevon Carter

    Loking for some higher end Cameron Johnson or Jevon Carter cards for my Suns PC. Please let me know if you have any to sell or trade. Paypal ready.
  7. masia mocha

    In Progress Hardaway, Iverson, Sprewell

    Masia mocha gets; Hardaway, Iverson, Sprewell card lot Nav gets paypal $$$
  8. masia mocha

    2019 - 20 NBA chronicles

    where are they now???
  9. masia mocha

    Trade Shai G for Devonte Graham

    Looking to trade my Shai Gilgeous Alexander for Devonte' Graham let me know if keen and what you have to trade.
  10. masia mocha

    Panini Threads and Prestige 2012 - 13 base sets

    I'm keen to swap 2012 - 13 Threads and Prestige base sets for any base sets from around the same time. If anyone interested let me know. I will swap any set from 2012 onwards. I'm collecting for my son.
  11. masia mocha

    Jordan Kobe Leonard

    Got bored last night and decided to go through some stored albums.....i had no idea i had thinking they not to bad of finds ?
  12. masia mocha

    Completed Reddish auto

    Trent gets paypal $$$ Masia mocha gets Cam Reddish auto
  13. masia mocha

    Completed Super league Mags

    MC_D gets paypal$$$ @masia mocha gets 32x Superleague mags
  14. masia mocha

    Completed Shake Milton auto

    GCdogg05 gets paypal @masia mocha gets Shake Milton auto
  15. masia mocha

    Completed Zhaire Smith x prizm

    FeerTheDeer84 gets paypal Masia mocha gets Zharie Smith 3x prizm
  16. masia mocha

    Completed Zharie Smith

    Jessica gets paypal Masia Mocha gets; Prizm Inserts Prizm Inserts silver Select scope Crown royale/99
  17. masia mocha

    Shake Milton, Furkan Korkmaz and Zharie Smith

    I'm chasing 76ers. I can find the usual Embiid and Simmons but having trouble with; Milton Korkmaz Smith If have anything, Hi end or low end - please let me know. Paypal ready.
  18. masia mocha

    Cam Reddish and Sedou Doumbouya select or revolution

    Hi Im chasing Cam Reddish and Sekou Doumbouya select phenomenon and concourse, also revolution... would be interested in any really Please let me know if have any to sell. Would be keen to see what ever you have may have to sell...
  19. masia mocha

    Completed Sekou Doumbouya’s

    Gary Dixon gets paypal $$$ masia mocha gets Sekou Doumbouya's x 13
  20. masia mocha

    Swap Luka for Cam Reddish or D Rose

    Hey, im interested in swapping some of my Luka for Cam Reddish or Derrick Rose, please see attached pics let me know if interested. Let me know what you want and what you have. I am open to suggestions on how to complete trades safety as i want to continue trading. I also have kobe prizms if...
  21. masia mocha

    Good morning from Dub's NSW...

    Im not a big fan of buying an selling, im old skool and prefer to trade. Will sell if i have something that you need. I dont really keep up with whats hot and whats not, i just like cards. Ive been collecting for 40 plus years and have lots of stuff from nba, nrl, comics and shoes. I will try to...