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  1. Phillipstl1981

    Completed Phillipstl & Matt Holtham

    Phillipstl gets 71x 98-99 topps chrome base 59x 97-98 topps chrome base 1x complete set 94-95 skybox premium (150 cards total) 1x crimped zo PITK Holojams x 33 Matt Holtham gets Malone RWB Prizm 15x pink optics Paypal Agree mate?
  2. Phillipstl1981

    In Progress Phillipstl & chensanity

    Phillipstl gets 6x winner stays 3 x express lane Chensanity gets pay pal Agree
  3. Phillipstl1981

    Completed J Pike & Phillipstl

    Phillipstl gets: 2xPrizm, 2xWinner Stays, 5xExpress Lane & Mullin J pike gets For: 2xChronicles, 3xContenders & 8xPrizm Agree mate?
  4. Phillipstl1981

    Wanted. 90s base & inserts plus more recent stuff

    Hi all, Hoping to complete the following sets, would prefer to trade but happy to buy. Let me know if you can help me out.
  5. Phillipstl1981

    Completed Nav & Phillipstl

    Phillipstl gets UD 94-95 all except 332,329,287 skybox 93-94 60,88,98,130,153,182. fleer 94-95 142,209. ultra 92-93 369. stadium club 93-94 296. UD 93-94 204,237,373,448,466,492. slammin universe 16,21,29 skybox ar2 mourning hardwood leader 11 miller future hearoes 34 mourning class of 95 r7...
  6. Phillipstl1981

    Completed Phillipstl & Dalbs

    Phillipstl gets 93-94 fleer ultra Ewing Jam city Coleman and Richmond hardwood leaders 94 UD SE 98, 96, 91, 125, 63, 99, $0.30 1975/76 Topps Calvin Murphy (180) 1994/95 NBA Hoops Sharone Wright (AR-6) 1993/94 Fleer Tower of Power Charles Barkley (1 of 30) 1993/94 Fleer Tower of Power Tom...
  7. Phillipstl1981

    Wanted. 90s Inserts and base

    After these to complete my sets. Let me know what you have. Happy to trade or purchase. Thanks for looking
  8. Phillipstl1981

    Completed Phillipstl & Nevetsov

    Nevetsov Gets 17 fleer ultra base Phillipstl gets 9 cards Agreed?
  9. Phillipstl1981

    Completed Dodgydave & phillipstl

    @Dodgydave gets 7 Hakeem cards 7 fleer stickers phillipstl gets bank transfer agree mate
  10. Phillipstl1981

    Completed ultimate4me & phillipstl

    @ultimate4me Gets 4x Spoon cards 2x pippen cards phillipstl gets paypal agree mate
  11. Phillipstl1981

    7-11 Aussie Cricket Stars

    Wondering if anyone knows anything about these? From memory you got one with a slurpee in the late 80s. Found at my parents place when cleaning out a heap of stuff!
  12. Phillipstl1981

    In Progress Jessica & Phillipstl

    @Jessica gets Diallo optic Prizm Brunson RC Prizm phillipstl gets PayPal agreed?
  13. Phillipstl1981

    For Sale/For Trade $0.50 to $20 NBA lots and singles updated 18 June

    Happy to sell or trade, add $3 regular postage Nique Living Legend $8 Bird Living Legend $15 Smits refractor $4 Morant RC $10 LJ Topps finest $7
  14. Phillipstl1981

    High sentimental value cards!

    Hey all, Keen to hear other’s stories around bball cards which the sentimental value is way above the monetary value and the reasons why? Here are three of mine: Dee Brown 15/16 Excalibur /70 Iconic photo from the 91 dunk comp. I had this poster on my bedroom door in the early 90s
  15. Phillipstl1981

    Jordan Scoring King and others

    These arrived today. Had the entire scoring king set minus Jordan since the mid 90s and have never been able to get the MJ until now. Got my brother to chip in and he will take the other scoring kings. Shout out to Hector for an easy stress free deal and quick postage. Winning all around!
  16. Phillipstl1981

    Time wasters

    Hi all, What I’m finding really annoying on here is that I few people I’ve dealt with agree to a deal however when it comes time to pay DONT. Following this they just ghost you. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. I get it if you don’t agree with the price however If you agree to a purchase then...
  17. Phillipstl1981

    Completed Phillipstl and Hecor

    Phillipstl gets 93/94 Scoring kings Jordan, Shaq, Mourning, Dumars, Ewing x 2, LJ X 2 Kobe 1997 metal universe championship base X 2 Jordan 1997 metal universe championship base x 1 sent via registered post hector gets PayPal $ agreed
  18. Phillipstl1981

    In Progress Phillipstl & Double 11

    I get Perdue auto, Beasley and Battier Double11 gets PayPal
  19. Phillipstl1981

    For Sale/For Trade Random NBA cards for trade / sale

    Hey all. Have some random cards, ideally for trade but happy to sell. I’m basically a dog chasing my tail and collect anything and everything NBA. However priorities are early to mid 80s, 90s inserts and some base sets, MJ, Dominique, Bird, Magic etc., Miami Heat from the Zo/Hardaway teams right...
  20. Phillipstl1981

    Completed Phillipstl1981 & Locky82

    I get: Kobe base Zo base Fleer ultra lot 92-93 Bam x 3 Ja arriving now Dirk patch Zion RC 93- 94 upper deck s2 commons as per list Locky82 gets 31cards as agreed through PM Agreed?
  21. Phillipstl1981

    NFL cards

    Check out this NFL card lot Look at this on eBay NFL Cards, Inserts, Jerry Rice, Emmit Smith
  22. Phillipstl1981

    Michael jordan lots. Nba. NFL.

    Hi. I’m selling a heap of my collection, mostly Jordans Check out my auction and search other items