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  1. ElijahCraigHyde

    Completed Footy Mad Eli & Elijah Craig Hyde

    I receive thiday IP signature LL gold Eli gets PayPal I agree
  2. ElijahCraigHyde

    Cam Smith and Munster emeralds

  3. ElijahCraigHyde


  4. ElijahCraigHyde

    In Progress Elijah Craig Hyde & Mike K

    Elijah to receive: Cam Smith sapphire mojo 07/20 of 2020 elite Mike gets $$ according to sell thread and discussion I agree
  5. ElijahCraigHyde

    Dominance 2020 review

    Common cards: As I've mentioned before, we really couldn't care less what they look like however these have a unique design IMO - find they are gemstone like which is quite cohesive Holofoil /350: Really like the design of these, particular the reference to series 2 design of the parallels but...
  6. ElijahCraigHyde

    In Progress Elijah Craig Hyde & drama 5

    Drama gets cards as discussed in screen dump below Elijah gets Jeremy Cameron influential Guernsey number 18/40 I agree
  7. ElijahCraigHyde

    Josh Kelly Auskick card

    Josh Kelly Auskick card of 2020 footy stars is one I'm after with priority. If/when I'll have one of these I'll be virtually 100% with my Kelly PC along with the dominance 2 common and parallel I'm also after Others Any GWS cards numbered 018 Trent Cochin prime draft 2013 pd38 Michael long...
  8. ElijahCraigHyde

    Tell him he's dreaming

    Thought it would be fun to initiate some toung and cheek stuff based around the good old catch phrase from the Castle (1997 film)
  9. ElijahCraigHyde

    Completed ElijahCraigHyde & paulgarret384

    I receive payment Paul receives Jeremy Cameron Black starburst signed Jeremy Cameron Xmas common I agree
  10. ElijahCraigHyde

    Things that grind your ears

    I understand it can be somewhat destructive saying those sort of things about others over the internet but I do hope this thread can be used with legitimate reasons where we can have a bitch about certain things regarding our collection goals without putting ourselves at risk or making others...
  11. ElijahCraigHyde

    Storm T20 elite

    Storm diamond mojo (either 2019 or 20) Munster league sensations - all 3 variants Cam Smith ruby Cam Smith sapphire Can Smith emerald Munster ruby Munster sapphire Munster emerald
  12. ElijahCraigHyde

    Melbourne Storm diamond mojo

    A Melbourne black gem mojo from 2019 elite is my ultimate goal for a high end in my Smith/Munster PC and alternatively one from 2020 elite when it comes out Please PM me if you have one to move and are non looking for a rip off price Others: Any cam Smith and Munster IP signed 2015 elite...
  13. ElijahCraigHyde

    The Josh Kelly PC

    At time of posting this was 100% of all cards of JK there are to collect!
  14. ElijahCraigHyde

    Dominance black and others

    Dominance black /60 Cripps Mitchell Sidey Please tell me $ you are looking for Cochin 2013 prime draft Delidio 2013 prime draft Michael long black folklore Any GWS cards numbered 018
  15. ElijahCraigHyde

    Toronto silver showstopper + others

    Tim Toranto showstopper 01-14 Tim Toranto showstopper duplicate number 56-70 preferred Jacob hopper Green /40 future force signature 2015 Stephen Coniglio: Team coach 2014 prize card 2018 platinum Bp 2019 Guernsey card All other prestigious cards Toby Greene Galactic star burst All other...
  16. ElijahCraigHyde

    2020 Elite NRL - UPDATED Checklist Page 41

    Is it confirmed 2020 elite is going ahead in spite of pandemic or is there going to be another release a step up from traders but a step down from elite?
  17. ElijahCraigHyde

    In Progress Elijah Craig Hyde & drama 5

    Elijah received Stephen Coniglio draft prospect player's edition set of six cards Drama gets $$$ according to pm discussion I agree
  18. ElijahCraigHyde

    GWS IP_PC: Stage Two

    Below is arguably the best of my PC so far in terms of GWS players on the men's roster still as of 2020
  19. ElijahCraigHyde

    Completed SGDN & ElijahCraigHyde

    Elijah receives black folklore Scarlett the toe poke Brad gets paid through PayPal I agree
  20. ElijahCraigHyde

    Year/decade collecting overview

    1)What was the highlight of collecting for 2019? 2)Was there any disappointment? 3)Do you agree Esp/TLA have finally come to terms for collectors needs since select handed over NRL? 4)What are you expecting in 2020 releases? 5)Is there anything you're begging not to see? 6)Since selects...