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  1. Jesse

    Patty Mills, Spurs, LeBron, Embiid

    Hey guys, I'm looking for any cards of the above players/team! Cheers!
  2. Jesse

    AFL 1-In-A-Box-Hits

    Hi guys, I have a few auctions ending tonight on ebay with Teamcoach Wildcards and Select Firepower Mirrors', Superhero Refractors and Platinum Standups. Link - Admin, feel free to delete if not allowed. Cheers!
  3. Jesse

    2014 AFL Teamcoach Best and Fairest Advertiser/Sunday Mail Complete Album

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is allowed or not, if not, happy for admin to delete. I have a complete Advertise/Sunday Mail set of the 2014 Teamcoach BnF's on ebay atm, ending in a day. Link is below. Cheers :)...
  4. Jesse

    AFL Select and Teamcoach 1-in-a-box hits

    Hi guys, Will list up all of the Star Wild, Magic Wild, Firepower Mirror, Superstar Refractor, Brownlow and Standups I have for sale. If wanting to trade I am only interested in basketball :) 2005 Teamcoach SW-09 Daniel Wells 2008 Teamcoach SW-13 Brendon Goddard SW-16 Ryan Griffen 2010...
  5. Jesse

    2015 AFL Select Champions Silver Parallel

    Hi guys, I have a near complete set of silver parallels from 2015 Select Champions. I'm only missing Chad Wingard and Nic Nat. If anyone is keen on the lot, I am happy to either sell or trade for basketball. Cheers :)
  6. Jesse

    Bulk AFL Teamcoach and Select

    Hi guys, Looking to sell/trade for basketball a majority of my AFL collection. Due to the amount of cards, I'll list all of the sets and whatever cards/teams/players are of interest to you in each set can be either commented or messaged to me and we can go from there :) 2005 Teamcoach 2007...
  7. Jesse

    SEP BBL and TnP Signed Cards

    Hi guys, Would anyone be interested in any signed cards from SEP BBL or 14/15, 15/16 and 16/17 TnP cards? Open to trading for basketball or selling. Will put together some photos when I know people are keen :) Cheers
  8. Jesse

    Patty Mills

    Hi guys, I'm looking for any Patty Mills cards available for sale or trade. Cheers, Jesse
  9. Jesse

    L/F PC - Patty Mills, Spurs, James Harden, LeBron James, Joel Embiid, Jordan Bell and Eric Gordon.

    Hi guys, Am after cards of any of the players/teams in the title above. Am happy to buy or trade, if after a trade just let me know what player/s or team/s you are after. Cheers, Jesse
  10. Jesse

    Patty Mills and Spurs

    Hi guys, Have a little paypal and am on the search for Patty Mills or San Antonio cards. Feel free to either pm me or put pics in the comments :) Cheers
  11. Jesse

    Ben Simmons

    Hi guys, Looking to purchase some Ben Simmons as investment pieces. Only buying below ebay prices. Cheers
  12. Jesse

    Alyssa Healy 2016/17 TnP Australian Cricket Signatures 26/210

    Hi guys, Looking to sell an 2016/17 TnP Alyssa Healy Australian Cricket Signatures card for $50 ono. Numbered 26/210. Cheers
  13. Jesse

    Cheap Cards

    Hi guys, Anyone looking to move any cards for a cheap price? Particularly interested in this year's rookies, but happy to look at anything :) Cheers
  14. Jesse

    Patty Mills cards or anything Patty related.

    Hi guys, Looking to add to my Patty pc. PM me or put in the comments what you have for sale/trade :) Cheers :)
  15. Jesse

    Patty Mills

    Hi guys, I'm after most Patty Mills cards, even base cards. Would prefer to trade, but may consider buying as well. Feel free to pm me or comment below :) Cheers, Jesse.
  16. Jesse

    For Sale/For Trade AFL Select/Teamcoach Box Hits

    Hi guys, Looking to sell or trade the below cards. If buying in bulk, a deal can be arranged. If trading, I am after various 2017 footy stars inserts, or any Patty Mills cards. Please note that standard postage will be $3. Cheers, Jesse. 2008 Teamcoach Starwild Aaron Sandilands - $10 2008...
  17. Jesse

    Kobe Bryant 2013/14 Elite Signatures #71/75

    Hi guys, I pulled this Kobe sig the other day. I was hoping to sell it for $190 ono. Cheers, Jesse.
  18. Jesse

    Patty Mills Cards

    Hi guys, After any Patty Mills cards you may have. Feel free to put pics below and I'm sure we can sort out a trade or sale. Cheers, Jesse.
  19. Jesse

    2016/17 Tap N Play Golds and Silvers.

    Hi guys, I'm looking to sell the below silvers and golds from the 2016/17 tnp release. Silvers are $1 each and golds are $1.50 each. Standard postage is $3. Golds: 3, 12, 20, 23 and 45. Silvers: 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 17, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 47, 49, 54, 59, 60, 61, 64...
  20. Jesse

    For Sale/For Trade 2017 Select AFL Footy Stars

    Hi guys, I'm looking to trade or sell 2017 footy stars inserts. If buying, postage will be $3. If buying in bulk a deal can be arranged. If trading, I am chasing all holofoils, standups and a-graders, but only Crows milestones, platinum standups and brownlow predictors. If you are interested...
  21. Jesse

    Low end patches, sigs and inserts.

    Hi guys, I'm looking to sell or trade the patches, sigs and inserts listed below. If buying, postage will be $3. If buying in bulk, a deal can be arranged. If trading, I collect Spurs cards and AFL cards. If you are interested in anything, or want pics, please feel free to pm me and we can sort...
  22. Jesse

    2016/17 Tap N Play Golds and Silvers.

    Hi guys, I'm looking to sell or trade my 16/17 TnP golds and silvers. If buying, postage will be $3. If buying in bulk, a deal can be arranged. If trading I am after signed cards from 12/13 SEP, 15/16 TnP and 16/17 TnP. If you are interested, please feel free to pm me with what you are after and...
  23. Jesse

    2016/17 Select

    Hi guys, I purchased 3 packs of 16/17 Select and didn't pull anything I was after, so they are up for trade or sale. 12 - Dion Waiters 18 - Reggie Bullock 19 - Willie Hernangomez 21 - Patrick Beverley 34 - Kenneth Faried 42 - Deron Williams 63 - Eric Bledsoe 66 - Marcelo Huertas 75 - Kemba...
  24. Jesse

    For Sale/For Trade AFL Select 2017 Footy Stars

    Hi guys, I'm looking to trade or sell the following cards. If trading, I am collecting all of the Holofoils, Standups, A-Graders and just the Crows inserts of the rest. If buying, please add $3 for postage. Cheers, Jesse. Cards and Prices: Holofoils - $1 each. Luke Brown Kyle Cheney Simon...
  25. Jesse

    TTM Addresses

    Hi guys, I have loosely followed the NBA in previous seasons, but have really started becoming interested in it this year. I was hoping a few people may know of some players that return through the mail and would be kind enough to drop the addresses in the comments below :) Cheers, Jesse.