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  1. OutlawNinja

    Completed OutlawNinja and MattHoltham

    OutlawNinja gets Paypal #'s and MattHoltham gets Dominique Wilkins PMG Green Agreed
  2. OutlawNinja

    For the Gamers !!

    Witcher III Wild Hunt is on sale, 70% off. This covers GOTY edition as well as the regular. I see Steam is giving away some big name titles for free, such as Tomb Raider 2015 edition. Stay inside and stay safe my friends and get your game on :cool:
  3. OutlawNinja

    Oops error when loading picture for sig???

    Keep getting this error message when updating my signature. This is the image I am trying to load ... Any ideas anyone??
  4. OutlawNinja

    Happy New Year !

    May 2020 be a great year for us all. Happy New Year !
  5. OutlawNinja

    Beckett Digital Copy

    Does anyone have any idea just how long this takes to arrive in your mailbox?? Purchased a copy earlier today, notification from paypal came immediately, Digital copy did not. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks Mark
  6. OutlawNinja

    Star Wars Master Replicas

    Just wondering if we have any collectors here on the forum?? I was blissfully unaware of these gems prior to this week. Does anyone on the forum have a collection, if so would love to see some Photos =D> And any hints for a beginner collector in this area, other than a large wallet. Thanks Mark
  7. OutlawNinja

    Charles Barkley

    Friend of mine passed these on to me in the hope of selling. Looks like the usual lot out of the shoebox, of 90's cards but somebody might find a diamond in the rough. Some have dodgy looking corners etc, please PM me for better closeups of individual cards if interested. Thanks Mark
  8. OutlawNinja

    Happy Easter everyone !!!

    Hope you have a safe and happy Easter weekend. And possibly some chocolate :D
  9. OutlawNinja

    Merry Christmas !!

    All my best to the family here at OzCard, Merry Christmas everyone, May your signatures be on card and the patches 3 or more colours. Stay safe and have a joyous time. Mark
  10. OutlawNinja

    Generous Gift!!

    Firstly huge thanks to Glenn MC for this amazing gift, Merry Christmas to you and your family mate. Really appreciate this !! Has been a very long time between drinks, so this was an amazing surprise.
  11. OutlawNinja

    Slow !? SOLVED !!!

    Is it just me? or is the site running very slow at the moment. Whenever I click on a thread, or in this case post a thread. I am left staring at a lovely blue screen for up to 20 secs. Started mid week and has been getting worse. Not having this problem with any other sites that I frequent.
  12. OutlawNinja

    Completed Paul_Ambrey and OutlaNinja

    Paul_Ambrey gets a Charly Runciman Auto card OutlawNinja gets Paypal $$ Agreed?
  13. OutlawNinja

    Someone say Highlights?!

    Drop your highlights reels here.
  14. OutlawNinja

    All Time Explosive 5 !!

    Pick the 5 you think would deliver the most dynamic performance !!! Players at their all time prime. Allen Iverson Michael Jordan Shawn Kemp Dominique Wilkins Shaquille O'neal
  15. OutlawNinja

    Long time between drinks .. but they are Flawless.

    Well to say this took some time to get to me, would be an understatement. Both Matt and I are relieved and somewhat amazed. This was initially posted from Melbourne on the 3rd of August (this year thankfully). After 4 weeks it returned to sender and the expedition started again. Only my second...
  16. OutlawNinja

    Completed mattyman76 and OutlawNinja

    OutlawNinja gets Wilkins Flawless and mattyman76 gets paypal $$$'s Agreed.
  17. OutlawNinja

    Photobucket alternatives

    For anyone that got caught recently by photobucket disabling their image linking for hosting, as did I. They now want $399 per year for subscribers to host and provide embedding on site option, good luck with that one guys. Found this article explaining in depth and some options. Not sure which...
  18. OutlawNinja

    For Sale Assorted NRL Autos

    Selling these for a friend, all prices marked are negotiable (within reason). If interested please send me a PM with offer. Charly Runciman SOLD !!!
  19. OutlawNinja

    For the Liverpool fans ...

    Feel free to use if you like. Direct link here
  20. OutlawNinja

    The One

    I do believe this is the first mailday for 2017 for me :whistle: Not been to inspired to buy anything thus far. Then, this bad boy was waved under my nose, got the ol' collecting juices flowing again ... Huge thanks to mattyman76 for parting with this, appreciate it !!! The One of One
  21. OutlawNinja

    Completed mattyman76 and OutlawNinja

    mattyman76 gets $$$$'s and OutlawNinja gets Flawless Wilkins goodness. Agreement is i'll pay a down payment today and the rest as soon as possible. Agreed!
  22. OutlawNinja

    John Wick 2

    Just a quick wallpaper I threw together, feel free to use if you like. Can't wait for this movie ... Direct Link
  23. OutlawNinja

    Happy New Year

    To all here at OzCardTrader, I wish you a Happy New Year. May the new year bring you good fortune and on card autos a plenty, may the patches be triple colour at least :thumbsup:
  24. OutlawNinja

    Humbled, In tears but oh so happy !!!

    Parcel delivery guy rolled up on my doorstep this morning with a rather heavy package under his wing. Enter me thinking oh s*** what did I buy when I was drunk on Friday night:whistle: To say I was dumbfounded upon opening this package, well I guess words will never explain what I felt at that...
  25. OutlawNinja

    To say it has been a long time would be .....

    Firstly, big thanks to those members here that always bear me in mind when they get a good Nique and flip me a PM with nice offerings. I do apologise, I have not been taking you up on those offers. Series of real life events have been sucking the money out of my bank account, cars, PC parts etc...