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  1. aussiebloke

    2004 scanlen retro set

    Hello has anyone got an idea what a 2004 scanlen retro set would be worth ?
  2. aussiebloke

    How much would a fatty album with a full set. With most cards signed by the players?

    Just wondering how much it would be worth
  3. aussiebloke

    2005 inspiration cards for sale

    Whole set of 2005 select inspiration cards for sale throw me offers please
  4. aussiebloke

    Does anyone know if there is any cards shows in Melbourne coming up?

    Hello anyone know of any card shows coming up in Melbourne?
  5. aussiebloke

    What a fantastic pick up today

    Had a magnificent start to the day. Over 1200 scanlen cards plus thrown in theses fantastic 74 scanlen mascots stickers
  6. aussiebloke

    Wanted to buy or trade for nrl bunnings cards

    Hello I’m chasing the Bunnings cards buy or swap for select or dynamic cards have most
  7. aussiebloke

    Wanted magic round cards

    Hello I’m chasing magic round cards I have a lot of select cards to swap
  8. aussiebloke

    Magic round cards

    Good day everyone. Does anyone know anything about the magic round cards ?
  9. aussiebloke

    1970s scanlen Star Wars and Star Trek cards go for ?

    Does anyone know what scanlen 1970s Star Trek and Star Wars mint cards sell for ?
  10. aussiebloke

    Wanted to buy or swap for fielders bread cards

    Wanted to buy or swap for fielders bread football cards. Have lots to swap or can buy them. Thank you
  11. aussiebloke

    Wanted old vfl cards

    Hello I’m after any old VFL cards scanlen Kellogg’s and twisties tip-top any old ones 👍
  12. aussiebloke

    Wanted old scanlen cards

    Hello friends I’m after any old football cards scanlen and other old cards Thank you
  13. aussiebloke

    High end select signature cards for sale or swap

    Hello everyone I have some high end select signature cards for sale or swap for old scanlan cards thank you
  14. aussiebloke

    Dynamic fired up album

    Hi any one know what they go for ??
  15. aussiebloke


    Here I have for sale six young gun cards. I have no idea what there worth so throw me some offers Thank you
  16. aussiebloke

    For Sale Aussiebloke's Sale Thread

    I have most of the high end select signature cards for sale most years these are just some of what I have for sale. Thank you
  17. aussiebloke

    For sale most select high end signature cards

    Hi I have most high end select signature cards for sale all years plus 2008 master sets I have two sets out of the 250 that were made unopened in the box thank you
  18. aussiebloke

    For Sale 2008 centenary immortal signature full set for sale very low numbers 002 and 004

    For sale looking for best offers Bob fulton number 013 Arthur beetson number 004 Reg gasnier number 009 Wally lewis number 011 and 016 Johnny raper number 002 Graeme langlands number 050 Clive churchill number 016 plus prize card signature Mat orford number 004 and 009 thanks for looking
  19. aussiebloke

    For Sale 96 albums original and fire

    For sale 96 albums
  20. aussiebloke

    What are these Albums worth?

    Hi does anyone know what 2003, 2004, 2005 tradition 2005 , 2006 , 2007, 2008, 2009 albums are worth plus 96 booster albums are worth?
  21. aussiebloke

    For Sale updated all my high end cards most select signatures all years all so predictor sets and llb s

    All high end cards for sale signatures from all years. Predictor sets, Top prospects, Inserts from all years. Albums most years, Dynamic signatures and albums. Young guns signatures. I have almost every card select made for sale. I also have most of dynamic cards for sale. I have a full set of...
  22. aussiebloke

    For Sale any one want a 003 hornby llb

    hornby league leader black 003 low number offers please