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  1. skip20

    For Sale/For Trade The man of the moment...TJ Warren! Rookie autos, SP jersey cards

    From the limitless expanse which I call my basketball card collection I happened to have a few TJ Warren cards which will be much better off with someone else. In case you happened to be under a rock the dude just dropped 53 points on the 76ers....some of the highlights are below. View...
  2. skip20

    Completed whereiswally78 and skip20

    whereiswally78 receives paypal $$ skip20 receives the following: Amare Signature Shots auto Amare Hot Materials jersey Josh Smith / Ivey EX Connections jersey Amare Ultimate /125 Brent Barry auto Okobo Silhouette (damage to card acknnowledged) 2006-07 UD NBA Reflections Mirror Images T...
  3. skip20

    Completed skip20 and ozguy3825

    ozguy3825 receives paypal $$ skip20 receives the following lot minus rated rookie auto and patch
  4. skip20

    Completed skip20 and whereiswally78

    skip20 receives the following lot - postage capped at $9 for a 5kg prepaid satchel or 'If it packs it posts' options. 2002-03 Topps Pristine Auto Lavor POSTELL (PE-LP) 2002-03 Topps Pristine Auto Bobby JACKSON (PE-BJ) 2006-07 Topps Bowman Elevation Executive Level Game-Worn HAMILTON...
  5. skip20

    Completed 0kramrajnoc and skip20

    Skip20 receives Kemp Select In Flight auto and Stockton Clear Vision auto /122 0lramrajnoc receives $$ All good mate?
  6. skip20

    In Progress skip20 and Southnet

    Southnet receives paypal $$ skip20 receives the following: S Adams auto J Robinson auto T Bradley auto J Carter auto C Diallo auto I Rabb auto A Zizic auto MCW auto J Calderon auto C Maxwell auto B Dandridge autos x 2 All good mate?
  7. skip20

    Completed skip20 and kenny3011

    skip20 receives the following: A Gilmore Cornerstone patch auto World B Free Cornerstone jersey auto D-Will ultimate auto J O'Neal ultimate auto M Bibby ultimate auto MOnk, Leaf, Rubio and J Jackson Threads Jersey Boxtoppers Magic Johnson ultimate auto Steve Nash ultimate auto Brandon Roy...
  8. skip20

    Completed skip20 and hackdeandre

    hackdeandre receives $$ skip20 receives the following: Sabonis Blast from the Past auto Abdul Jabbar Select Auto Ray Allen Select Auto IT Chronicles Auto K Malone Select auto K Malone Afficianado auto Mashburn Select auto Van Exel Immac auto IT Spectra auto Rider Spectra auto...
  9. skip20

    Completed skip20 and hackdeandre

    Skip20 receives: Shamet Silhouette Rip Hamilton auto Alvin Robertson GU K Malone Spectra auto hackdeandre receives paypal $$ All good mate?
  10. skip20

    In Progress skip20 and pete23nba

    pete23nba receives $$$ skip20 receives the following: Karl Malone Excalibur auto Kareem Crusade auto Magic Luxe auto Stockton Revolution auto Bird Luxe GU auto All good mate?
  11. skip20

    For Sale/For Trade Small Mixed Lot - Inserts from Select, Team Coach 2013 to 2019

    Would prefer to sell as a lot but happy to trade for NBA cards, St Kilda, or anything pop culture or kid related. I'm not expecting a lot in exchange, just want these to go to a good home. Pics of the inserts are at the end of the post. 2019 Select Joel Selwood - Instant Impact Shannon Hurn -...
  12. skip20

    Completed skip20 and tanana

    tanana receives paypal $ skip20 receives the following: Smith and Kurucs Base Prizm RCs Lebron and Barkley Base Prizm Giles CNY Red Revolution RC Rondo & Giannis Hoops Get out the way Malone, Olajuwon and Chamberlain Prizm Dominance JJJ and Smith Prizm Emergent and Hutchinson Prizm Phenoms...
  13. skip20

    Completed skip20 and Zauch

    Zauch receives paypal $$ skip20 receives the following: Hutchison Phenoms Embiid Hyped Pippen dominance Valentine Studio RC Elite Jamal Franklin Auto Elite Jamal Franklin Auto Damion Lee Contenders auto Isaiah Taylor Contenders auto Trey Burke /10 J Okafor RC Auto Kobe...
  14. skip20

    Completed skip20 and Paul_Ambrey

    Paul_Ambrey receives paypal $$ skip20 receives the following lot dlvd regd TJ Leaf Status auto G Dragic Spectra patch D Williams Spectra patch M Monk Spectra GU auto D Griffith auto O Spellman Hoops auto Stockton GU Bamba GU Harden Hyped Barkley Hall MOnitors Huerter, DiVincenzo, Bridges...
  15. skip20

    Completed skip20 and southnet

    skip20 receives Larry BIrd Marks of Brilliance Auto / 199 Southnet receives $$ All good mate?
  16. skip20

    Completed skip20 and araiee

    araiee receives bank deposit $$ skip20 receives Big O optic auto All good mate?
  17. skip20

    Completed Paul_Ambrey and skip20

    skip20 receives Select Stockton GU jerseys #d /25, /35 and /60 Paul_Ambrey to receive bank deposit $$ All good mate?
  18. skip20

    Completed skip20 and araiee

    skip20 reeives Tom Heinsohn auto araiee receives paypal $$ All good mate?
  19. skip20

    The old 1 - 2 punch mailday (dual autos)

    Still got a tonne of stuff to scan in - noticed a few dual autos and thought waht's better than one auto? Well, quite simply two autos! So I whipped up a quick mailday - which thankfully has obvious and meaningful connections in terms of why both these guys autographed the one card. Okay, so...
  20. skip20

    The jersey and patch cards that time and maildays forgot....Part 1 - The retired guys!

    Will just launch straight into it......lest they get forgotten again! So much low end stuff lying around - will kick off with the retired guys and move on to the current day. So let's take a trip down memory lane! 2008 Most Improved Player was..............Hedo Turkoglu! Hard to imagine, him...
  21. skip20

    Cards that time and maildays forgot....#d, RCs and parallels

    It's been a while and amidst several picture and file hosting setbacks - I'm still trying to track down what I have and haven't uploaded or shared yet.... There may be some duplication here as it's all based on my memory - but hey, no harm in looking at a card more than once, right? I'll start...
  22. skip20

    Aussie NBA Player Commercials....bit of a laugh

  23. skip20

    Completed skip20 and gomoto

    gomoto receives $$ skip20 receives the following: walt frazier inkreidble auto clyde drexler dedication auto lamarcus aldridge e-x auto gilmore / gervin seriatim auto All good mate?
  24. skip20

    Completed skip20 and Jacqui

    skip20 receives Iverson Select In Flight auto (dlvd reg'd) Jacqui receives paypal $$ all good? :)
  25. skip20

    Completed skip20 and kobe4mvp

    skip20 receives Karl Malone Revolution auto and Julius Erving Aficionado autos kob4mvp receives paypal $$ Agreed?