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    2020-21 hoops retail (24 pack) box

    Picked up the box today from local comic shop. Fun little break. Got most of the base set - thinking the tribute subset is hobby exclusive as haven't seen a single one between this box and four packs of retail jumbo. Now the hits... Auto - Dale Ellis great significance Parallels of note...
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    Completed Taffster74 and DunkComp 4

    They get 2016-17 donruss jaylen Brown rc 2018-19 SGA donruss rc And some extra players base (Jokic, SGA, Dejounte Murray, KPJ) I get PayPal $$$ Agreed?
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    2021 traders sealed box

    Busted a sealed box and was quite happy with the results. Complete set, about 30 short of a second set (for a friend) and a pretty even mix of inserts. Got the binder also. Results as follows.... Club heroes - Shaun Johnson Rising stars - Coates, spry, lumelume, best, Dunn, Dylan Brown, aekins...
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    Completed Taffster74 and DunkComp 3

    They get devin booker hoops rc I get PayPal Agreed?
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    Completed Taffster74 and DunkComp part 2

    They get 2020-21 hoops arriving now lamelo ball I get PayPal $$$ Agreed?
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    Completed Taffster74 and DunkComp

    They get 2012-13 hoops damian lillard rc 2017-18 panini stickers European jayson Tatum rc 2019-20 panini chronicles hometown heroes ja morant 2019-20 panini chronicles flux Zion Williamson I get PayPal $$$$ Agreed?
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    Completed Taffster74 and WAsportsfan

    They get 2007-08 topps Kevin durant rc I get PayPal $$$ Agreed?
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    Taffster's rookie sale

    The following are all for sale with prices in the next post.
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    SOLD/TRADED 2020-21 hoops lamelo ball

    Have this for sale... 2020-21 hoops arriving now insert. Ebay completed range between $25 and $40 so I'll put a tag of $25 on it. No mailing out until next Wednesday 24th march. PayPal f&f preferred.
  10. T order

    Got 4 boxes of 2019-20 panini sticker and collection as well as 5 blaster packs of 2015 panini collegiate multi-sport duke. Results... Duke blasters Jamison crowder honors Jamison crowder swatch Panini sticker and card collection Complete set of the stickers and just 6 short of the cards. Came...
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    2020-21 match attax Champions league

    Just picked up 31 3-pack lots from big w for $62. Will break later when I get home and post the results here.
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    Completed Taffster74 and Muhaimin are at it again

    Muhaimin gets SGA donruss rated rookie Morant hoops rc & tribute Zion hoops rc & tribute I get PayPal $$$ Agreed?
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    You conduct a trade with someone after providing pictures of said card and they agreed to it. You send card, knowing it is good condition. A day after the person receives said card they complain the card is damaged with clearly visible scratches but do not provide images proving this. You...
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    Completed Taffster74 and Muhaimin deal again

    Muhaimin gets 2019-20 donruss trae young rc Taffster74 gets PayPal $$$$ Agreed?
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    Completed Taffster74 and wils2k do a deal

    Wils2k gets 2016-17 donruss Brandon Ingram rc 2016-17 select Brandon Ingram rc Taffster74 gets PayPal $$$ Agreed?
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    Serial Jersey #thread....

    Just putting an idea out here (and this can run concurrent with matt's serial # count up thread as it's kind of inspired by it)..... How's about a thread where we post up cards where the number in the print run matches up with the player's Jersey number (as shown on the card, of course)...
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    2020-21 panini adrenalyn

    If anyone is opening this and building a set, lmk. I've a whole heap of spares across the board and still looking for cards to complete the set - minus the gold ballers, of course.
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    Having issues opening inbox messages

    For some reason I can't open messages in my inbox
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    Question for the soccer heads here....

    Normally a basketball collector but due to the off season and lack of cards, decided to break some 2020-21 adrenalyn xl (44 loose packs and the starter kit). My question is - who are the hobby stars from the epl? About the only names I'm familiar with are mohamad salah and Marcus rashford. Any...
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    In Progress Taffster74 & Timothy007elena

    I get court kings and mosaic base lot They get mixed player lot (LBJ, ad, luka, THT) Agreed?
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    Completed Taffster74 & Vazzler trade

    Vazzler gets 2019-20 court kings acetate Rj Barrett and tacko fall Taffster74 gets 2019-20 panini mosaic base cards. Agreed?
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    2013-14 panini titanium

    Probably an old question but does any know the difference between the hobby and retail cards? Are the hobby cards foil like in hockey?
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    Completed Taffster74 and J Pike trade

    Taffster74 gets mosaic and chronicles base/rcs J Pike gets morant and Williamson chronicles panini and hachimura chronicles crusade. Agreed?
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    For Trade Updated 19/20 court kings, mosaic and chronicles

    Will be looking for straight up trade for base to complete these sets. 2 base for one on parallels, 3 base for 1 on rookies. Will put up the numbers of what I have and need in the next few days. Cheers. Edit. Here are what I have for trade... 2019-20 court kings 5 - trae young 11 - Russell...
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    Sims 4 ps4 code for trade...

    Due to an eb store mix up, I have an unwanted dlc code for sims 4 laundry day stuff that eb can't exchange or refund. Would like to trade for sims 4 laundry day stuff dlc code on pc. Trade preferred but could do cash sale if necessary.