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  1. skip20

    In Progress shawnkemp40 and skip20

    Thansk Dylan, agreed - just to be crystal clear it is for the cards in the following listing: The main piece sof which are as follows: 97/98 Ultra Ultra Stars 97/98Ultra Star...
  2. skip20

    SOLD/TRADED Jerry Stackhouse mini PC with lots of cool 90's / 2000's

    Sorry to see you leave the hobby mate - that Ennis PC was an absolute beast! On the bright side - great time to sell. PM sent.
  3. skip20

    KG Book and this weeks new mail 6/4

    Living up to yoru user ID mate, fan for life indeed! You buyng graded only now or slabbing them yourself? Love the Reflections - very undr-rated set imo. Only a card or two away from completing the Keith Bogans rainbow! lol
  4. skip20

    MJ and Iverson mail day.

    Love thsoe old school refractors - thanks for sharing!
  5. skip20

    1/1 Boston Celtic Auto's: The Zodiac Collection

    Wow - sick stuff man! Good to see Big Baby make a re-appearance in the mailday thread! You getting these graded yourself?
  6. skip20

    Basketball Strategy, Stats & Insight, Promising Player Game Stats, Cool links & stories thread

    Especially since no-one in a 9 man rotation snagged more than 5 rebounds!
  7. skip20

    My mailday the last missing card

    Great finish to the chase but group shot of the entire set is warranted mate!
  8. skip20

    Harden Rookie collection

    Sell up and cash in on the craziness! Wait till we;re all travelling agian and then take a well earnd vacation....
  9. skip20

    Kobe, MJ and Iverson mail week

    On card tie dye auto is real nice! Definitely cabinet worthy!
  10. skip20

    A small but large DH12 mailday

    Love the throwback brands and series - Bowman, Trademark Moves - love it! Sooo you must have grabbed al of his card by now and are branching out int memorabilia? :-P
  11. skip20

    Luka Doncic Mailday!

    That's one decent chunk of change gone into that mailday! A really impressive haul indeed! But there can only ever be one Don - and he averaged 99.94 witht he cricket bat. heh heh
  12. skip20

    Mail Day from Ship my cards

    Never hurts to invest in quality! Nice haul!
  13. skip20

    Lebron Mailday

    No! Not you too! Those Gem mint PMG greens Nat has on his front page I can understand though....
  14. skip20

    Lebron Mailday

    Get on that bandwagon! lol Would be better off lokking for raw, right?
  15. skip20

    Jordan, Ball, Harden and Iverson mail day

    Fleer Metal ftw! Iconic design and cards...... Great pic of a young Ai who probably went to pracitce sessions back in his youth! heh heh
  16. skip20

    Patchy Camby

    Now that is what I call 'gifting'! Kudos to the man @Sci Fi for brigning another PC card home....
  17. skip20

    Lebron Mailday

    8.5? Might as well crack that sucker open..... lol Can't beelive what they're going for these days.....hope the prices keep moving north for you!
  18. skip20

    1/1 Boston Celtic Auto's: The Zodiac Collection

    Wowee, the rest of that collection has a lot to live up to!
  19. skip20

    Punching my ticket into the weekend in 62 ways

    Suh-weet! Killing that ticket collection....
  20. skip20

    The coolest game jersey I've ever owned

    Sweet adition to the PC, really holds it all together!
  21. skip20

    For Sale Randy Couture signed UFC glove

    Thanks for the reply mate - but I'll pass.GLWS.
  22. skip20

    For Sale Randy Couture signed UFC glove

    Any COA or anything pointing to provenance that comes with it mate?
  23. skip20

    My first 1/1

    You never forget yoru first 1/1!....and graded too! Sweet looking card!
  24. skip20

    Super Secret Santa Surprise!

    Great card and an evern greater gesture! Two O.G. ozcardtraders making those epic PCs grow even further!
  25. skip20

    The Best Mail Day of all

    Way out of my league dude! I trade in the shallow end fo the pool and you;re approaching the Mariana Trench! Sweet card for sure though.