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    Patrick Ewing Prizms & NBA Hoops inserts

    Interested in the Ewings. Check my rookie sale thread for anything you might need.
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    Taffster's rookie sale

    Bump it up for more sales.
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    ACT - Canberra Toy and Hobby Fair - 23rd May 2020

    I know this was cancelled last year because of Covid, but is it happening this year. Would be keen on going.
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    Bulk Base Cards

    Have 2019 prestige doubles with some rookies if you're interested.
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    Completed jkidd05 & taffster74

    All good.
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    Taffster's rookie sale

    Prices as follows... 2014-15 hoops Andrew Wiggins $1.5 Jabari Parker $0.75 Joel Embiid $2.5 sold Aaron Gordon $1 Julius Randle $1 Zach Lavine $2 Jusuf Nurkic $1 2015-16 Donruss Kristaps Porzingis Rated Rookies $8 2015-16 hoops Kristaps Porzingis $2.5 D'angelo Russell $2 Myles Turner $. 75...
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    Taffster's rookie sale

    Making this an ongoing sale thread and will be updating fortnightly until all are gone. Any sales agreed upon and paid for by this Tuesday 6/4/21 will be posted on Wednesday. All prices are solid and non-negotiable. Pics first....
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    Does these have any value?

    Most are commons, except for the Garnett's and mcgrady's. I'd be happy to take the Garnett/stoudemire off your hands for $15 delivered.
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    For Sale Some Fun Retro Cards - (Warning lots of pics)

    Interested in the Garnett classic Gold. What kind of price you asking? Just saw your asking price.... Forget it. Way to high. Way, way to high.
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    2020-21 hoops retail (24 pack) box

    Picked up the box today from local comic shop. Fun little break. Got most of the base set - thinking the tribute subset is hobby exclusive as haven't seen a single one between this box and four packs of retail jumbo. Now the hits... Auto - Dale Ellis great significance Parallels of note...
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    Completed jkidd05 & taffster74

    All good.
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    Completed Taffster74 and DunkComp 4

    They get 2016-17 donruss jaylen Brown rc 2018-19 SGA donruss rc And some extra players base (Jokic, SGA, Dejounte Murray, KPJ) I get PayPal $$$ Agreed?
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    Taffster's rookie sale

    SGA donruss sold.
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    Taffster's rookie sale

    Jaylen Brown donruss rc sold.
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    Taffster's rookie sale

    No autos available. Sorry.
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    Taffster's rookie sale

    Some cards still available. Once this lot is sold, more will be going up. Grab them now while they're cheap and available.
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    2021 traders sealed box

    Busted a sealed box and was quite happy with the results. Complete set, about 30 short of a second set (for a friend) and a pretty even mix of inserts. Got the binder also. Results as follows.... Club heroes - Shaun Johnson Rising stars - Coates, spry, lumelume, best, Dunn, Dylan Brown, aekins...
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    Completed Taffster74 and DunkComp 3

    They get devin booker hoops rc I get PayPal Agreed?
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    Completed Taffster74 and DunkComp part 2

    They get 2020-21 hoops arriving now lamelo ball I get PayPal $$$ Agreed?
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    Taffster's rookie sale

    Lillard hoops rc, Tatum European stickers, morant hometown heroes and Zion flux pending. Now sold.