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  1. nenjabin

    For Sale 2005/06 Exquisite Dual Numbers Complete set

    Have had this for nearly 14 years...but it might be time to move on. Any interest? Know anyone out there with deep pockets and would love a rare set? *More pics can be taken*
  2. nenjabin

    LF: Robert Covington Immaculate

    Patches particularly, but anything. Preference for lower numbered stuff!
  3. nenjabin

    Boxes for Card Storage - Top Loader able

    Hey all, Does anyone here supply or know of a local supplier for storage boxes that can fit cards in toploaders? I have some small count boxes from COMC mailouts, but as I am looking to move my entire collection (out of the draws they live in), larger boxes and therefore less boxes would be...
  4. nenjabin

    Wanted: Kyle Korver Eminence

    Hey guys, Trying to get back to being more active here and everywhere, as I have still been collecting. New jewels to the Korver crown are probably Eminence. Please let help a brother out and let me know of any you see around! Love the look of them and want them in the PC :) Cheers
  5. nenjabin

    Career Materials Set Chase - TMac and Iggy Prime :D

    Going hard on this set! Only need the CP3 1/1 me find it! The rest are in my COMC account for now (those that I haven't maildayed). Enjoy! TMac #13/15: And Iggy #4/5: Thanks for looking :)
  6. nenjabin

    Rainbow Plus Mailday

    Got some nice PC pieces in this week! This was a gift from @ElkyJnr from 1 of his @cherrycollectables snake break. Thanks Elek!! #6/10: Immac Triple Patch #5/10: Immac Gold Base #3/10: And the main attraction for this mailday! A big thank you to @cherrycollectables for sources...
  7. nenjabin

    Last weeks low numbered mail

    Now I'm done with the Shawn Bradley Fan mail, here's the other stuff I got :) Immaculate Base #/99: Immaculate Triple Jersey with Horford and Teague, #/49: National Treasures Spectra 1/1 Plate: Crusade Green #2/5: Preferred Green Auto #1/5: Thanks for looking!
  8. nenjabin

    Part 3 Mailday - Korver!

    And the last installment of the Matt package :) Hoops Red Back: Gold Knights: Prizm Blue: National Treasures Base, #28/99: National Treasures Golds, #5, #6, #13, #16 /25: Spectra Base #134/199: Spectra Gold #1/10: Select Blue, Jersey Numbered, #26/49: Crusade Nationals...
  9. nenjabin

    My Shawn Bradley Fan Mail - Part 2, Stauskas!

    Unbeknownst to Matt, he's stockpiled a good bunch of Stauskas for me :) Like I have mentioned...I kind of went a little crazy on the Cracked Ice... #5/25, #8/25, Jersey numbered #10/25, College Jersey numbered #11/25, #17/25, #23/25: Silver Pack Cracked Ice Draft Combine worn Patch...
  10. nenjabin

    My Shawn Bradley Fan Mail - Part 1, SBF and set chase stuff

    So I had a heap of cards pile up at Matt's house so I finally pulled my finger out and got him to send them out. Thanks Matt! @Shawn Bradley Fan , you're a legend! I'm sorry I left it so long! So Matt had these Jason Smith's for me: Prizm Blue: Prizm Gold #4/10 (Jersey #d! 4 + 10 = 14!)...
  11. nenjabin

    Hand Delivered Siiiick Sunday Mail!

    Shout out to Norm! @ozballer23 He had a super sweet Rodman Exquisite Auto Patch #/100 from 2004/05. I have always wanted 1 of these, but over the years for some reason I just hadn't picked 1 up. Norm showed 1 in a mailday the other week and I commented about it. As it turned out, fast forward to...
  12. nenjabin

    Completed Nenjabin and Ozballer23

    Nenjabin gets: Dennis Rodman 04/05 Exquisite Auto/Patch #/100 Ozballer23 gets: $$$ Thanks mate!
  13. nenjabin

    Korver and Other PC pick-ups :)

    Did the Stauskas stuff the other day, here's the other stuff :D Schroder Auto/Jersey: Thanks to @Slimzy69 for this card. I have stopped collecting Ledo...but decided I'd pick up a few randoms still, and try completed the non-1/1 Prizm rainbow. So here's the #7/10, jersey #d Gold Auto: I...
  14. nenjabin

    Alonzo Mourning Exquisite Heat Auto #/25

    Hi Guys, Looking to move this card. It was a PC card for me, but have grown to decide to move it. *Please note: Tiny black mark on the right, near the serial number is from the camera, not on the card.* Looking for $100 + $4 Registered Post. More pics can be provided upon request :)
  15. nenjabin

    Completed Nenjabin and West Oz Cards

    Nenjabin gets: Immaculate Triple Jersey Horford/Teague/Korver #/49 West Oz Cards gets: $$$ Agreed?
  16. nenjabin

    Stauskas in the Housekas!

    So I've been hitting Stauskas pretty hard on eBay! These are a few that were sent to me rather than to US legend Matt (@Shawn Bradley Fan ) Enjoy! My 2nd of these in hand...I went a little nuts for them to start before I realised there were a bunch of other lower numbered and more expensive...
  17. nenjabin

    Completed Nenjabin and DJW

    Nenjabin gets: Ledo National Treasures Auto Gold #/25 DJW gets: $$$ Agreed?
  18. nenjabin

    Completed Nenjabin and Raratiger

    Nenjabin Gets: Magic Johnson 2013/14 Select Clutch Prizm Raratiger gets: Ron Mercer SOTT Auto Agreed?
  19. nenjabin

    2013-14 National Treasures Career Materials

    Looking to complete this set guys :) PM me with what you have and what you need for it! I need the 1s in Black. Jersey: 1. Andre Iguodala 2. Dan Majerle 3. Dikembe Mutombo 4. Dominique Wilkins 5. Grant Hill 6. Chris Paul 7. Kevin Martin 8. Michael Beasley 9. Moses Malone 10. Kiki Vandeweghe...
  20. nenjabin

    Mixed bag mailweek :)

    Decided I liked the look of the simple Clutch insert set from 2013-14 Select, so have had a few of those come in this week: Base: Prizm: Jason Smith IP Autos: PC Wolters Jersey/Auto...I love the purples! Sweet Mills patch! #5/25! Korver IP Auto: Select Purple Prizm #6/99...
  21. nenjabin

    Completed Nenjabin and Coqui2805

    Nenjabin gets: Nik Stauskas Nationals Convention VIP Tag Coqui2805 gets: $$ Agreed?
  22. nenjabin

    Completed OMstar and Nenjabin

    OMstar gets: E-X Behind the numbers GU UD Hardcourt Game Floor SPx Winning Materials Nenjabin gets: $$ Agreed?
  23. nenjabin

    Completed Nenjabin and nichj99

    Nenjabin gets: Jerry West Select Clutch Prizm Paul Pierce Select Clutch base nichj99 gets: $$$ Agreed? And thanks!
  24. nenjabin

    Completed Nenjabin and karlsta26

    Nenjabin gets: Dirk Nowitzki Select Clutch Prizm Kevin Durant Select Clutch Base karlsta26 gets: $$$ Agreed? Thanks!
  25. nenjabin

    New PC begins! With a touch of old PC - Mailweek!

    Not too much arriving this week, but here is what did. Got a sweet jersey of Patty in the mail through a mate :) 2 New cards for the long running Kyle PC :) Select Skills Prizm: Preferred Purple Auto #15/15: And the 1st additions to the brand new PC of Kings #8 Draft selection, Nik...