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  1. Brandboy20

    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    It’s great, hopefully TLA can get some designs of him :) Hanging out for the A-League to be picked up still, hopefully sooner rather then later.
  2. Brandboy20

    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    Hows Tyson Beck doing the designs for AFL team coach?
  3. Brandboy20

    Two boxes of 2021 Footy Stars

    Sent PM Re Saints Bang Card and Price :)
  4. Brandboy20

    For Sale Footy Stars 2021 Inserts from half case and starter packs

    Dustan Bang & King Lightinig Burst Sold
  5. Brandboy20

    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    Nar, I feel the same. Select has mopped the floor with NRL card side of things. Everyone one is buzzing over AFL.
  6. Brandboy20

    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    100% Agreed!!!! I think this is the way forward in card industry, my local newso newst to have a full wall stocked full of every single card release AFL/NRL series 1 and 2, cricket, soccer, Pokemon you name it. Now he cant get anything at all. He was given 3 starter packs of cricket by TLA and...
  7. Brandboy20

    For Sale 2017 Traders Premiership Predictors

    Thanks for the tag, I seen this on his FB pages and message for the storm set. Got no response, Might of over looked it in all the notifications, easy done. I do it all the time haha
  8. Brandboy20

    2021 Official NRL Thread (Spoilers/Rumours/Game Results/Discussions etc.)

    It’s so he can teach you how to cheat the salary cap properly and win a premiership or two whilst you do so. All jokes aside, I think Bellamy will be linked with every club in the NRL till his contact is sorted, will happen all year. Same with Bennett.
  9. Brandboy20

    2021 Official NRL Thread (Spoilers/Rumours/Game Results/Discussions etc.)

    Haha 😆 give you that but said before and say it again. Where been stripped of more premierships then the Sharks have won and still have more legitimate ones left over 😉
  10. Brandboy20

    2021 Official NRL Thread (Spoilers/Rumours/Game Results/Discussions etc.)

    Fitting he’s now going to the Sharks, they always take broken goods. All seriousness though, poor bloke, so cruel. Will be a massive loss this year for the dragons. He’s a huge player for them. Wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.
  11. Brandboy20

    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    Or they could simply just rotate the 3 pictures with that club logo and number them to stop a one in 72 packet card selling for $5 in 6 months time?
  12. Brandboy20

    Dragons direction.

    Least you know what your number 9 is doing 🤦‍♂️
  13. Brandboy20

    Melbourne Storm Mail Day Update 27/01/2021

    A Premiership Mailday, if anyone has 2017 please let me know!! :D Thanxs all who have helped!
  14. Brandboy20

    2021 release ideas

    Would love another highend release for NRL, this makes it easier for collectors of both AFL/NRL given select are definitely doing 4 releases and heard might be possibility of more this year. Add all the side hustles of weekly cards, Prem sets, help us all.
  15. Brandboy20

    2021 release ideas

    So didn't know where to put this but this thread seems like a good place. Was listing to the Future Unique podcast about soccer cards, anyway they where talking about cards in general and they said they where working on some NRL cards and where having a lot of fun coming up with the designs/...
  16. Brandboy20

    In Progress Brandboy20 & Haydn Raymond

    @Brandboy20 gets Billy Slater LS Auto and @Haydn Raymond gets $$$ via Payable. Agreed?
  17. Brandboy20

    Footy Stars 2021

    Would be a great idea to see AFLW incorporated into the first release. Maybe keep footy stars the way 2020 was but add the AFLW in with the potential sigs like 2011 champions. This way its an introduction into the release whilst keeping the main selling points till AFLW has been around long...
  18. Brandboy20

    EBay Seller of the Month

    Blame Aus post these day and say I brought it 4 weeks ago and only showed up know. Bloody covid delivery times!
  19. Brandboy20

    2021 release ideas

    Ha Love the concept and idea, they have to do one of 2 things though. Have 1 signer and 100 cards of each or 2 signers and 100 cards of each. 200 of each brough a nice 1 in 2 case hit down to $130 secondary market value. 100 each and one in 2 or 4 case would be much better and help retain long...
  20. Brandboy20

    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    John Morris & Chris Heighton played for all 3 clubs...? Goes against the 80s & 90s player clues though
  21. Brandboy20

    2021 release ideas

    I was hoping for a Billy Slater Legends Auto ;)
  22. Brandboy20

    16-17 TnP A-league redemption

    From TnP? As fare as I am aware no, it has resolved and no longer redeemable.