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  1. Parrapaul

    Wanted John salley spectra bulls auto

    Am chasing any variation of this card please let me know if you have it
  2. Parrapaul

    Wanted John salley spectra bulls auto

    Want to buy any variation of this card please
  3. Parrapaul

    Chicago bulls autos - wanted

    Am after autos of the following bulls players; Jud buechler Bill wennington Scott Burrell Trent tucker Phil Jackson
  4. Parrapaul

    For Sale Eels card’s for sale

    Bevan French yg 64/130 - $100 Hayne pif - $20 postage - $3 standard, $7 registered
  5. Parrapaul

    Shipmycards trae Mail day

    Had my 3rd trae mail day from @ShipMyCards and here are some of my favourites plus my full collection.
  6. Parrapaul

    SOLD/TRADED Trae young/kevin huerter immaculate dual Sig - $325

    For sale - kevin huerter/Trae young immaculate dual signature $325 delivered registered
  7. Parrapaul

    For Sale Robbie Farah retirement card - $17 delivered

    For sale I have a for sale a Farah retirement - $17 delivered standard post
  8. Parrapaul

    For Sale Eels card’s for sale

    Nathan Hindmarsh glory signatures - $60 each Gutherson sas Black - $12 each Gutherson sas navy - $17 each Gutherson sas authentic - $225 each Jennings sas Black - $12 each Jennings sas navy - $15 Norman milestones set - Sold out Standard post - $3 Registered post - $7
  9. Parrapaul

    Wanted Dylan Brown 06 serial numbered cards

    I need the ruby, sapphire and white signature from 2019 elite Black signature already acquired
  10. Parrapaul

    Wanted - Dylan brown sapphire

    Wanted to purchase a Dylan brown sapphire from 2019 elite Let me know if you have one, PayPal ready
  11. Parrapaul

    For Sale Soliola ruby Sig - $15 delivered

    I have the soliola ruby album card for sale $15 delivered standard post
  12. Parrapaul

    For Sale Bevan French young guns - 2017 elite - $65 each

    I have 9 of these available at $85 delivered registered each
  13. Parrapaul

    SOLD/TRADED Trae young select silver concourse- $25 delivered

    I have for sale a trae young silver concourse - $25 delivered including standard post
  14. Parrapaul

    Completed Knights and parrapaul

    Parrapaul gets eels magic round cards Knights gets PayPal $$ I agree
  15. Parrapaul

    Trae young collection

    Thought I would share a few pics of a couple of trae young cards I have in hand Prizm Silver BGS 9 is available for trade or will sell Will have a a few more coming in over the next couple of weeks
  16. Parrapaul

    SOLD/TRADED Trae young Prizm silver BGS 9 - $110

    Have a prizm silver Trae young graded 9 BGS Willing to sell for $110 delivered registered or will consider trades on trae young cards that interest me
  17. Parrapaul

    For Sale 2018 NRL Glory future famer signature set break

    2018 NRL Glory future famer signature break. All cards must sell or I won’t break the set up. All cards are high numbered and can advise upon request. All prices include standard postage, registered $4 more Advertised elsewhere Darren Lockyer - $75 - pending Andrew Ryan - $40 Brett Kimmorley...
  18. Parrapaul

    For Sale/For Trade 2018-19 prizm

    Michael Porter jr silver - $45 Jaren Jackson jr silver - $30 Hamidou diallo silver signature - $22 Luka Doncic base - $17 Thon maker base auto - $8 Jacob Evans silver auto - $8 Card prices include standard post, $3 additional for registered Will consider trades for trae young cards that...
  19. Parrapaul

    For Sale 2018 NRL Glory immortal signatures

    I have for sale the Andrew Johns and 4 player immortal signatures Johns is $600 ono including registered delivery 4 player signature is $400 ono delivered registered
  20. Parrapaul

    For Sale/For Trade Paul’s 2019 nrl traders

    2019 traders for sale/trade Parallels - 80 cents each Heaps, please enquire Parallel logos - $10 each Knights, Broncos, Warriors x 2 Faces of the game - $1 each, team sets $3 each 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9x3, 10x2, 11, 15, 16, 17x4, 19, 20, 23, 24x3, 26x2, 28, 29, 32, 33, 36x2, 39x3, 41, 44, 45...
  21. Parrapaul

    Completed 3bet and paul

    I get Scott retirement You get Clark Agreed?
  22. Parrapaul

    SOLD/TRADED 2019 NRL Traders NZ Warriors Predictor - SOLD

    Traders Predictor of the NZ Warriors - will trade for the Eels one or $65 delivered registered. Will confirm number later today, but is a high numbered card.
  23. Parrapaul

    For Sale Corey Norman eels milestones set 041/100 - $85

    Have the Corey Norman milestones cards 041/100 for sale $85 including registered post Please note it does not include the broncos debut card
  24. Parrapaul

    For Sale Jordan rapana sas authentic signature - $200 delivered registered

    Card as per title delivered registered
  25. Parrapaul

    For Sale Corey Norman milestones debut card #004 - $50

    Have the debut card of Corey Norman from milestones 004/100 - $50 standard post Registered will be $4 extra