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  1. Brandboy20

    In Progress Brandboy20 & Haydn Raymond

    @Brandboy20 gets Billy Slater LS Auto and @Haydn Raymond gets $$$ via Payable. Agreed?
  2. Brandboy20

    SOLD/TRADED 2019 Melbourne Storm Ruby Mojos

    Near full set (missing 1- Kafusi) $100 including registered post
  3. Brandboy20

    Completed Brandboy20 & ElijahCraigHyde

    Brandboy20 get $$ via PayPal and @ElijahCraigHyde get 2018 Storm Ruby Mojos Agreed?
  4. Brandboy20

    7x Starter Packs

    The local newso only got give 7 Starter Packs and no boxes, curiosity killed the cat. Hits below, with Jye Mojo 001
  5. Brandboy20

    SOLD/TRADED Select Brilliance Madden Brother Signature

    Select Brilliance Madden Brother Signature 33/50 $1000 (Inc express Post) or Trade for - Robert Harvey Captains Sig - Lenny Hayes/ Hamill Captains Sig - Any St Kilda hall of fame Sig - Cameron Smith Captains Sig - Mark Viduka Signature Redemption
  6. Brandboy20

    In Progress Leopold09/brandboy20

    @Leopold09 get $$ via PayPal and @Brandboy20 get FF green Sig Hugh Goddard. Agreed
  7. Brandboy20

    St kilda Influentials

    After any number - Nick Riewoldt Influential - Jack Billings Influential
  8. Brandboy20

    Cam Smith Signature Redemption & Slater Ball Patch

    After a Smith Sig redemption and billy Slater ball patch card. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Brandboy20

    SOLD/TRADED 2020 Collingwood DPS

    2020 Dominance Collingwood Draft Pick Signature Jay Rantall 137/175. $75 includes registered post or will trade for 2020 players ink signatures from following teams for same value: Adelaide, Carlton, Essendon, Hawks, Melbourne, Richmond, St Kilda, Bulldogs & St Kilda DPS
  10. Brandboy20

    In Progress 3 Way Trade Sharks16/Brandboy20/West1952

    - Brandboy20 sends $ to @Sharks16 - @Sharks16 sends 2020 NRL LSW oats to @wests1952 - @wests1952 sends 2020 NRL Elite Munster LSW to @Brandboy20 Agreed? :)
  11. Brandboy20

    In Progress Brandboy & Richyrich

    Brandboy20 gets cam smith priority medal & @Richyrich1988 get Sami Sapphire & $$ agreed?
  12. Brandboy20

    For Sale/For Trade 2020 NRL Elite

    Looking to trade the following for Melbourne Storm Cards either this years or past years. Happy to put extra towards if needed. Priority: - Young Gun Chanel Harris Tavita 01/19 LSB: - Wade Graham 07/40 $220 (Trade for Billy Aus Signature) Young Gun White - Moeaki Fotuaika = $15 Ruby: -...
  13. Brandboy20

    2020 NRL Elite 2 Boxes

    Below are results of 2xBoxes form Diggaz :) 1x Priority & 1 Normal.
  14. Brandboy20

    Melbourne Storm Want List

    2013: Billy Slater League Sensation 2016: Nrl Traders Billy Slater SAS Gold & Authentic Signature 2017: Nrl Traders Copper Cronk Gold SAS Traders Premiership predictor Set 2018: Traders Dynamic Duo Traders Premiership Predictor Nrl Elite Black Yg Brodie Croft 2019: Nrl Elite Black Yg Brandon...
  15. Brandboy20

    Seb Ross Showstopper

    After a Seb Ross St Kilda Prestige showstopper, have Robbie Grey to trade
  16. Brandboy20

    SOLD/TRADED Foots Stars Prestige

    Brownlow Vote Getters: BV42- Dion Prestia #002 : $150 Engine Room: Green Paralell: Red Paralell: Harry McKay #143 : $15 Nathen Jones #147 : $10 Milestones: $10 Each Freo- Michael Walters #017 Will trade for st Kilda equivalents either Or other st Kilda cards from previous series.
  17. Brandboy20

    In Progress Brandboy20 &whiteyismc

    Brandboy20 gets Ben Hampton and pays in 2weeks & @whiteyismc gets $$ via PayPal? Agreed?
  18. Brandboy20

    Ben McAvoy DPD Platinum #/100

    As per stated in tilte, Ben McAvoy DPS Platinum Siganture #/100. Pm if you have and price. Pay pal funds waiting.
  19. Brandboy20

    Melbourne Storm 2018/19 Black Signature

    Looking for Nrl Black Signatures 2018 - Brodie Croft YG 2019 - Brandon Smith YG 2019 - Faulise Kaufusi LS
  20. Brandboy20

    SOLD/TRADED Paul Dear Norm Smith Supremacy

    #11/65 $75 (Inc Reg Post) or trade for St Kilda Cards
  21. Brandboy20

    SOLD/TRADED 2019 Redeemed Roosters Premiership Predictor

    Wish to trade for Storm 2017 version/ other Storm cards or $110 (Inc Reg Post)
  22. Brandboy20

    Completed Brandboy20/Buzz3

    Brandboy20 get $$ via PayPal & @Buzz3 get 2014 select Breust premiership redemption? agreed?
  23. Brandboy20

    Jade Gresham Show Stopper

    Want any number Jade Greasham Show Stopper, please message if you have one for sale/ trade and price or cards after
  24. Brandboy20

    2020 NRL Traders Box

    No to sure what think of the cards, but always get one box for support.
  25. Brandboy20

    SOLD/TRADED 2014 Select Honours Sets

    2014 Select Honours Set - Gallery Set of 50 $70 - Die Cut Set of 16 $350 - Draft Pick Signature Set 26 $550 (sold) - Premiership Redemptions Langford & Bruest $85 each or both $155 - Paul Kelly $135 - Malcom Blight Siganture $120 - Foulds Case Card $60 Happy to sell or trade.