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  1. Rekless

    Seeking info on 2019 Magic Round cards

    I went to the Magic Roubd last year with my son and they were giving out packets of footy cards at the stadium. I was clearing out some stuff around the house and found 40 sealed packets in a draw. I have included a couple of photos, but I was wondering before we open a few packs, are all the...
  2. Rekless

    Wanted: Mitch Crowden 2017 Future Force cards

    Hi guys, I’m looking for cards of Dockers draftee Mitch Crowden. Trying to get them together for his sister in law who is my sons teacher. Thanks.
  3. Rekless

    Lego Batman movie minifigures.

    Hey guys, My son is collecting the Lego minifigures from the. Atman Movie. He needs- 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20. He has to trade- 1 x2 , 7, 19 Let me know if you have any.
  4. Rekless

    My 8 year old wants to collect Pokemon cards......I have no idea.

    Hi guys, my little bloke has decided that he wants to start collecting Pokemon cards. He picked up a couple of packs of Black and White(?), Inhave no idea about Pokemon cards and was after some advice on getting him started. Eg what's rare, what sets are best to collect etc. My son has been...
  5. Rekless

    Cameron Smith 300 games signed poster value

    Last year I took the family down to Melbourne for Cam Smith's 300th game. At he game they were giving out Cardboard posters commemorating Smoths achievement. We waited around after the game and my son got his jersey signed by the team, and we managed to get smith to sign 3 of the posters...
  6. Rekless

    Glenn McGrath IP signed cards

    Mr McGrath was up here in Darwin for Australia Day this year. I got a ball signed by him, and the Missus got a couple of cards done. I don't collect cards anymore, just signed photos and My son collects Cooper Cronk NRL cards. Make an offer. Cheers.
  7. Rekless

    For Sale Rekless' 2016 Traders SAS gold and black

    SAS black- Josh Reynolds- $17 Sam Thaiday SASG $22 Joe Ofahenguae SASG $20 Postage extra.
  8. Rekless

    For Sale Signed Team sets 2010 2011

    Found these in a cupboard whilst moving. Keen to move them on, would consider a trade for signed 8x10 photos (don't have to be Rugby league). Postage is extra. PayPal friends and family for payment. All base sets signed in black sharpie and are from Champions series from year listed. 2010...
  9. Rekless

    Baseball Chasing HOF signed ROMLB baseballs

    Hey guys looking to add to my signed HOF baseball collection. Anybody have anything they're looking to sell?
  10. Rekless

    Gettin IP autos in Melbourne

    Gday guys, I'm heading to Melbourne from the Red centre this week for Storm vs Panthers. My son wants to get the jersey Cronk gave him last year in Sydney signed. I've never been to AAMI park so have no idea where to meet players. Does anyone on here know the ground or have any info to assist?
  11. Rekless

    NRL Marvel jerseys 2015

    Just saw on FB that the Knights are having a Marvel Jersey for round 21 this year. They haven't confirmed who it is yet, but Blue and red if be thinking Spider-Man, but would love a captain America even though Roosters already did it. Have seen that the Raiders are re-doing their Hulk Jersey...
  12. Rekless

    Cooper Cronk

    My son has a Cooper Cronk PC. Here is what he is still in need of- 2007 Select Premiers Set Base Card 2007 Champions Base Card 2009 Champions Sketch 2010 Champions Superstar Gem 2011 Tazo 2011 Telegraph Base 2011 Telegraph Pop Up 2012 ESP L.E Parallel- Australia 2012 ESP L.E Parallel- QLD 2012...
  13. Rekless

    Completed Bronco79 and Rekless

    @Bronco79 gets 2010 Cameron Smith Phenom gem. Rekless gets $$$ via PayPal friends. Rekless agrees.
  14. Rekless

    Help needed from US member.

    Hey guys I am in need of some USPS 2976-a customs forms. I have been collecting TTM for a few years now with a lot of great successes, and now I want to kick it up a notch by sending a couple of jerseys and baseballs. Only problem is a need the 2976-A customs forms for my SASE. Happy to...
  15. Rekless

    Cancelled rekless and leaguedude

    Rekless gets $$$ via paypal gift Leaguedude gets 2015 Sydney Swans Master Code card. Rekless agrees.
  16. Rekless

    For Sale 2015 Teamcoach Sydney Swans master Code Card

    hey guys, My son got this in a pack today- It's a Sydney Swans Master Code Card. It has a code in the back which unlocks all Seans players for 2015 Team coach. My son doesn't collect AFL, he has an NRL Cooper Cronk PC so he'd be open to trading. Other than that we're open to offers. Cheers.
  17. Rekless

    Baseball Clayton Kershaw TTM Goodness.

    hey guys, Sent this one out about 11 months ago. Received it back today signed in Blue sharpie. Career highlights- NL MVP (2014) 3× NL Cy Young Award (2011, 2013, 2014) 4× All-Star (2011–2014) Triple Crown (2011) Gold Glove Award (2011) Roberto Clemente Award (2012) 2× NL wins champion (2011...
  18. Rekless

    Completed Nznrl and Rekless

    nznrl gets 2010 signed checklists, 2010 signed storm set and 2011 signed tigers set. Rekless gets $$$ via PayPal gift. Rekless agrees
  19. Rekless

    Completed Reckless and Dragon_Fire

    Dragon_Fire get 2010 signed dragons team set sent registered post. Rekless gets $$$ via PayPal gift. Rekless agrees.
  20. Rekless

    MEGATRON mailday

    sent this last season, got it back today. A great return from one of the best receivers in the game. Photo is an 8x10 Thanks for looking.
  21. Rekless

    Baseball Loads of Hall of Fame goodness.

    So here is the start of my new PC. I am collecting HOF signed baseballs. Some I will get TTM, and others I will trade for or buy. Have just got back from a 5 week family holiday to find these in the mail. I got the baseballs from a collector in Canada. Some are very hard to get as the players...
  22. Rekless

    My sons new "pyjamas"- panthers vs storm

    Hey guys, as done of you know I used to be right into IP sigs a few years ago, moving to the NT quickly knocked that on the head. Anyway I'm back in Sydney this week and took my son Cooper to his first Storm game. He's a massive Cooper Cronk fan. The rain held out which was great, after the...
  23. Rekless

    Baseball A "perfect" Yankees Mail day.

    This turned up yesterday, An Official Major League Baseball signed by Yankees Legend- Don Larsen. Larsen is the only player in the history of baseball to pitch a perfect game in the World Series. Such a great piece to add to my collection.
  24. Rekless

    Baseball Some HOF TTM Goodness.

    Hey guys sent these out about 6 weeks ago. The Jim Bunning one is one of my favorite all time successes. It is a photo of the final pitch of his perfect game against the New York Mets. Not only was Bunning a hall of fame baseball player, but he also became a member A US senator. Not only did...
  25. Rekless

    For Sale 2010 & 2011 IP signed champions team sets

    Have an opportunity to add something amazing to my memorabilia collection, so the 2010 & 2011 NRL signed base sets are getting split up. All cards signed in black permanent marker. All sigs clear unless specified. Postage extra. Paypal gift or Bank deposit. Red is pending/sold 2010...