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  1. Tigers86

    Goal of The Year Cards- PM me for info

    I'm making my own set of Goal of The Year cards guys, exciting isn't it? Will think about selling once they are made. I have details- 2015 Goal of the Year Cards 1999-2014 16 Cards + Cover Card + Checklist Packs- 3 a pack, $3.80 a pack 18 Commons # to 200 18 Bronze Foil Parallels # to 100 4 3D...
  2. Tigers86

    Old Match Attax Tins

    You know what I want. It's above. Will take in any old MA tins from years other then the recent one(2013-14) PM me if you have any Tigers86
  3. Tigers86

    2014 Trade Thread Updates *All Rumours, Agreements & Fallen Trades On Here!*

    I'll start this off- RECENT NEWS- James Frawley preferring Hawks over Cats Frawley's Teammate Mitch Clark set to join Cats Shaun Higgins & Liam Jones quitting the dogs Heritier Lumumba preferring Demons, paving way for James Frawley to leave Dayne Beams wanting to go back to Queensland Add all...
  4. Tigers86

    Seeking Old AFL Club Membership Cards

    Seeking the above, old AFL Membership Cards, 1960- If you have, please refer to my tradelist in my Signature.
  5. Tigers86

    Footy Card Trader Phone Number Anyone?

    Seeking the phone number of this card shop(FootyCardTrader) who are based in Ringwood somewhere & were at the Malvern Collectors Fair. I am getting a box of Prime soon and I'm pretty sure this place had some, just want to call in to see if they have a Prime box, or any box for that matter.
  6. Tigers86

    Which Box is best?

    Got $160 to spend on a box(dramatic music, please!) What cheap box is the best to get? No, I won't be getting Select Champions of any year(Not dramatic enough!) I only want a Teamcoach box or Select Series 2 box. Which one is best? I'd prefer Team 2008-2011, BTW(Ahh, that's more like it! Dun...
  7. Tigers86

    2014 Jack Dyer Medal- TONIGHT!

    Watch Live- The night of all Tiges nights at Crown tonight! If link doesn't work, Ill be updating live here. Thoughts?
  8. Tigers86

    My Team 2009 Wantlist!

    Commons- #18 Patrick Ryder #19 Andrew Welsh #48 Lindsay Gilbee #50 Dale Morris #62 Scott Pendlebury #73 Joel Selwood #82 Shaun Burgoyne #87 Ben Cousins #89 Shane Tuck #98 Matthew Boyd #107 Travis Cloke #110 Paul Medhurst #130 David Hale #132 Drew Petrie #133 Brett Ebert All Richmond Forwards-...
  9. Tigers86

    Op Shop Bargains

    Just want to know what bargains you guys have found in op shops. Me- Picked up a 2009 Team album + a fair few commons for $4 at a Lions Club shop a footbridge away from my home, & In the same shop, I find a whole 2013 Team Common Set + Album for another $4...
  10. Tigers86

    Completed Tigers86 & les elephants

    Tigers86 gets- 3x Unopened Packs of Match Attax 2011-12 les elephants gets- 1x Didier Drogba Game Changer 2014 Adrenalyn 1x Brazil Logo 2014 Adrenalyn Some USA Base Cards 2014 Adrenalyn Layun Adrenalyn Fans Favourite Agreed? All cards to be sent in padded bags.
  11. Tigers86

    10 Worst AFL Cards/Sets EVER!

    10. 2009 AFL Chipz No Reason. 9. 2014 Star Wildcards OK, but how the colour is on the front not the back and vice versa with the glossy foil is disastrous. 8. All Select Champions Series WHY SELECT??? WHY??? All Champions sets should be burnt and popped underground. Disastrous every year, and...
  12. Tigers86

    Tigers86s Soccer/Football Wantlist

    I Want- All Arsenal Topps Premier Gold 2013 Inserts Unopened Old Match Attax Tins, Packs, Albums etc. 2014 Premier Leavue UK Stickers Whole Set All Arsenal 100 Club/Limited Edition Match Attax 2013-14 A-League Card Box 2010-11 Match Attax Box 2006 Herald Sun Socceroos Medallions Whole Set &...
  13. Tigers86

    Selects 2015

    What I expect from Select for 2015- Champions 2015 Gold Cards = Bronze Foil Silver Background Parallel Milestone = Same 1:3 Commons = Biography Backs Caricature = 250 Club Green Gems 1:12 Mirror = Manager Red Foil Cards 1:18 B&FS = B&F Patch Cards 1:18 NEW Retiree Signatures 1:36 Retro Logo...
  14. Tigers86

    Completed LickwidGreen & Tigers86

    Tigers86 gets- 2013 Team B&Fs Hawkins & Ablett LickwidGreen gets- 2014 Select Honours Sketch Norman Ware Agreed? All cards to be sent in padded bags.
  15. Tigers86

    For Trade 2014 World Cup Panini Adrenalyn Commons & Inserts!

    Have 59 2014 World Cup Panini Adrenalyn Commons and the following inserts for trade- 2x Hugo Lloris Goal Stopper 1x Gary Cahill Defensive Rock 1x Miguel Layun Fans Favourite 1x Thibaut Courtois Goal Stopper 1x Brazil Logo 1x Luka Modric Limited Esition 1x Didier Drogba Game Changer 1x Australia...
  16. Tigers86

    Where to Buy Topps Premier Gold in Melbourne!

    Title says all, the Zone doesn't have any from the looks of things.
  17. Tigers86

    My New Website

    OK guys, so I created my new website, Tiger_Trader. As I made it on iPad, there are no pictures yet. Here it is, plus join our tipping competition, where 3 lucky winners will win a free Team 2014 insert, plus my Champions Bulk lot is for trade.
  18. Tigers86

    For Sale/For Trade 2014 Select Champions Bulk Lot

    I'm selling my 2014 Select Champions collection, was so disappointed about this years release I'm only buying Teamcoach, Series 2 & promotional series from now on, no more Champions. All my Champs cards are for sale/trade, will trade for Teamcoach Cards. Album + Unknown Quantity of Commons &...
  19. Tigers86

    2 Pack Team 2014 Break

    Got 2 packs while getting Herald Sun. PACK 1- Mitch Wallis Silver, Gold Coast Checklist PACK 2- Nick Maxwell Gold, Nick Riewoldt Footy Flix Double :( ALL FOR TRADE
  20. Tigers86

    Completed Tigers86 & FootyFan13

    Tigers86 gets- Team 2013 Shaun Higgins Footy Pointer FootyFan13 gets- 2005 Teamcoach-Subway Captains Wildcards 1 Unopened Packs Agreed? Me send 1st, cards to be sent in padded bag/bubble mailer.
  21. Tigers86

    Completed Tigers86 & Glayam20

    Tigers86 gets- 14 Sunblest 2013 Footy Superstars cards Unknown quantity of random Tiges cards Glayam gets- 18 AFL Chipz 2009, 16 common, 1 B&F, 1 Rookie Taylor Walker Footy Pointer 2014 Patrick Dangerfield & Eddie Betts Team Commons, 2010 & 2014 Respectively Agreed? Me to send 1st, cards to be...
  22. Tigers86

    AFL Caption This

    Just caption this, & the top caption gets a free card with their next AFL trade with me. Like the caption you want to win. New pic every week. Just write a caption, no rules. So, let's caption-
  23. Tigers86

    For Trade Micro Figures Series 1 & 2 For Trade

    I have the following 2014 AFL Micro Figures Commons for trade- SERIES 1- Daniel Wells x1 Joel Selwood x1 Luke Hodge x1 Gary Ablett x1 SERIES 2- Chad Wingard x1 Josh Kennedy x3 Jake King x1 Marc Murphy x1 Nat Fyfe x1 Lance Franklin x1 ALBUM- HOLDS 50! Only interested in sale if you live in...
  24. Tigers86

    Completed no1noyp & Tigers86

    no1noyp gets- 2014 Teamcoach Nick Riewoldt Captain Footy Pal 2014 Teamcoach Darren Glass Captain Footy Pal 2014 Teamcoach Dane Swan Silver Code 2008 Teamcoach Jobe Watson Gold 2014 Select Honours Brownlow Gallery Peter Moore Tigers86 gets- 2013 Teamcoach Footy Pointers Patrick Ryder 2013...
  25. Tigers86

    Cancelled SWANS & Tigers86

    Tigers86 gets- 2013 Teamcoach Magic Wildcard Steele Sidebottom SWANS gets- Unknown Quantity of AFL Chipz, all commons except Geelong Rookie & B&F 2014 AFL Micro Figures Album 2x 2014 AFL Series 2 Micro Figures Chad Wingard, Jack Steven Agreed?