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  1. owen21

    Wanted Mint 1986 Scanlens Ray Price

    Looking to buy a Mint 1986 Scanlens Ray Price... Does anyone have one they are selling?
  2. owen21

    eBay 2020 Elite Nrl

    A few of my auctions ending soon... free shipping for ozcard members .. just let me know if you win 2020 NRL ELITE - Sapphire Mojo - Lot Of 5 Cards Penrith Panthers Tamou 11/20,Whare 20/20,Yeo 7/20,Naden 7/20,Harris 5/20 2020 NRL ELITE - Ruby Mojo -...
  3. owen21

    Rugby League Checklists in excel

    I am looking to collate my Penrith Panthers Rugby League card collection. What is the easiest way to copy and paste Rugby League Checklists... Does anyone have an excel spreadsheet or is it just best to look online... Thanks, Owen
  4. owen21

    2020 elite emerald Nathan Cleary

    Does anyone have a 2020 elite emerald Nathan Cleary they are looking to sell. number not important thanks owen
  5. owen21

    How does this redemption work?

    Hi guys can someone help me with how this work... do panthers need to win?
  6. owen21

    2020 elite Isabelle Kelly Cards

    Looking for a large lot of 2020 elite Isabelle Kelly Cards....she works at our local school and looking to buy some for the kids to get signed.... Please let me know what you have.... Owen
  7. owen21

    Charlie Staines

    Does anyone have a double of this card for sale?
  8. owen21

    James Fisher Harris auto

    Is there anyone looking to sell the James Fisher Harris auto from 2019 traders?
  9. owen21

    In Progress Owen21 and James422

    Owen21 gets Kikau auto James422 gets $ Agreed
  10. owen21

    Viliame KIKAU

    Does anyone have the Viliame KIKAU autograph for sale? thanks
  11. owen21

    1986 Fleer Michael Rookie BVG to PSA changeover

    Hi Guys, I've always preferred PSA for cards older than 1990... Thinking of changing this card over to PSA... What grade do you feel PSA would give it?
  12. owen21

    1969 scanlens I unpopped Arthur Beetson

    Is anyone looking to sell a 1969 scanlens I unpopped Arthur Beetson card... looking for a centred copy ..
  13. owen21

    1984 Star Michael Jordan XRC

    hi guys can you help me understand the ...1984 Star Michael Jordan XRC... Was there a number of his cards released in the 1984 set? if so how did they decide which one is his XRC? Thanks
  14. owen21

    zion green hoops

    So I buy a pack of hoops $3... pull a zion rookie ... It’s $51 already for normal rookie Incredible for a common rookie even of a star... am I missing something? Is this rarer than it appears?
  15. owen21

    Earlier rugby league folders

    Does anyone know if they produced folders for 1988,1989,1990 rugby league sets?
  16. owen21

    Displaying cards in top loader folders

    Is there a way of displaying cards in top loader in folders...
  17. owen21

    1969 scanlens Arthur Beetson unpopped

    Is anyone looking to sell a 1969 scanlens Arthur Beetson unpopped... Looking to buy a mint copy....happy to pay a fair price....
  18. owen21

    1991 stimorol rugby league folder wanted

    Does anyone have a 1991 stimorol rugby league folder for sale? or know where I can purchase one? thanks
  19. owen21

    Comc and shipping

    Hi guys hoping you might be able to help... Comc requires you to provide a tracking number when submitting cards for consignment ... I think auspost doesn’t give a tracking number to the USA... What does everyone use? A courier? Thanks in advance
  20. owen21

    Detroit Lions and Michigan Wolverines autos wanted....

    I am looking for signed cards of detroit lions and Michigan Wolverines.... The list below are the ones I already have...... Alex Carter Ashawn Robinson Ameer abdullah x2 Billy sims x 5 Barry sanders x 3 Brett Perriman Bryant Westbrook x 2 Bill Bentley Corey Fuller x 3 Chris spielman ip...
  21. owen21

    Best USA collecting forum for nfl

    Hi guys... I collect the detroit lions and Michigan Wolverines autographs since 1989 and eBays shipping rates have officially stopped my collection growing.... Over 20$ for shipping 1 signed card .... Can anyone help me out with which collecting forums are worth using to buy cards? I am...
  22. owen21

    2019 week 15 james Maloney TLA card

    Did anyone get an extra 2019 week 15 james Maloney TLA card they want to sell ? I misread the advertisement and thought it was on sale Tuesday
  23. owen21

    In Progress Owen21 and Jacques

    Owen21 sends Autographed rugby Unions cards Jacques sends $ Agreed?
  24. owen21

    Tyrone Peachey Auto Traders

    Is anyone looking to sell the signature card Of Tyrone peachey from this years traders set? Thanks Owen
  25. owen21

    Whats this ?

    Guys does anyone understand what this is? Thanks...