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  1. knights98

    Awesome 3 pack easter 2015 Traders break

    Got given 3 packs of traders yesterday, didn't expect much, but it produced. Pack 1: Isaac Luke Galactic Heroes Pack 2: Paul Gallen FOTG Pack 3: Hopoate FOTG ....... oh and 'that card with both hodkinson and josh reynolds' (#37/100) Could not believe my luck. Still not sure what I'll do with...
  2. knights98

    NEED GOLD PARALLEL 71 - BEAU SCOTT - Elite + other years to trade

    Just after gold parallel Beau Scott - 71, from 2014 elite to finish off my Knights gold set and looking to trade for it. Available: Gold Parallels: 6 42 55 60 76 96 99 117 141 Also Silver Parallels (Will trade 3 for it) 38 72 106 115 And Women in League Redemption (As part of a deal) Also...
  3. knights98

    Completed knights98 and bob

    knights98 gets Invincible 2006 Common#20 Mark Omeley, LTD Edition 2012 NSW Akuila Uate #35 and Select 2012 Rookie Standout Joel Edwards RS11. bob gets 2014 elite ma 31 agreed
  4. knights98

    Completed knights98 and mjw006

    knights 98 gets 2014 Traders parallels 83 and 86 and base 75 mjw006 gets 2014 elite gold parallel 37 Agreed here
  5. knights98

    Completed knights98 and Ben Tone

    knights98 gets 2013 elite boyd AR and 2012 champs gold cards 86,91,92,95 Ben Tone gets 09 Champs foiled signature 29 and jdc 10,22,27,64 Agreed here
  6. knights98

    Completed knights98 and Parrapaul

    knights98 gets Mason ma, gagai sp from 2014 elite and Mc Manus sp and Rochow p from 2014 traders Parrapaul gets Hayne pp and peats p from 2014 elite and Burt retirements from 2013 traders. Parrapaul will send first and upon receipt of cards knights98 will send. Agreed here
  7. knights98

    Completed knights98 and j0hn

    Knights98 gets 2014 Elite PP22 - Gidley Gold - 69, 72 Silver - 71 j0hn gets 2011 Champs Rookies: 50, 51 2010 Champions JDC: 165 agreed
  8. knights98

    2014 Elite Wants and Trades

    Hi all, At the moment I am after: Gold Parallels: 71 Boyd World Cup Parallel Rochow Young Gun Boyd League Sensations For Trade Parallels 5,17,22,34,36,37,38,53,54,62,81,86,90,125,126,140,144,44,35,40, Gold Parallels 42,99,60,76, 112for trade Pride and passion ONeil (19) and...
  9. knights98

    Completed knights98 and parraeels

    knights98 gets 2014 traders magic moments knights parraeels gets sp 20,121 agreed
  10. knights98

    Completed knights98 and Capital-carsandcards

    Capital-cardsandcards gets parallels from 2011 champs- 15,27,41,51, 3 base cards from 2013 traders-35,146,170 and 1 parallel from 2013 traders - 9. Knights98 gets 2007 Champs holofoils 88,89,91,94,96 and 2014 traders commons 49 and 126 Agreed
  11. knights98

    Completed knights98 and Wookiedragon

    Wookiedragon gets2011 champions rookie 7 and 2013 traders premiership 9 and foils 28,11,128,161,166,178 knights98 gets 2012 champions naiqama and uate try machine, knights showtime and 2008 champs holofoils 95 and 89 Agreed
  12. knights98

    For Trade 2010/11 Match attax trade/want list

    Hi, I am after numerous commons, star players, star signings, showboats , MOMS and all hundred club cards. I have a number of commons for trade as well as a joe cole showboat. LMK if you are interested!
  13. knights98

    First attempt at designing cards

    Hi everyone, I was having a play around this morning and I managed to design two cards. I designed a knights logo common card and a kurt gidley insert (not sure what to call it yet!) Let me know what you think!
  14. knights98

    For Sale/For Trade Billy Slater Diamond Phenomeon Gem

    Hi, Up for sale is a Billy Slater Diamond Phenomenon Gem. Pm me all offers. Also willing to trade for Newcastle cards I need.
  15. knights98

    My Favourite Newcastle Mailday!!

    Hi, I received some great cards this week. 2005 NRL Club Player of the Year Danny Buderus - a low insert but I have been long chasing it. 2007 NRL Top Prospects Jarrod Mullen - Probably one of the best Knights top prospects in recent years so when I saw this cheap I had to get my hands on...
  16. knights98

    New additions to collection

    Hi I have received some great cards over the last week. They are: Slater Diamond Phenomenon (Pack Break) 2009 Ben Cross Sketch 2009 Wes Naiqama sketch 2006 NRL Invincible Knights JDC Set (thanks to digeze for 5 of these) Enjoy!=D>
  17. knights98

    3 packs of 2010 champions MASSIVE MOJO!!!!

    Hi, I bought 3 packs of these today and pulled a: BILLY SLATER DIAMOND PHENOMENON GEM!!!!!!!=D> Very excited about this as this is the rarest card I have ever pulled!!! The card is up for trade for knights inserts I am after.
  18. knights98

    eBay NRL Cards and Tazo's for sale!

    Hi, I have listed some items on ebay and will be adding to the list: eBay Seller: kiefer1971: Sport items on eBay Australia Have a look to see if you are interested.
  19. knights98

    2 packs of 2010 champions!!!!

    Hi, Picked up 2 packs of this series and pulled: Pack 1: Tonga impact sig, Manu JDC Pack 2: Quinn JDC, Cronk Mascot gem all for trade for cards on my want list=D>
  20. knights98

    2006 Predictor Share?????

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone was interested in restarting the failed 06 predictor share. We only failed because we were unable to locate a sharks unredeemed predictor. I just spotted one on ebay for $50! If this does restart I would be able to provide the knights predictor. So let me...
  21. knights98

    Funny who you see around!

    Hi, I was walking in Sydney Olympic Park when I saw running by some men dressed in nrl training uniforms in pairs. I quickly recognised some first grade match referees including Archer and Hayne jogging alongside one another. I should have demanded some consistency in refereeing!:yellow::lol:
  22. knights98

    Completed knights98/simonmartinoz

    knights98 gets: 550, 567 simonmartinoz gets: 168, 220 I agree to this trade
  23. knights98

    Completed knights98/Dpero

    knights98 gets: 6,16,42,45 dpero gets: 295, 399, 404, 406 I agree to this trade
  24. knights98

    Completed knights98/AJ's

    knights98 gets: 262 AJ's gets: 282 I agree to this trade
  25. knights98

    Completed knights98/Tommy

    knights98 gets: World cup sticker 26 tommy gets: world cup sticker 109 I agree to this trade