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  1. drobfan8

    In Progress drobfan8 & DaveKD

    Drobfan8 gets PayPal DaveKD gets 08/09 Bowman Chrome Base Kevin Durant Agreed?
  2. drobfan8

    For Sale Luka Rookie, Galactics, Golds, Flawless, Price drop

    Hi all, raising funds for a big purchase to hopefully show you all. 😉😅 Please add $8 for postage with tracking for anything over $40 Postage will be $4 for anything under $40 88 Fleer PSA 9 Magic Johnson SOLD 97 Topps Chrome RC McGrady SOLD 03 Chrome Gold Refractors /50 Diaw $50 J. Rose $40...
  3. drobfan8

    In Progress DaveKD & drobfan8

    DaveKD gets 03 Kobe Ultimate base drobfan8 gets PayPal agreed?
  4. drobfan8

    Completed 1980bust & drobfan8

    1980bust gets 93 Hakeem Finest Refractor drobfan8 gets PayPal agreed?
  5. drobfan8

    For Sale/For Trade Some more added. Magic 88 Fleer, Immaculate, Status

    Got a few things up for grabs. Prices in Ausd. Please add $10 for shipping within Aus with tracking. Ben Gordon SP Authentic Auto /25 $200 Ben Gordon RC Gold Refractor $100 J. Rose 03 Chrome Gold Refractor $75 Diaw 03 RC Gold Refractor $75 Status Aspirations Durant /65 $70...
  6. drobfan8

    For Sale Trae Young

    Below ebay prices. Trae Young Revolution Cosmic RC /100 $475 USD dlvd Trae Young Opulence RC Auto /99 $575 USD dlvd
  7. drobfan8

    Completed Jase888 & drobfan8

    Jase888 gets Exum Select Courtside RC J. Rich Select Silver RC drobfan8 gets PayPal Agreed?
  8. drobfan8

    For Sale Trae, Luka, Flawless, Status, more

    Hi all, Got a few nice things up for grabs. Please add $4 postage for low end within Australia and $12 for tracked items. International to be figured out depending on the sale. Status Base RC Bridges $7 Sexton $10 Status Prominence Ayton $10 Status Green RC Trent Jr $5 Divincenzo $7...
  9. drobfan8

    Please delete

    Got a couple of nice Trae's up for grabs. I would do a trade/cash deal if you have any of my Exquisite needs. 03 and 05 base mainly. But open to a few other things also.
  10. drobfan8

    97/98 Tim Duncan Jambalaya

    Righto, who wants to help a crazy Spurs fan out with one of these?
  11. drobfan8

    Completed taffster74 & drobfan8

    Taffster74 receives 12/13 Immaculate Base Garnett 13/14 Immaculate Gold L. Aldridge /10 Drobfan8 receives paypal Agreed?
  12. drobfan8

    Completed SamiFour7 & drobfan8

    SamiFour7 gets 18/19 Prizm Silver Kawhi × 2 17/18 Select Silver Kawhi × 2 18/19 Mitch Robinson Status RC Aspirations /74 16/17 Optic Holo Dejounte Murray 19/20 Mosaic Base Trae Young 19/20 Court Kings Base Trae Young Drobfan8 gets PayPal Agreed?
  13. drobfan8

    For Sale/For Trade Immac, Durant, Refractors, Trae, C Kings etc

    Hi all, got a bunch of things to clear out. $4 for postage within Australia to be added on. $8 for tracking.. As always, happy to discuss prices on sales for multiple cards. I hope you like something. 😊 Mitch SOLD Jokic Revolution Cubic /50 $15 Griffin Jam Masters $3 Shai Mosaic Silver SOLD...
  14. drobfan8

    A little bit of this

    Hi all, Gotta thank @ShipMyCards for their excellent service and a special thanks to @Lippo for the last card in this mailday 😉 Here we go. A Status Mitch Aspirations RC Lippo did all the hard work on this LeBron so a massive thank you for thinking of me. I actually never thought I'd get...
  15. drobfan8

    Completed GCdogg05 & drobfan8

    GCdogg05 gets the below cards Drobfan8 gets PayPal agreed?
  16. drobfan8

    All my wants in one thread

    Hi all, figured I'd get it all in to one thread to track. Looking to purchase the following. 86/87 Fleer P. Ewing M. Jordan 95/96 Flair Hot Numbers Jordan Anticipation Jordan New Heights Jordan 96/97 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion K. Bryant M. Jordan R. Allen Platinum Medallion K. Bryant M...
  17. drobfan8

    Massive COMC mailday.

    Hi all. Got all kinds of things in this one.. Hope you enjoy.
  18. drobfan8

    Completed MELHOOPS & drobfan8

    Drobfan8 gets PayPal MELHOOPS gets 18/19 Status Luka Doncic base RC Agreed?
  19. drobfan8

    Is there a company in Australia to consign cards with?

    Title says it all.. More looking for something like a COMC in Australia. Anyone know of one?
  20. drobfan8

    SOLD/TRADED 18/19 Status Luka

    Hi all, I actually have these 2 cards already incoming from COMC. So I'm putting the Luka up for sale. Maybe the Trae also if the price is right. Luka Doncic Status base RC freshly pulled $140 dlvd within Aus (International will need to be tracked and cost $27 extra)
  21. drobfan8

    Another box of 18/19 Status

    Yes you are right. I'm a sucker. But I bought it a couple of weeks back and now it's here and the hype has got me. Last box was brutal. I'm gonna expect more of the same. Breaking after dinner. :)
  22. drobfan8

    Completed Clinton & drobfan8

    Clinton receives Van Exel Fleer Franchise Futures + S. Kemp Jam Masters. Drobfan8 gets PayPal Agreed? Payment received.
  23. drobfan8

    18/19 Revolution Galactic, Cosmic and Base

    Hi all, Chasing a bunch of these, may be interested in other parallels. Only really looking for the guys mentioned below. Hope you can help :) Looking for Galactic Cosmic /100 Base of the below players Highlighted in Green is what I have already. 3 Anthony Davis - New Orleans Pelicans 8 Klay...
  24. drobfan8

    NBA Draft lottery

    Draft order is set. Who needed the pick the most? Who does GS get? Gotta think they package the no. 2 pick and Wiggins for a position of need. How about the Spurs at 11, can't wait to see who they get.
  25. drobfan8

    Completed sgt_pepper & drobfan8

    Drobfan8 gets Paypal Sgt_pepper gets A. Iverson Stadium Club RC. Agreed?