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  1. liamszaraz

    20/21 Panini Prizms Draft Picks

    I obviously got a bunch of rookies and inserts so I'll just post the hits. Numbered: Nico Melli red 227/299 Ashton Hagans blue 36/199 Xavier Tillman blue refractor 97/99 James Wiseman purple Global Prospects 25/75 (boom) Kira Lewis Jr gold 2/5 (college jersey number BOOM) Autos: Ryan...
  2. liamszaraz

    2019 Select Supremacy PGS14 Bill Goggin /40

    Hi, I'm looking for the card stated in the title, any number /40 is fine. I'd also be interested in 2019 Select AFL Supremacy Premiership Glory PG14 Bill Goggin but specifically number 35/40 and the same for the autograph number 35/40. Thanks
  3. liamszaraz

    eBay Two Kevin Durant Rookie Autos

    Just chucked up a couple of Durant Rookie Autos on eBay if anyone is interested.
  4. liamszaraz

    Small Bill Goggin mailday, including a rare & obscure item.

    First up is the non-interesting item. 2016 Acheron Mints Inside Sixties Now the more interesting item. 1963 Coca Cola VFL Bottle Top Goes well with my 1961 Coca Cola Card
  5. liamszaraz

    eBay 2014 World Cup Panini Prizm Radamel Falcao Autograph

    Feel free to make an offer on eBay if you want
  6. liamszaraz

    2007-08 SPX Endorsements & 2007-08 Upper Deck SP Kevin Durant Rookie Autographs

    Feel free to make some offers on eBay if interested.
  7. liamszaraz

    Some interesting finds in my roof

    In my roof helping put in a new fan and I found a box full of old footy cards that I decided to pull out. The box was full of old footy cards from the 90s-00s including hand signed Geelong cards, pogs, tazos etc etc and all different old Geelong Memorabilia. The more interesting cards I found...
  8. liamszaraz

    Completed liamszaraz & ozfootball

    I receive: $15 Ozfootball receives: Net Finders Set 25 Landon Donovan Team Photos Set 28 Rossija World Cup Matchups Set 25 Luka Modric Xavi Hernandez World Cup Stars Set 41 Pele
  9. liamszaraz

    Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Hit me up if you got any cards of these guys. Preferably auto and jerseys. Thanks
  10. liamszaraz

    First Mailday in a loooong time! Including a whale!

    This is my first Bill Goggin mailday I've had in over a year. :) Sorry for the Iphone pics btw. 1971 Kelloggs Cut-Out 004e. Now Bill has 2 cards in this set, 025 and 004e. This is 004e which is an error version a Polly Farmer is actually card 004. :) And now one of my whales: 1961...
  11. liamszaraz

    2014 World Cup Prizm Box Recap

    Cheers to @cherrycollectables for the box. Inserts: Diego Forlan/Landon Donovan Matchupss Luka Modric/Xavi Matchups Bastian Schweinteiger/Nani Matchups Thiago Silva Cup Captains Boubacar Barry Guardian Mario Balotelli Aerial Assault Javier Hernandez Net Finders Karim Benzema Net Finders Landon...
  12. liamszaraz

    Andriy Shevchenko

    I'm looking for anything Sheva. Cards, figurines etc. So hit me up if you have anything. Thanks
  13. liamszaraz

    Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Hit me up with any Giannis Antetokounmpo cards you have. :) Preferably Autos and Jerseys but will listen to all. Please PM me. Thanks
  14. liamszaraz

    Hey guys

    So I don't know if any of you remember/cared about me but haven't posted here in about 2 years I lost a bit of my passion of collecting in 2011/2012 but I kept my collection. I don't know how active I'll be but I'm back in the game and may add a little bit to my collection. :) Be nice to see...
  15. liamszaraz

    2012 Harry Taylor Wantlist.

    Hey guys, these are the Harry Taylor cards I need from 2012. :) 2012 Champions: 72 Harry Taylor Common SS72 Harry Taylor Parallel DIY Silver Laser Sticker GC72 Harry Taylor Parallel Gold Peal and Reveal Card I will buy. Thank-you. :)
  16. liamszaraz

    2012 AFL SuperTipping.

    League code is: 102373
  17. liamszaraz

    Usman Khawaja.

    Hey guys, I'm looking for Usman Khawaja items. Signed or unsigned I'm looking for it. Please lmk if you have anything. Thanks :)
  18. liamszaraz

    Who's your favourite player?

    Who's your favourite cricket player? Mines Usman Khawaja. :)
  19. liamszaraz

    Blast from the past and present.

    First up the card from the present. :) 2007 Select Champions Matthew Scarlett Gem Card Now the ones from the past. :) 1971 Kelloggs VFL Football Cut Outs Ken Newland 1971 Kelloggs VFL Football Cut Outs Bill Goggin Thanks for looking. :wave:
  20. liamszaraz

    Harry Taylor Player Issued Guernsey!

    Was able to get this in for my Harry Taylor Collection! :D 2008 Harry Taylor Player Issued Clash Gold Logo Guernsey Thanks for looking! :wave:
  21. liamszaraz

    Mark Harvey sacked & Ross Lyon to Fermantle!

    Mark Harvey sacked from Fremantle | Herald Sun Pretty crazy stuff! Did not expect any of this!! :eek:
  22. liamszaraz

    Tom Scully signs with GWS
  23. liamszaraz

    Ward jumps Bulldog ship to join GWS

    Read more: Ward jumps Bulldog ship to join GWS
  24. liamszaraz

    2011 AFL Finals Thread.

    With the top 8 basically set in stone it's time to look towards finals! :D This is what the first week of finals will probably look like: Friday Night: Geelong v Hawthorn Saturday Afternoon: Sydney v StKilda Saturday Night: Collingwood v West Coast Sunday Afternoon: Carlton v Essendon...
  25. liamszaraz

    Run For Cancer.

    Signed St Kilda Jumper Please, if you're able to, donate money for this cause. After having my Dad suffer from cancer I've seen the pain and suffering they go through and no one should go trough that! :( Also to prove he's legit: Mahmoud Chatila will run for life from Melbourne to Sydney |...