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  1. crows2010

    For Trade Kevin Murray 25/50 Brilliance

    Will trade for Crows cards from Brilliance and add cash if for the signature redemption etc. Cheers!
  2. crows2010

    For Sale UV Proof 20pt Magnetic One Touch cases

    Hi all I have several hundred of these awesome magnetic one touches for sale. They are two parts, a backing and a front and clip together. They are all second hand but may as well be new. Happy to sell for $3 each (about $6 new) + postage but can also work out deals if you want a whole heap...
  3. crows2010

    For Sale 2012 Draft Prospects full rookie set

    Set of 36 rookie cards. $150 including postage.
  4. crows2010

    For Sale Ashley Sampi 2001 DPS

    $25 posted. Cheers
  5. crows2010

    For Sale Crows signatures/inserts

    Hi all - have the following for sale: 1994 Shaun Rehn AFLPA Sig Redemption 2005 John Meesen Draft signature 2008 Patrick dangerfield gold DPS 2008 Patrick dangerfield platinum DPS 2001 Scott Thompson DPS 2005 Richard Tambling DPS 2009 Tom Lynch DPS 2009 Lewis Johnston DPS 2016 Future Force...
  6. crows2010

    For Sale 2012 Draft Prospects set

    Complete set in folder with checklist, sell sheet and Album card. Only 120 full sets exist. PM me if interested and we can go from there. Cheers
  7. crows2010

    SOLD/TRADED Crows signatures and redemptions

    Have a whole bunch of signatures, redemptions and hard to find insert cards up for sale. PM me for a list or if there is anything in particular you are after. Thanks
  8. crows2010

    Completed Brandboy20 and crows2010

    Brandboy20 receives: Ross Aloisi A-League signature card crows2010 recieves: $$ deal? cheers
  9. crows2010

    For Sale Ricciuto and Carey 2003 Scanlens

    Have these two up for grabs. Numbered 14/60. Please PM me if you are keen on both or either individually and we can go from there. Cards are mint.
  10. crows2010

    For Sale Ross Aloisi A-League Signature

    Mint condition. Select A-League - Ross Aloisi Wellington Phoenix signature card - $20 including postage.
  11. crows2010

    Rory Laird - Footys Finest

    Hi all, Have Rory Laird FF1 for sale from 2016 Certified. Numbered 26/80 and in excellent condition. $125 inc registered post.
  12. crows2010

    Completed ElijahCraigHyde and crows2010

    Elijah gets Tex Walker Guernsey redemption Crows2010 gets $$ Deal? Cheers :)
  13. crows2010

    What sort of card is this?

    Hi all, I have this Vince Carter card and assume this is some sort of printing plate type card but not exactly what it is exactly? Help would be great :) thanks
  14. crows2010

    Completed Payney and crows2010

    Payney gets: 2004 Brownlow triple signature Dangerfield plat draft signature Crows2010 gets: $ All good? Cheers
  15. crows2010

    Completed crows2010 and DJW

    DJW gets: Anthony Davis auto crows2010 gets: $$ All good? Cheers
  16. crows2010

    Ian Chappell 98/99 Heroes Signature Redemption

    complete with redemption card. $100 including registered post. Cheers
  17. crows2010

    For sale - Anthony Davis auto, Jordan Fleer Retro Insert, Parish auto

    Hi guys have 3 cards for sale only - all prices include standard postage. Looking for offers only on the Jordan. Anthony Davis - Panini Select 14-15 on card auto 32/60 - $50 Robert Parish - 05/06 SP Signature Edition Scripts for Success Auto - $30 Michael Jordan - 12/13 Fleer Retro Ultra...
  18. crows2010

    2005 Select Dynasty - Grand Redemption set

    Have the entire un-split Grand Redemption set for sale from 2005 Select Dynasty. #88 Complete with folder, all sets and Robert Harvey signature card. PM me if you are interested.
  19. crows2010

    Steph Curry auto + David Thompson printing plate

    Hi everyone, have these two for sale. Postage included. Steph Curry auto $220 David Thompson printing plate 1/1 - $30
  20. crows2010

    Select Legacy - Players Edition cards

    Seen a few of these on eBay, looks like Select are now doing a 'players edition' stamp on cards, rather than just not being numbered. I have seen it on some of the HOF cards from this release. Few out in the public domain already!
  21. crows2010

    Select Legacy - Darcy Fogarty DPS

    Hi all, I will be chasing this card so if you come across one please let me know :) Cheers
  22. crows2010

    Future Force - Jackson Edwards red parallel

    Hi all, just chasing this last future force red - anyone have one for sale or trade? Cheers
  23. crows2010

    Darcy Fogarty cards

    Hi, I am after Fogarty red parallel and the two signatures Platinum & Green. Cheers!
  24. crows2010

    NBL gaining momentum again...Cards?

    Hi all, fair to say the NBL is going from strength to strength which is fantastic. Some big names signing for teams and bigger crowds and TV audiences. Has anyone heard of any plans for an official card release? I have heard that any attempt was previously blocked by BA but it would be crazy...
  25. crows2010

    Crows future force

    Hi all Chasing the Andrew McPherson and Darcy Fogarty red parallels. Also after the platinum and green Fogarty signatures as well as the Fogarty redemption. Thanks!