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    Pro Set Football card wantlist

    hi looking for Pro Set football, only 161 needed for master set i have heaps of old pro set football and NHL for trade plus cricket and a small amount of newer NBA singles including game used and auto's with cards listed if you are unsure which version i need as wantlist only shows error or...
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    Completed Trade between GCdogg05 and Iluvrefractors

    GCdogg05 gets basketball cards including 1995 collectors choice debut set and 2018/19 court kings singles, iluvrefractors gets 100 pro set NFL cards
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    Thread deleted

    thread deleted
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    Motor Sport Looking for Pro Set racing cards

    i am after Pro Set racing cards to complete my collection, most of my wants are the 1992 Pro Set NHRA (200 cards) i have Racing (1991 pro set NHRA set and singles for 1992 Pro Set) basketball and NFL for trade among other things
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    Rugby autos cheap

    Came across these on cash converters website, not sure if price is good but look ok
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    For Sale/For Trade 2000 Sunday Times Eagles / Dockers stickers

    I have near complete sticker sets of the 2000 Sunday Times stickers 2 x each of sheets 2,3,4,5 and 6 3 x each of sheets 7 and 8 Also have posters as well Pm with offers or will trade for pro set cards I need, quality of stickers vary so let me know if you would like more information on a sheet
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    Is anyone attempting a Woolworths Disney master set?

    Just wondering if anyone is thinking of going for a master set, I have seen variations on tiles but not sure if all characters have all letters plus wildcard (total tiles is near 1000)
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    Looking for Club Pro Set educational cards

    Looking for Club Pro Set, Smithsonian Institute and Boomerang Book Club cards from 1991 to 1993 all produced by Pro Set Only after complete sets or series To see what I’m after check this page
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    Beer cans, jigsaws and WSC board game

    I am looking at selling some of my cricket collectables, if you are interested pm with offer I have 2010/11 weet-bix ashes hat Jigsaws (haven't checked but I'm sure all are missing a few pieces) - Greg Chappell - Dennis Lillee - Doug Walters Board game - WSC Night Cricket (all pieces except...
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    Cameron Bancroft game used sandpaper card

    wonder if Select will be bold enough to release game used sandpaper card, could have multiple versions of Bancroft, Warner and smith singles, doubles, triples plus auto versions. Before anyone has a go at me for my joke believe me when I say as a cricketer this cheating needs to be removed from...
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    Golf 1992 pro set golf

    just busted a box but am 4 short for a set, does anyone have numbers 6, 186, 217 and E5 I Have a small amount of commons for trade
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    For Sale Netgear Nighthawk X6 wireless router

    i have upgraded my router and now have no need for this router, $200 delivered or make offer
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    Star Wars Card Trader

    does anyone use the Star Wars Card Trader app? I used to but am now looking to sell or trade, my user id is WAYNE71 and I have over 15000 cards including heaps of inserts and a few autos Make an offer if you would like to buy otherwise I collect pro set cards if you want to trade
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    1994 Maxx Series 1 and Pro Set

    i have the following for sale or would consider trading for pro set racing boxes (1991, 1992 NHRA, 1993 Finnish line or 1994 power) For sale is 1994 Maxx series 1 - 36 packs @ $1.00 per pack plus post 1991 Pro Set Petty Family box set x 7 sets (50 cards + 1 game piece (discount card)) $6 per set...
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    Motor Sport Lookin for Pro Set racing

    looking to finish some sets so I am looking for 1991 Pro Set NRHA prototypes 1991 Pro Set Petty Family prototypes 1992 Pro Set #s 43 Richard Petty 64a Schroeder (back spelt cheif) 67a Striklin (Chevy hat) 130a Wilson (joined 1979) 164a Fuge (moustache not beard) 169a Sabates (car 43) 171...
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    Hockey Looking for Pro Set

    recently picked up 4 boxes of Pro Set (1990 s1 and 2, 1991 s1 and 1991 French s2) but need some cards to finish up sets, I have heaps of doubles from these for trade or happy to do other sports
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    For Sale 2012 Jobe Watson Brownlow auto print 60/200

    is anyone interested in buying this print (sorry for quality of picture but print is in excellent condition), comes with COA and numbered 60/200 Pm with offers
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    1989 Pro Set Error and Variations set

    these were originally given out to Team owners and employees to show what errors and variations occurred in the 1989 Pro Set, also includes the 1988 Test set, most cards are multiples as they included one to showcase the front and another to show the back...
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    Does anyone know how much a 1978 Scanlens Sheffield Shield set is worth

    looking at selling mine and thought I would find out how much it may be worth, some are miscut and only two are creased (toohey and Robertson) also has the 6 checklists thanks wayne
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    Movie cards for sale

    I have started to cull my collection so the next to go are the Movie cards, postage is extra Alien - 1979 set of 84 cards $25 Terminator - 1991 Topps set of 44 cards $7 1994 Stargate Movie - base set of 100 cards, 12 Stargate Game cards, 8 Video game tip cards and 12 Chrome cards $55 set...
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    Ozzie Newsome and Erik Kramer Pro Set autos

    finally managed to find these 2 certified autographs at a decent price, Kramer is numbered to 1000, whereas the Newsome has a reported print run of 500 very hard to see Pro Set stamp from scans now to get the last 4 autos (2 x Lawrence Taylor and 1 x Erik Kramer from 1991 and Emmitt Smith from...
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    Pro Set Soccer variation cards wanted

    I am looking for the following Pro Set Soccer cards 1990 Tony Casscari #25 - Last 2 lines say - "is always dangerous especially - in the air" Neville Southall #73 - Last line - "A world class goal keeper" Matt Le Tissier #211 - Last Name spelt Le Tissier on front of card 1991 Ian Wright #29 -...
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    1994 Futera Mark Waugh auto at cash converters online

    saw this if anyone is interested Cost is $50 so not bad at all
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    For Sale Cricket cards - various years / sets

    looking to sell most of my collection to finance my NFL collection feel free to make an offer, postage is extra depending on amount bought. once I get the rest of my collection back I will list more Pending or sold cards are listed in red Cricket cards for sale Shane Warne Messages on hold 4...
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    my first Emmitt Smith Auto

    just got in two uncut Pro Set sheets, 1 being the 1993 Emmitt Smith Highlights auto sheet #d7500 now to just find his 1992 auto would be nice