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    Scanlens or Ardmona mint unopened

    Wanting any unopened packs or boxes. Do any sealed wax packs exist for league cards from 1981 or older.
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    Looking for Ardmona Sealed sets

    Looking for any of the following Ardmona Sealed RL sets: Newtown Saint George Cronulla Parramatta Balmain Souths Manly
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    Completed baabaa5 & the game rugby league

    baabaa5 gets 1982 Scanlen NRL Set ... the game rugby league gets Paypal $$$
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    Ardmona Sealed Western Suburbs box set

    Anyone know what this might be worth? Thinking of selling it to fund more purchases In Mint condition
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    Not new but back after a hiatus

    It's been awhile since I've been active and health issues are now under control (and therefore cashflow is restored lol). I've also started to collate my individual non-sports autos and what a task that was .. not complete but if of interest here is the current list. I also am a keen collector...
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    1982 QRL Scanlens Set Wanted

    Looking for the 1982 Queensland Scanlens set. Also looking any old Scanlens sets or Ardmona sealed boxes
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    Big Bang Theory S1&2 Sealed box

    I have a sealed box of the season 1&2 trading card box for Big Bang Theory. Would you think that the value will continue to increase once the show ends or should I think of selling now?
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    Curse of the top prospect signature

    As a bulldogs fan I have collected most of the signature cards select has released and nothing has frustrated me more than looking at my collection to have nearly all players leaving the club soon after: Let's see: Ben Harris - left to UK and then cowboys Roy Assotasi - to the Bunnies Willie...
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    Box 4 from Redtorana (1st Case)

    Hi All Strange box indeed .. had a round 5-6 packs already damaged and opened .. base card Greg Inglis with a deep crease :( Well turns out that was a sign .. Pulled ... Taniela Laslo TP 192/300 :confused: Bulldogs Predictor =D> Cameron Smith Gold Leader 008/150 (nice low number) Signature...
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    Can any one suggest a good database for tracking your collection?

    I currently track my cards on an excel spreadsheet but was wondering if anyone has anything else that helps them track their cards. I have also been very slack updating so I really need to get back into it. Thanks for your thoughts
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    Case share 2011 NRL Strike box results

    Lucky break. Very happy indeed thanks Ming! Roosters premiership predictor CPOY 2009 Slater CPOY 2009 Rose CPOY 2009 Friend CPOY 2009 Douglas TOTY 2010 Shillington TOTY 2010 Farah AW 2009 Slater 83/400 TP Foran 118/300 And........ Signature redemption MSR1 Slater 2009 Churchill...
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    For Sale 1983 Scanlens Sticker and Album NMint

    Here is a SUPER rare opportunity: 1983 Scanlens sticker set 172/172 stickers + Album What is even better is that the stickers are not stuck in the album. Super rare and as a guide the NMINT stickers alone just sold on ebay for $257 SCANLENS RUGBY LEAGUE 1983 STICKER SET 172/172...
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    Scanlens 1974 set or Ardmona RL Cards

    Hi looking for a 1974 set of RL cards and also any of the Ardmona box sets :thumbsup:
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    Hi everyone

    WOW I never thought this forum existed in OZ! I love all types of cards especially the old Scanlens League cards ... I have every set down to 1975 .. so looking to go back and get 1974 now :) Also love non sports cards (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, sketch and autos) Looking forward to having...
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    2003 Scanlens Select Set

    Would anyone be interested in purchasing my Scanlens Select full set ? I purchased this from Select for $2750 and am willing to see it go for cost if anyone is interested. PM me if interested Not willing to split up Extract from select Thank you to everyone who supported the...