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    Last Crows Card Sale

    The last few cards of my Crows Collection. Cards and prices are: Brent Reilly - $15 Fergus Watts - $15 John Meessen - $18 Darren Pfeiffer - $10 Sam Kerridge - $15 Team leader - $10 each Platinum standups - $10 each Rookies - $12 each McPherson rookie - $10 Goodwins (All in #740-750) - $5 each...
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    For Sale Crows Collection Leftovers

    Cards still available from my collection. Prices have been reduced numerous times already. Brent Reilly - $18 Fergus Watts - $15 John Meessen - $20 Darren Pfeiffer - $10 Kurt Tippett - $30 Sam Kerridge - $15 Bickley HOF - $5 SOLD Ricciuto HOF - $5 Jarman HOF - $5 Team leaders - $10 each...
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    Completed Webywebb/weflyasone

    weflyasone receives 2016 + 2017 Adelaide Crows Brownlow predictor sets, +3 rookie cards + Crouch Brownlow predictor. Webywebb recieves $$$ via PayPal. Agree?
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    For Sale Selling Entire Adelaide Crows PC

    Entire Adelaide Crows PC Sale It's time to let go of my entire Crows PC. Plenty of good cards over the past years including sigs, Draft picks, brownlows, patches + plenty more. Prices in most recent comment. Will take offers Thank you. The order of the photos has been stuffed up. Sorry...
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    Bournemouth Programmes / Records

    Not after cards, but Bournemouth programmes. Send me a message with pictures and price. Cheers
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    SOLD/TRADED Anthony Rocca 2006 Select Supreme Signature Redemption

    Anthony Rocca Signature Redemption up for sale. Card is unredeemed. There were only 100 of these made. Price is $250. Pm or comment if interested. Payment via PayPal FF.
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    002-009 Adelaide Crows 2018 Gold Brownlow Predictors

    As title says, pm me with picture and price. Thank you
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    1990 Scanlens

    I’ve got many team sets from 1990 Scanlens up for sale. $7 a Set. Great condition, refer to photos. There are: - 3x Carlton Sets - 4x Collingwood Sets - 2x Essendon Sets BOTH SOLD - 3x Fitzroy Sets - 1x Geelong Set - 3x Melbourne Sets - 4x North Melbourne Sets - 2x Richmond Sets - 3x St Kilda...
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    2015 Elite Young Gun Signature Young Tonumaipea

    Young Gun Signature Young Tonumaipea up for sale. $25 including postage. Payment via PayPal.
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    Completed Webbywebb and Mozzy

    Mozzy gets 4x 2008 Teamcoach silvers. Webbywebb gets $$ via PayPal. Agreed?
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    Simon Goodwin Hall of Fame Limited Edition Card

    Hey everyone, I know this is probably a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone has any Simon Goodwin Limited Edition Hall of Fame Cards Numbered between #740-#750. Please let me know if you do! Thank you
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    2007-2009 Sale

    Up for sale are Teamcoach and Select cards from 2007-2009. Prices include: - 2009 Guernsey Die Cuts - 75c each - Cousins Comeback - $4 - 2007/2008 Golds/Silvers: $1 each - 2007 Captain Wildcards: $3 each Will sell cheaper in lots. Postage $3. Payment preferably by PayPal. Pm or comment...
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    Jack Graham 2016 Future Force Platinum Signature #28/40

    Hey all, up for sale I have a 2016 Future Force Jack Graham Platinum Signature numbered 28/40. Card is in extremely good/mint condition. The card will continue to grow in value over the next few years. I’m asking for $500 ONO. Can provide more photos/information if needed. Card will be...
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    Auskick Cards!

    Many Auskick cards for sale from various years. Prices are: - 2017 Auskick Commons - $3 each - 2018 Auskick Select Commons: Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon and Richmond $7 each. The rest $5 each. - 2018 Auskick Teamcoach Commons: $5 each. - 2017 Auskick Holofoils - $10 each. - 2015 Geelong...
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    Large Lower End Select and Teamcoach Sale

    Many low end select and Teamcoach inserts for sale. All at cheap prices. Prices are: Thunder & Lightnings - $4 each Milestone - $1 Hot number - 50c AA - 50c each All Teamcoach inserts - 50c each Will do deals on bulk lots. Pm or comment if interested. *Note* North Silvers and Golds, Richmond...
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    2016 Future Force Jack Graham Platinum Signature #28/40

    I’ve got a 2016 Future Force Jack Graham Platinum #28/40 for sale! A must have for diehard Richmond collectors! Price is $450 (negotiable). Will be sent via registered post for no extra charge. Payment preferably by PayPal. Please, only serious offers only. Any other questions you may have...
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    For Sale Crows Premiership Predictors and Low Number 460 For Sale

    4 Adelaide Crows Premiership Predictors and a Low Number Checklist 2 *007/460 For Sale. All in great condition. Predictors are $30 posted for the 1st, 2nd and 4th in picture as the 3rd is sold. Not sure the value on the 460 so please Pm your offer if interested. Thanks.
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    Please Delete

    Please Delete
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    For Sale Large Auskick Card Sale

    Clearing out all my Auskick Cards. Lots of Auskick cards from various years. Nearly all are Auskick commons but I do have a rare Harley Bennell Auskick silver and a Skye Ferguson Auskick Card. $1 each for commons, more for the others, but will do deals on lots. *Negotiable*. Pm or comment if...
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    SOLD/TRADED 2016 Nat Fyfe Magic Brownlow Wildcard ***EXTREMELY RARE***

    Up for sale I have a 2016 Nat Fyfe Magic Brownlow Wildcard. Card is in great condition bar these small marks on back. I've tried to show photos of the marks but the camera won't pick it up. The marks are barely visible but I'd thought I better mention it as it's a valuable card. Please comment...
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    Help with Card Values

    Hello all, I'm not much of a basketball card collector and I'm finding it hard to find the values of these cards on ebay. So if someone can help that would be appreciated. They are: - 2016-17 Panini Spectra Cheick Diallo "Next Era" #24/49 - 2016-17 Panini Spectra Thaddeus Young #10/10 -...
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    2015 Eric Hipwood Future Force Green Signature /40

    Wanted to buy. Will pay by PayPal. Pm me a picture and price. Thanks
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    SOLD/TRADED Star and MAGic wildcards - Various Years

    Up for sale I have many star and magic wildcards. 2008 and 2009 cards are not for sale. 2015 + 2016 magics have slight scratches on front (nothing major), Chris Yarran 2015 star and nick reiwoldt star has a writing indent. Jimmy Bartel has a crease. Drew petrie is slightly worn. Everything...
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    For Sale Couple of Gems and Sketches

    As the title says, I have some gems and sketch cards for sale. All in perfect condition. Comment or Pm if interested and we'll work out a price. Postage is $3
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    Help Please

    Hello all, I hope you can spare some of your time to read this. I usually collect AFL and NRL but I'm really keen to start a basketball card collection. Could someone point me in the direction of which type of cards are the most valuable from the past few years. Also, what makes a card...