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    2020 select brilliance Dustin Martin #37/50 🔥🔥🔥

    $1850 OBO posted express with signature on delivery. Brand new condition only been pulled out of box for photo. No trades
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    Trying to get rid of all my doubles to fund or trade for cards I need. have attached photos of the middle-higher end stuff and have photos of the lower insert sets in boxes so just send me through what you’re after and I’ll see how I can help you. prices vary so they haven’t been included but...
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    all prices are ONO and cards are straight from sealed box never taken out of case refer to photos for condition. Will consider trades for all cards besides dusty Callan Ward GWS 49/50!! - $180 SOLD Bob Stilton South Melbourne 38/50 - $575 Wayne Johnston Carlton - 41/50 -500 Wayne Johnston...
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    Old Pokémon cards

    Hey guys, have some old Pokémon cards from roughly 2004-2006 series, I’ve attached photos of the holo cards, any insight into prices of cards or other cards to look for that a worth a buck please let me know.
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    2020 dominance LAST OF MY BOXES

    trying to sell the last of my cards, open to trade aswell Walker HF - SOLD Billy brownless HF LOW 007 - $350 Sam Walsh medal - $50 Geelong premiers - $80 Ben McEvoy sig - SOLD Jacob hopper sig LOWW 004 - $90 On the rise - $5-$20 Holo - $4-$15 All prices are negotiable Postage $4 standard or...
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    Previous series cases

    I’m interested in buying some older cases to bust open, wondering if anyone has opinions on best value for money cases. I’m liking 2010 prestige or even 2003 xl
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    Completed Carlton fever and david#1

    Carton fever gets cards highlighted in photo attached david#1 gets PayPal $470
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    Posting cards m

    Some people do not know how to post cards, sent in a tin with no bubble wrap at all
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    3 boxes of prestige and couple of footy stars albums

    Cracked open 3 more boxes today and a few albums, fair to say I smashed the odds. All cards up for sale. My 3rd Grundy predictor pulled this year, 2 golds and now this beaut platinum 009
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    Get some bairgans on some high end prestige cards and other random cards/sets.
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    In Progress Carlton fever/hunterd

    Carlton fever gets $70 PayPal. hunterd gets 2020 footy stars prestige Jaeger O’Meara green parallel agreed
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    2020 footy stars prestige case worth

    The last of my case get a bargain now, all prices are negotiable and subject to bulk discount. Brownlow vote getters Sam Walsh 69/80 $75 Michael Walters 72/80 $50 David swallow 47/80 $30 Jack Ziebell 009/60 $75 Jack Billings 79/80 $45 Jack macrae 49/80 $65 Platinum Brownlow predictor...
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    2020 footy stars prestige case

    Just received my case and busted the first box, hugeeeeee hit Don’t know how much fun the rest of the case will be now lol Will update as I bust the boxes over the next few days. All cards will be up for sale
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    In Progress Saintersrule & Carlton fever 99

    Saintersrule gets 3 st kilda teamcoach wildcards cartonfever99 gets $$$$ agreed ? Yes
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    Error wildcard ??

    Anyone know how much the error wildcard is worth ? And any information about it ? im thinking it’s like a stage 2 Factory error hasn’t gone in for final stage (silver print). Any help appreciated
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    please delete

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    Starter packs and albums break

    Busted open 25 x starter packs and 4 albums. got some decent pulls and pretty stoked with the Brodie Grundy predictor 2 more sealed boxes to bust later tonight will post pulls and also cards for sale or trade.
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    Trying to finish of a few of my sets, have heaps to trade aswell if needed otherwise happy to pay. Select wantlist 1994 Select sensation Glacier - 3, (CC4 with blues logo and wrong logo with redeemed punch) ✅ 1995 Select 1 Medal card - 1✅ Select 2 FF - 1✅ 1996 Select 1...
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    Prize card sets 2001 Base prize - 24, 47, 52, 53, 77, 80, 81, 96, 98 Silver prize - All Medal and trophy wildcards 2005 - Chris judd SW 2006 - Ben cousins Brownlow 2012 - Dane swan Brownlow (non Sw and Sw) and Joel Selwood with footballs 2013 - Jobe Watson Brownlow and jarrod...
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    1993 Select S.kernahan signature 1994 Select S.kernahan signature Select Cazaly classic A.jesaulenko signature Select sensation G.williams Glacier (blues logo) G.williams glacier (cats logo, but redeemed with hole punch) G.williams Glacier signature Select dynamic G.williams...
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    Completed Carltonfever99 & TexWalkerFromNationalTiles TRADE

    Carlton fever 99 gets cards listed in photo TexWalkerFromNationalTiles gets $15 PayPal gift
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    2001 Silvers - 106,107,132,133,134,160,187 Gold - 206,207,232,233,234,260 Base prize - 6,7,32,33,34,60,87 Silver prize - 106,107,132,133,134,160,187 Gold prize - 206,207,232,233,234,260,287 Promo card set - 6,7,32,33,34,60,87 2002 Silvers - 104,130,158,160 Gold - 204,230,231,258,259,260,287...
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    4 boxes Dominance - MASSIVE PULL (REDEMPTION)

    Got my 4 boxes of dominance today and had a pretty good run. Smashed the odds with captain sig and tom Hawkins high flyer. And some low low numbers unfortunately not on the redemption or HF. All up for sale/trade for Carlton cards. Also selling commons in team set or can arrange full base set.