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    Looking for unopened Boxes

    Have always collected AFL but want to start collecting NBA I am willing to trade for NBA cards/unopened boxes in exchange for my AFL cards thankyou
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    2 teamcoach packs

    Doing a quick dinner shop and thought why not 2 packs never hurt anyone, well it hurt me 😂 Travis book BF-13 Trent Cotchin 3D icon
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    AFL sale thread

    Scott west SW-16 teamcoach 2007 Matthew Pavlich MW-06 teamcoach 2011 Jeremy Cameron MW-09 teamcoach 2013 Nick Riewoldt MW-14 teamcoach 2011 Leigh Montagna SW-15 teamcoach 2014 Jimmy Bartel MW-7 teamcoach 2012 Jonathan Brown club logo patch #386 Eternity 2012 Matthew Boyd club logo patch #258...
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    Got the Urge again

    Hey Guys, haven’t collected AFL cards since I finished highschool has been quite along time and I’m looking to get back into it, any recommendations to start off again?