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  1. warriors_man

    SOLD/TRADED 2019 Traders Iosia Soliola Authentics Series Signature

    Numbered 053/170 $100 delivered regular post from NZ, extra for registered post. Please note reverse corner wear
  2. warriors_man

    In Progress warriors_man and Dan1994

    warriors_man gets: Kevin Durant 2014-15 Flawless Finishes auto /20 Dan1994 gets: Paypal $$ Kenny agrees
  3. warriors_man

    LTB: 2015-16 Revolution Base Galactics

    As above, looking buy these, any player. Thanks!
  4. warriors_man

    For Sale Kyrie Irving Gold Optic, Black Gold Prizm, Gordon Hayward Galactic

    For sale: cards are in NZ and prices include standard post to Australia Kyrie Irving 2018 Black Gold Prizm /5 PSA9 $200 Kyrie Irving 2018 Gold Optic /10 PSA9 $80 Gordon Hayward 2017 Galactic PSA10 $120 Victor Oladipo 2015 Gold Select /10 PSA10 sold
  5. warriors_man

    LF: 2016-17 Donruss - Optic Preview

    Looking for any of these, all help appreciated. Can buy or trade. They look like this: Thanks!
  6. warriors_man

    In Progress warriors_man and Rocky

    warriors_man gets: Stephen Curry 2009 RC auto studio skyline delivered by registered post to NZ Rocky gets: Paypal payment by goods and services Kenny agrees
  7. warriors_man

    For Sale Giannis RC PSA10

    $165 delivered regular post or $180 delivered registered post from NZ
  8. warriors_man

    For Sale LeBron and Oladipo

    LeBron James 2018-19 Prizm Silver BGS9.5 $55 delivered to Australia (standard post) Victor Oladipo 2017-18 Prizm Gold (minor surface scratch) $20 delivered to Australia (standard post) Cards are in NZ
  9. warriors_man

    SOLD/TRADED LeBron, Kyrie, Oladipo, Galactics

    Postage $4 to NZ and $7 regular to AU, tracking to AU $14 Advertised elsewhere Sold Sold Sold
  10. warriors_man

    For Sale NBA sale thread

    Postage $4 to NZ, $8 to Australia $20 /7 $15 /7 $10 holo $5 $5 SOLD $15 SOLD $30 $50 /10 SOLD $10 $5
  11. warriors_man

    For Sale Prizm FS

    Draymond /7 $30 KD redemption $70 Kyrie Gold /10 $70 Giannis /99 $30 Jimmy Butler /7 $40 Please add $7 for regular postage or $15 for registered. Thanks
  12. warriors_man

    Completed warriors_man and sixtiesseventieseighties

    warriors_man gets: 2009 Scanlens Steve Price and Manu Vatuvei sixtiesseventieseighties gets: Paypal $$ Kenny agrees
  13. warriors_man

    No longer needed

    No longer needed, thanks
  14. warriors_man

    Completed warriors_man and TheCardMan

    warriors_man gets: Victor Oladipo NT RPA /99 TheCardMan gets: Marcus Smart NT RPA /10 + Paypal $$ Kenny agrees
  15. warriors_man

    Looking to buy: D'Angelo Russell, Jarrett Allen, Caris Levert

    Looking for these for a mate: Jarrett Allen next day auto Jarrett Allen Mojo prizm RC /25 Jarrett Allen Blue ice prizm RC /99 D'Angelo Russell silver prizm RC Caris Levert Silver prizm RC Thanks
  16. warriors_man

    Warriors rubys

    No longer needed
  17. warriors_man

    Wanted - Manu Vatuvei 2008 Centenary IP

    Looking for the following: 2008 Centenary - Manu Vatuvei signed IP Thanks
  18. warriors_man

    LeBron James Prizm PSA10

    $20 each plus postage
  19. warriors_man

    Completed warriors_man and james23wcr

    warriors_man gets: Paypal $$ james23wcr gets: Tatum hyper prizm BGS9.5, Tatum blue velocity BGS9.5, Marcus Smart auto x 4, Marcus Smart patch Kenny agrees
  20. warriors_man

    Warriors Signatures

    $40 each plus post
  21. warriors_man

    LF: Revolution Galactics

    Looking for Galactics of these guys: LeBron James Kyrie Irving Gordon Hayward Al Horford Jaylen Brown Jayson Tatum Marcus Smart Thanks!
  22. warriors_man

    LTB: Manu Vatuvei League Sensations

    As above, needs to mint condition with sharp corners and perfect autograph. Thanks