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  1. locky82

    Completed hackadeandre and locky82

    Hi mate I can’t pay the rest of the money can you transfer back the funds I already paid please.
  2. locky82

    In Progress JamesyBillups and locky82

    Agreed and will post Monday with bonus cards
  3. locky82

    Prizm 18-19 dominance, hall monitors, freshman phenoms and emergent plus Matisse Thybulle rc’s...

    Dominance #1 miller #13 Kidd #15 Stockton #18 curry Hall monitors #9 Kareem freshman phenoms #6 josh okogie #12 mpj emergents #16 Zhaire Smith #24 Anfernee Simons also any Matisse Thybulls rookie cards really want an auto for pc plus any Larry Bird and Magic Johnson
  4. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and huydao94

    Enjoy the cards you got some nice ones there
  5. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and Ryawil0

    Posted with bonus cards
  6. locky82

    All Time Teams - The Challenge Thread

    C - shaq pf- Duncan sf- lebron Sg- Jordan pg- magic c- Kareem pf- Barkley sf- Pierce sg- Kobe pg- Iverson g/f- bird c/f - Durant
  7. locky82

    Looking for Allen iverson cards

    Prizm is silver
  8. locky82

    For Sale Random clean out

    You’re meant to have price’s on cards now
  9. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and Ryawil0

    Locky82 gets PayPal ryawil0 gets JJJ prizm rc