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  1. Sergb

    Chasing some Golden Oldies

    Nice. For sale ??👌👌
  2. Sergb

    Chasing some Golden Oldies

    New batch going up on the site in January. Keep an eye out. It’s a holiday project
  3. Sergb

    Brisbane Strikers 1996-1997

    Just wondering if anyone has any information about this set. How many cards were on issue? They are slightly smaller than a postcard size
  4. Sergb

    Chasing some Golden Oldies

  5. Sergb

    2018 Russia WC binder

    I don’t think there was one for 2014 or 2018. Only issued for stickers
  6. Sergb

    World cup prizm prices

    $2k plus box 2006, $1k plus 2010, $8k plus for 2104, $1500 plus for fat pack box Insane numbers for these boxes. all going overseas.Then they make some more The mystery of covid bids
  7. Sergb

    2018 Panini Prizm World Cup - base cards

    i will check at home. I reckon i should have them
  8. Sergb

    A League 2015-16

    if you are missing any cards let me know
  9. Sergb

    70s card collection

    what soccer is there??
  10. Sergb

    Mark Viduka Holy Grail?

    redemption it was Checkout my website for pictures of both cards
  11. Sergb

    Chasing Australian Players, 2018 Panini World Cup, 2014 world cup, Select 2017 and Donruss 2018

    Happy to purchase or trade. I have plenty players to trade but am after the following (and a number of other low end numbers) 2018 Panini World cup Cards Gold Lazer /15 Mark Milligan Gold/10 Mark Milligan, Mile Yedinak Gold/5 Tom Juric,Tom Rogic, Mile Yedinak Blue...
  12. Sergb

    2017 Australian Rugby Tap n Play

    Chasing Wallabies Gold Jersery Numbered Cards JN5 Adam Coleman JN12 Reece Hodge I could purchase or trade for other Gold Jersery Cards
  13. Sergb

    Chasing some Cards

    Hi everyone Just seeing if anyone has the following for sale 2014 world cup player cards produced in australia North Queensland Fury Club cards Old Socceroos memorobilia Canberra United cards from the
  14. Sergb

    2019/20 cricket cards

    WHO IS ffa WITH?
  15. Sergb

    Chasing some Golden Oldies

  16. Sergb

    Chasing some Golden Oldies

    With no A league this year, time to find some old cards from yesteryear If anyone can help, please PM me. If you have some of these but not for sale please let me know as i would like a picture of the card.If you want to see a great history of Australian soccer cards that have been released...
  17. Sergb

    mail day. what number is tom rogic preferred and how much

    mail day. what number is tom rogic preferred and how much
  18. Sergb

    Aaron Mooy Immaculate Patch

    nice one mate
  19. Sergb

    SOLD in 2011

    This is interesting. What i know off is in this link
  20. Sergb

    In Progress Sergb and OMstar

    Agreed and funds received and item posted
  21. Sergb

    FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019

    Nothing Australian produced to my knowledge
  22. Sergb

    Vintage Australian Soccer Cards

    Updated 22.3.19. Bump