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  1. Tony H

    2019 elite jersey signature boyd cordner

    I'm chasing a boyd cordner jersey signature 2019 elite. Happy to buy for a reasonable price or I have a dragons Simms jersey signature for a trade if needed
  2. Tony H

    2019 Elite Spotlight Jersey Signature cards

    HI, after a couple let me know what you have and how much. Not worried about numbers or patch design. Cheers Tony
  3. Tony H

    Traders Legends Case Cards

    Can Someone please explain to me what the HELL TLA is doing regarding the Legends case cards? In 2019 they decided not to have the Legends case cards which what they had done from 2013 in to 2018, then in 2020 they decide to bring back the legends case cards only to limit them to #37. Are they...
  4. Tony H

    NRL 2020 Traders Legends Signature cards/ Case cards

    Hi there, I am chasing Legend Signature Cards 2020 series as well as the Legend Case Cards. Preferably low numbers. Thanks
  5. Tony H

    NRL cards needed from various years

    Hi, I am looking for the following, 2004 Captain Card Bulldogs, St George, Roosters + Bulldogs 3 card set 2005 Future Force signature #15 Benji Marshall 2005 Traditional Parallel cards #53,93,99,132 2007 Champions Parallel cards needing about 77 cards in total. have loads to trade if anyone...
  6. Tony H

    Various years needed

    Hi Folks, These are the cards I am chasing if any of you have that want to sell. 2006 Top Trio Brisbane Broncos 2011 Team of the Year #10 Darius Boyd 2012 Limited Parallel Cards #6,7,42,43,47 2017 Elite Dragons Ruby Mojo set 2018 Authentic Signature cards ASS #2,10,12,13 Pink Startoon...
  7. Tony H

    For Sale/For Trade Nrl 2019 traders peter wallace retirement #1/50

    Hi Guys, Not sure how much this is worth, looking for a price guide. Peter Wallace Retirement #1/50 Let me know your thoughts and if interested. Cheers
  8. Tony H

    SOLD/TRADED James Tedesco 2014 elite signature

    Hi folk, Have a James Tedesco 2014 elite signature cards for sale on eBay if anyone is interested. #64/130 Cheers
  9. Tony H

    Completed Tony H & Bronco79

    Tony H to supply following cards to Bronco79 in exchange for $$$$ 2016 SASB. #2,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,17,18 2,8,14 in power forwards 2014 elite Case card #2 close the gap #11 Waiting for Bronco79 to agree
  10. Tony H

    Completed Tony H & dragons for life

    Tony H agrees to sell Aiken signature card and 2 parallel cards in exchange for cash Awaiting on Dragons to agree
  11. Tony H

    Various cards required

    Hi, If any one can help I am chasing a few cards,providing the prices are right. I have many cards to trade which may be of interest. 2001 Future Force #6,8,11,13,15 2005 Future Force #1,5,7,9,11,12,14,15,16 2007 Top Prospects #12 Morris 2011 Top Prospects sig #12,16 2012 Top Prospect sig #16...
  12. Tony H

    2018 Traders want List

    Chasing Melbourne Storm Unredeemed Predictor. Pink Startoon #11 Parramatta Nathan Brown
  13. Tony H

    For Sale NRL Traders Albums with packets 2013- 2017

    Hi, I'm getting rid of some extra albums I had laying around, I have 5 Albums from 2013, 2014,2015,2016 and 2017 with sleeves, packets and album cards. $15 each or $70 the lot plus postage Would like to sell them as one or can sell them separately. Postage for 1-2 albums in a 3kg post bag is...
  14. Tony H

    For Sale 2017 Traders + Xtreme box sale

    2017 traders sealed box + 2017 folder with sleeves 2017 Xtreme full box + 2017 Xtreme folder with bonus pack and album card. All for $125 plus postage $15 I have 8 lots of these available if interested, will combine postage for multiple purchases
  15. Tony H

    NRL cards Various years

    Hi, These are just some of the cards I would like to complete some sets I've had hanging around for sometime. I have cards to trade or let me know how much you want for them. Thank you Want list 2002 Future Force FF21 Paul Gallen 2004 Future Force # 1,9,12 2006 Hot Property #6,15 2006...
  16. Tony H

    For Sale Cheap pink startoons

    Hi guys, Cheap pink startoons on ebay about to close in 30 mins. Currently at $15. There are some other bargins about to finish as well. Ynotdone on ebay. Good luck
  17. Tony H

    For Sale 2018 Traders weekend special

    Up for sale- Regular post $2 with up to 8 cards Registered post $6 Parallel Cards $60 full set or Team sets $4 or 50c...
  18. Tony H


  19. Tony H

    For Sale Nrl 2017 elite parramatta signature set

    Hi, I have 2017 elite signature set Young Gun Bevan French #2/130 League Sensation Beau Scott #2/130 Matching set Want to know if any interest before I list on ebay. PM if interested. All mint condition Also have matching ruby and Sapphire #15 parra set. Thanks
  20. Tony H

    For Sale NRL cards 2000 - 2019

    Selling & Trading some left over cards, Postage will vary but will be from $1 depending on how many cards I can fit into an envelope size. All cards will be posted in padded envelopes. High end cards posted registered mail. RED INDICATES SOLD 2019 Traders- Parallel checklists $7...
  21. Tony H

    Completed Tony H & Shan C

    Tony Agrees to trade cards 2017 Elite Crystals #3,6,9,17,21,28 2017 Traders SASG 8,9,14,16 Playmaker #4 and cash for 2017 Traders SASS feki #62 Shan C to agree
  22. Tony H

    For Sale/For Trade various 2017 nrl cards

    Have 2017 traders Cronulla sharks Duo #51/100 $145 with reg post Happy to combine postage Authentic Signature sass 2017 Traders Penrith SASS Peta Hiku #59/100 $135 with Reg Post 2017 Traders Roosters SASS Sio Siua Taukeiaho #93/100 $140 with Reg post 2017 Elite Parramatta Ruby Mojo #15 2017...
  23. Tony H

    For Sale/For Trade 2016 ruby sets

    I have these 2016 elite ruby sets will sell or trade for 2017 elite ruby sets if anyone is looking to complete last years sets. 2016 Elite ruby sets Manly #8/40 set $190 Warriors #26/40 set $190 Cowboys #19/40 set $190 Souths #23/40 set $190 All include registered post Will supply photos...
  24. Tony H

    For Sale Parramatta Ruby & Sapphire mojo #15 set matching $650

    Hi have for sale 2017 elite parramatta Ruby mojo set #15 Sapphire mojo set #15 $650 with registered post.
  25. Tony H

    SOLD/TRADED Delete