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    AFL Numbered Cards

    Thought of an idea to break the lockdown boredom, each day post your favourite card with numbers starting from 001. Today will be 001, tomorrow 002 etc. And it is assumed that none of the cards are available for sale or trade, unless otherwise stated. Let’s start with 001
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    Richmond Guernsey Numbered Cards

    Hi all, If anyone happens to have any Guernsey numbered Richmond cards available to buy please send me a message with the price you are asking for them. Thanks
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    Share your Guernsey / Jumper Number AFL Cards

    I thought it may be a good place to share your Guernsey or Jumper numbered cards. Personally it’s always good to hear what is out there and if some are happily a part of someone’s personal collection then you can stop your own search for that particular card. I think unless someone clearly...
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    Richmond / Subiaco Cards and Stickers Needed

    Hi, I am currently chasing the following cards and stickers. Please pm if you have any available for sale. thanks for looking RICHMOND 1932 Hoadleys Fred Heifner, Jack Titus 1933 Godfrey and Phillips Godfrey 21 – Basil McCormack, 41 – Percy Bentley 1933 Godfrey and Phillips Grey’s 1 – Jack...
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    For Trade 2015 Select Captains Gold Signature Set

    Hi, I was fortunate enough to win a 2015 Select Gold Signature Set which is being posted as we speak. Since I already have the Trent Cotchin card I am looking to trade the set for a 2015 Select Honours Richmond Honour Roll card. Please PM if you are interested in this trade. Thanks for looking.
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    Richmond Stickers / chips wanted

    Hi, I am chasing the following stickers / chips for my collection, cash paid for any out there available for sale, 1974 Scanlens mascot stickers (2 logos together) Demons / tigers Tigers / saints 1981 Huttons Stickers - Kevin Bartlett (still in original plastic) 1990 Give Smoking the Boot -...
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    Richmond Cards / Stickers / Chips Wanted

    Hi all, below is a list of all the Richmond cards / stickers / chips I am chasing. If you have any that you are willing to part with please PM with what ones you have and how much you want for them and I will get back to you. Cheers. RICHMOND STICKERS 1974 Scanlens 8 / 10 – Club Mascot...
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    1974/1990/1991/1992/2004/2008 Richmond Stickers Wanted

    Although not OVERLY rare these particular stickers have avoided my grasp over the last 5 years and keen to finally get them, and would be willing to pay 100 for any of the 1974 stickers with the two teams on them or 5 each for the others. I may be paying overs but just keen to finally get them...
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    2001 / 2006 / 2009 Richmond Teamcoach Wanted

    Although not OVERLY rare these particular cards have avoided my grasp over the last 5 years and keen to finally get them, with the price I am willing to pay for each. I may be paying overs but just keen to finally get them. If you have them mint please send a message with your PayPal details and...
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    Richmond 2001 silver, 2006, 2007 teamcoach prize sets.

    As the title says if you have any of these available for sale can you send me a message, been after these for a while now. Thanks.
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    Completed Richo Richo Man and GoMoto

    GoMoto gets $$$ Richo Richo Man gets 2007 Kevin Bartlett Signature + Redemption (Registered Post)
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    Richmond Cards Needed

    Hi, I'm new to the site and like many others looking for a number of Richmond cards. If anyone would like to sell any of the following cards please send me a message. Thanks 1974 Scanlens 10 – Club Mascot Sticker (Swans and Tigers) 10 – Club Mascot Sticker (Demons and Tigers) 1982...