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  1. Sergb

    Brisbane Strikers 1996-1997

    Just wondering if anyone has any information about this set. How many cards were on issue? They are slightly smaller than a postcard size
  2. Sergb

    Chasing Australian Players, 2018 Panini World Cup, 2014 world cup, Select 2017 and Donruss 2018

    Happy to purchase or trade. I have plenty players to trade but am after the following (and a number of other low end numbers) 2018 Panini World cup Cards Gold Lazer /15 Mark Milligan Gold/10 Mark Milligan, Mile Yedinak Gold/5 Tom Juric,Tom Rogic, Mile Yedinak Blue...
  3. Sergb

    2017 Australian Rugby Tap n Play

    Chasing Wallabies Gold Jersery Numbered Cards JN5 Adam Coleman JN12 Reece Hodge I could purchase or trade for other Gold Jersery Cards
  4. Sergb

    Chasing some Cards

    Hi everyone Just seeing if anyone has the following for sale 2014 world cup player cards produced in australia North Queensland Fury Club cards Old Socceroos memorobilia Canberra United cards from the
  5. Sergb

    Chasing some Golden Oldies

    With no A league this year, time to find some old cards from yesteryear If anyone can help, please PM me. If you have some of these but not for sale please let me know as i would like a picture of the card.If you want to see a great history of Australian soccer cards that have been released...
  6. Sergb

    2019 card show dates

    Not sure if this up. Hopefully the other organisations have theirs up soon
  7. Sergb

    Completed 2018 prizm wold cup Juric Camo

    @sergeb to pay @Fobnic cash for card. Sergeb agrees
  8. Sergb

    2018 prizm World Cup cards

    Chasing Matt Ryan Gold/15, gold/10,gold poet/5, blue shimmer/5 , cryllic text, pink/8 Camo juric and Milligan
  9. Sergb

    Socceroos at the World Cup

    I saw this on wikepedia today. Interesting stats on 16 games. Mr Arnold has to figure out how we can score more goals if we can progress. But the charts is good as it shows the world cup stats and the games needed to qualify. You cannot progress beyond group stage with 2 wins in your world cup...
  10. Sergb

    Calktex Socceroos (via Caltex stores)

    Just chasing strike force cards 1,2,3,6 message me if you have them for sale
  11. Sergb

    Sydney FC club cards

    Anyone know anything about these. I see they are 2017/2018. are they a club card, sponsor card?. if anyone can shed some light
  12. Sergb

    New Caltex Socceroo Cards

    Saw this in Melbourne today at the Caltex petrol station on Kings Way. Looks like 63 to collect Also added where these stores are
  13. Sergb

    Western Sydney Wanderers 2018 club cards

    If anyone has spares of a checklist what was issued please shoot me a note. Happy to buy or trade
  14. Sergb

    Australian Soccer Cards Database hits town

    Hi everyone Many of you may know of my postings under Vintage Cards and how I collect Australian produced soccer cards. I have started a database at cards/ Check it out. It's on The Collecting Bug website Titled "Australian Soccer Cards" . It's still a...
  15. Sergb

    Mighty Shots Soccer Cards

    How hard is this set to collect??. The socceroos ones no 16 to 24 are really difficult.Not sure what is harder...collecting these or watching Australia qualify for the World Cup!! Have you got any??. I need No's 18,19,20,21. I have some spares but only willing to swap. If you have any of mine...
  16. Sergb

    2016/2017 A league Silver Logo's

    Just checking if anyone has these. I have only seen 2 so wanting to see if anyone had others. They should have not been printed but looks like there was at least one per team. PM if you have them, what team and if looking to sell them. Example attached
  17. Sergb

    1977 Phillips League Soccer Cards - NSL

    Hi there everyone Chasing the following numbers 27,31,84,89 Have spares of others to swap and willing to swap 2 for 1 if i have to. Difficult set to get but nearly there
  18. Sergb

    Melbourne city club cards

    looking for the club issued cards (postcard size) from 2016/2017. They issued A. Men's team B. Women's teams C. Special player cards given to members Please pm if you have any
  19. Sergb

    Futera 1994 soccer long shot

    anyone have any unopened packs ?
  20. Sergb

    2016/2017 a league signature cards

    long shot but does anyone have the Perth glory signature card stamped 8 . If so pm me
  21. Sergb

    2016/2017 signature redemption cards

    i have spare Perth , Adelaide and Brisbane . Looking to swap for any of the following on a one for one basis CCM Melb victory Newcastle WSW Socceroos
  22. Sergb

    Completed MC dizzler & Serge B

    @Sergb agrees to provide 13 2016/2017 A League silvers @Mcdizzler provides coin in return
  23. Sergb

    2016,2015,2014 A League Tap N Play

    Ok folks. In Victoria Franco Cozzo used to bealt out on his commercials .. Grand Sale Grand Sale . Megalos Megalos ..!! Have silvers from this year and base cards from every year. I am wanting to trade the silvers up for golds this year eg xx silvers = 1 gold I can also swap base cards for...
  24. Sergb

    2017 A League golds

    Hi guys I am chasing the following numbers 31(2) , 72,177 I can swap golds or multiple silvers to make the numbers or pay cash Pm me if you guys can help
  25. Sergb

    2017 A League redemption cards TapNplay

    Looking for the following redemptions: Perth Glory WSW Melbourne City Socceroos Tim Cahill Please Pm if you have these to swap or sell un-redeemed