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    Purchase 2/3 Row Shoe Boxes

    Hi all, Apart from eBay/Amazon, does anyone know where i can get a hold of these? I have checked eBay etc but only US sellers have them and shipping is an absolute rip off. Cheers John
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    For Sale 90’s Select AFL cards

    Hi all, have some 90’s AFL cards for sale. All prices incl registered post. 1997 Select Goal Greats 4 card set for $50.00.
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    SOLD/TRADED 1995 Formula One Pole Position Set

    Hi all, Selling these Futera Formula One Pole Position set numbered to 3000 for $70.00 incl Reg post.
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    For Sale Futera Cricket Cards

    Hi all, Selling several Futera Cricket sets. Prices all incl Reg Post: 1995 Futera Freshman Set of 5 cards numbered to 2000 for $65.00. 1996 Futera Frontliners First Day Issue set numbered to 5000 for $50.00. 1996 Futera Steve Waugh Platinum set numbered to 500 for $200.00. Please take note of...
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    2006 Panini World Cup Cards

    Hi all, What is the deal with these cards? I have noticed they have skyrocketed in price, especially the Messi and Ronaldo cards. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks in advance..
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    For Sale Surfing/Rugby Union/Tennis/Formula 1 For Sale

    Hi all, Any interest in any of the below. I can upload/send photos upon request. 1997 Ineda Rugby Union Scratch & Collect 33 Card Set - These are serialised but does not list how many were made 1995 Dynamic Marketing Rugby Union Stars 9 Card Set 1995 Futera F1 - Adelaide Grand Prix Card WR...
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    For Sale AFL Cards - Select

    Hi all, Some AFL cards for sale: 1997 AFL Select Ultimate Collection All Australian Team - $60.00 (SOLD) 1997 AFL Select Ultimate Collection Head to Head - $120.00 (SOLD) 1997 AFL Select Ultimate Collection Medallist - $220.00 (SOLD)
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    For Sale Mixed Sports - F1, Tennis, Rugby Union

    Hi all, More sports cards listed further down without photos. Let me know if interested and i will get some photos up. 1996 Intrepid Blitz Victory Set- $50.00 1995 Futera Rugby Union World Cup /3000 - $60.00 1995 Futera F1 Pole Positions - $80.00
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    For Sale Cricket Cards - Futera and more to come

    Hi all, I am slowly going through my trading card collection and will be listing them here. I have other sports also that i will be listing so check other threads. 1994/95 Futera Signature Series Sample Set - $240.00 1996 Futera Elite Freshman /2000 - $80.00 1996 Futera Decider First Day...
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    Sydney Olympic FC Memorabilia

    Hi all, This is a verrrrrrrrryyyyyyy long shot but i am looking for any old Sydney Olympic memorabilia. Old jerseys preferably pre 1994 would be great. Cheers John
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    For Sale 1991/92 PRO SET FOOTBALL CARD BOXES $10.00 EACH

    Hi all, I am selling these sealed 1991/92 Pro Set English Soccer Card Boxes. Each box contains 48 sealed packets and each packets contains 10 cards. This is an enormous set which includes some of the greats including, Ian Rush, John Barnes, Tony Adams, Bryan Robson and many, many more. I am...
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    1990's Futera & Select Cricket Cards

    Over the coming days/weeks/months i will be selling the majority of my collection. This will include Cricket, Rugby League, AFL, Soccer, Basketball and some other sets/singles. Please feel free to PM any offers or questions you may have. I am also happy for buyers to pickup in Burwood NSW...
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    1995 Futera Rugby Union Cards

    Hi all, I got my hands on some of these sealed packets, sets and inserts "wc". If anyone is interested please pm me with what your after and price offered. Cheers John