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  1. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED Kyler Murray Silver Rookie prizm auto

    $450 delivered, Seems like a slight mark on the card, can’t tell if it’s on the card or one touch, see pics for closer look.
  2. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED Kyler Murray RPA /49 $240 delivered express for today

    Kyler Murray RPA $350 OBO Delivered express post.
  3. Glennmc

    After Kevin Porter JR patch/autos & prizm colours rc

    As the title says looking for nice Kevin Porter jr patch/autos & prizm colours rc
  4. Glennmc

    Fantasy Dynasty

    Hey guys Running a fantasy dynasty 8 team league if anyone is interested, We have 5 spots available, $50 per year (2 years upfront) Will run off the Sleeper app. Anyone interested message me.
  5. Glennmc

    Looking for Toploaders, anyone have any available

    Hey all, looking for toploaders, new, second hand, whatever, need as many as I can get. Thanks
  6. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED KD Preferred auto /50

    Kevin Durant preferred auto /50 $150 delivered
  7. Glennmc

    Anyone have Toploaders for sale??

    Looking for Toploaders and card sleeves & Team bags
  8. Glennmc

    Looking for Mccaffrey & Lamar Jackson prizm and optic silvers as well as Lamar optic base

    As the title says looking for Lamar & Mccaffrey prizm & optic silvers as well as Lamar optic base.
  9. Glennmc

    Looking for Autos of Curry,Klay,Ayton, and any other star players

    As title says looking for a few nice autos. Leave pics with a price and I’ll get back to you.
  10. Glennmc

    For Sale Bruno Fernando prizm white sparkle 1/1 auto

    Bruno 1/1 Rookie white sparkle $375 OBO delivered express
  11. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED Bruno Fernando pc

    Selling my Bruno Fernando pc $550 Delivered Express OBO
  12. Glennmc

    For Sale Jarrett Culver Prizm Mojo /25 auto

    Culver prizm Mojo Auto /25 $400 OBO delivered express
  13. Glennmc

    Looking for Bruno Fernando low numbered prizm

    After some low numbered Bruno Fernando prizm cards,
  14. Glennmc

    For Sale Jacoby Brissett rookie auto

    Jacoby Brissett rookie auto Card is in excellent condition, 44/50 $70 obo delivered ( can’t find a recent comp)
  15. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED Nikola Jokic NT RC auto /99

    Nikola Jokic true rookie auto/99 National treasures. Last sales psa9 $1800 Here is the Ebay link Start at 99c auction, let it roll. Bid up guys and gals...
  16. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED Nikola Jokic NT RC auto plus more

    All prices include standard delivery. Kevin Knox rc auto /25 $50 Buddy hield /15 $50 RJ Barrett rc /15 $150 De’Aaron Fox patch/auto /40 $60 Jokic RC Auto $1800
  17. Glennmc

    For Sale Jokic auto plus more

    JJ barea auto $25
  18. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED Sold please delete

    Have this Kobe available, jersey numbered 24/25 BGS 9.5. $225 delivered express.
  19. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED Saquon Barkley RPA 1/10 lowered $300 delivered

    Have this Saquon Barkley available. Last sale was $344 USD Selling for $300 AUD posted express.
  20. Glennmc

    Looking for a few different things, Curry,Ayton,MPJ,Trae

    After a few different players, Curry Patch/Auto Ayton,Trae young,MPJ RPA’s especially Noir.
  21. Glennmc


    Jaren Jackson Jr auto /10 $80 delivered
  22. Glennmc

    Curry Mailday

    Haven’t put up a Mailday in here for a while, always special for me when it’s a Curry. Impeccable stainless stars gold /10 🔥 🔥 🔥 Another Curry & Jokic mailday today 2/10 MVP Nikola Jokic rookie NT auto
  23. Glennmc

    Manly jersey booklets

    I’m after Manly jersey booklets if anyone has any they want to sell. Thanks
  24. Glennmc

    Completed Glennmc & Anakinleo

    Anakinleo receives AD noir auto /75 Glennmc received PayPal Agreed?