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  1. BWallace

    Anyone wanna help me add to this pile? PMG's

    Im in the same boat man :x3:, it will be interesting to see what it ends at. Im predicting 1.8-2mill.
  2. BWallace

    IG - The_Hustle_Collector

    IG - The_Hustle_Collector
  3. BWallace

    Anyone wanna help me add to this pile? PMG's

    The Green PMG Jordan is up for Auction with Heritage Auctions atm if you are keen to grab it! :thumbsup:
  4. BWallace

    LTB - 96-97 Michael Jordan BMOC BGS 9

    Hey Team Im looking to buy a 96-97 Skybox Z force Jordan BMOC BGS 8.5/9 Base Will also look at the Z PEAT Version If anyone has one for sale please let me know (Pics for attention) Cheers. Blair
  5. BWallace

    Canberra Trading Card Fair: 5th December 10am - 2pm

    Hopefully theres plenty of 90s Basketball Inserts there! :)
  6. BWallace

    Hurstville Collector,s Fair

    I didnt even know it was on, is there another one on soon? - Many basketball card dealers/collectors at these shows?
  7. BWallace

    New guy from western sydney

    Welcome mate.
  8. BWallace

    WTB: Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer Rookie #57

    Burncitycards on instagram is selling a BGS 7 for $6800 AUD neg
  9. BWallace

    Michael Jordan

    Nice mate.
  10. BWallace

    Probstein123 & PWCC Auctions

    They have auctioned trimmed cards and have also been accused of shill bidding. They have also listed some slabbed cards on ebay that have found to be fake in the past (Where they did pull the card from auction thankfully). Usually they are the high end cards that have a rep for being trimmed et...
  11. BWallace

    Any Jordan RC experts around?

    Im no expert either but as everyone else has said it looks severely trimmed. My personal thoughts are is if its not slabbed its most likely not legit.
  12. BWallace

    Everytime i try to get pulls me back in!

    Hey guys, Just got back into Basketball cards in March this year. Prior to that started collecting in 94 (Jordan) then my dad started collecting (Jordan)around 96 and we both stopped around 99. Used to live in Parramatta when it was the collectors hub with collectors edge,HOF and Joes/Eds...
  13. BWallace

    A little bit of 90's and early 2000's reminiscing........

    I think i remember ed with the big beard (and sometimes wore a full brim hat? )coming into collectors edge a few times when i was there and buying a few high end jordans he would often speak to my old man who collected Jordans. Joe was an awesome guy to deal with back then i remember him...
  14. BWallace

    A little bit of 90's and early 2000's reminiscing........

    Was Eds the card shop in the arcade (near the escalators) next to where Hungry Jacks used to be? I always thought it was joes,or maybe the guy who worked in there was Joe? I remember Hall of fame being down the back end of shops (where Bergs hobbies is or was )near the church? Eds was where my...