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  1. IlGino15

    Ooshies - Woolworths

    Hi everyone, ‘I’m trying to finish off the Woolworths ooshies sets with my girls. I have 11 to get and missed a box as well. If anyone can help I have 18 spares to swap. Please let me know we are in lockdown Victoria and missed the chance to get many. thanks we require: ‘The box Tramp Ariel...
  2. IlGino15

    2001 AFL Heroes

    I have 34 common cards from the 2001 AFL heroes set. Ill sell them for $5 plus postage. If you need any particular numbers just PM me and I’ll see what I have.
  3. IlGino15

    2015-16 ALeague parallels and inserts

    Hi guys, I’m after the following parallels from the 2015/16 Tap n Play series Silver: 18 Gold: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,17,107, 108, 111,113, 114,115,118, anyone able to help? thanks
  4. IlGino15

    A League 2015-16

    Just wondering if anyone had a link to or a checklist of this TapnPlay set?
  5. IlGino15

    Buffalo 2020 Mosaic & Trey Adams & Red Parallel Donruss 2020

    I’m after the following base/common cards. Also is there a good place in Melbourne or Australia to get common/base or insert NFL cards without paying a bomb in postage from the US? thanks 2020 Mosaic Green Parallels: Buffalo: Singletary, Beasley, Thomas, Diggs, Moss, Davis, Fromm 2020 Trey...
  6. IlGino15

    Future Force 2017 and Hawthorn Heritage cards

    Hi guys, ‘I’m after the following cards 1. Hawthorn Heritage Box set select - John Kennedy Senior Premiership coach card 2. acheron Inside 50’s John Kennedy 3. future Force 2017 rainbow parallel -Dylan Moore, James worpel Blue parallel - James Worpel and Changkuoth Jiath Can anyone help...
  7. IlGino15

    Team coach Prize trade

    Have a Melbourne Angus Bayshaw Prize card, want to swap with a Hawthorn card. thanks
  8. IlGino15

    2019 Dondruss

    Hi guys, ‘I am after an Ed Oliver rated rookie card particularly and may consider any other Bills inserts etc from this series. cheers
  9. IlGino15

    Melbourne Victory figurine and posters

    Hi guys, ‘wondered if any victory fans on here managed to get the Ola Toivanen figurine handed out before the match Saturday night. Also they had some commemorative posters on sale. I was late into the match with my kids and missed them.
  10. IlGino15

    1996 series 1

    Hi, I am after two common cards from series 1 1996 to complete my set. The cards are 125 Damien monkhorst, 163 Peter Mann. Thanks John
  11. IlGino15

    1995 Futera Australian Basketball

    Hi everyone, I’m after a common card. Number 79 terry dozier from this set. Can anyone help?
  12. IlGino15

    A League 2019-20

    Just wondering if anyone had heard anything about the upcoming season and the likelihood of a card set?
  13. IlGino15

    FFA A League card 2016-17

    Hi, I am after a Tim Cahill Sharp shooter card from the 2016-17 ALeague series. Thanks
  14. IlGino15

    UK Football Cards and Match Attax

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know a decent card shop in the UK which has a wide range of Match Attax Cards or other EPL cards. Just looking for a contact that may be helpful pursing my chase for Birmingham City Cards. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  15. IlGino15

    Teamcoach 2019 Prize Cards

    I have a Tom Hawkins prize card in mint condition and would like to swap it for a Hawthorn prize card. Thanks
  16. IlGino15

    Match attax Championship 2012-13

    Hi, I am after any Birmingham City Cards from the 2012/13 Match Attax Championship Set. Please PM me if you have any or
  17. IlGino15

    WEG legends

    Hi all, I’m after a Chris Mew, Terry Wallace and Peter Knights WEG legend card if anyone has split up those sets? Just after the Hawthorn ones. Thanks
  18. IlGino15

    Birmingham City and the Championship

    Hi everyone, I’ve noticed over the years there are plenty of global sets for football (Panini, Donruss etc) which cover major countries etc. In the Uk match attax and some other companies have completed card sets over the years for premier league clubs. I’m interested that there is next to...
  19. IlGino15

    A League Wanted 2017/18

    2008-09 - common card number 3 - Checklist #3 (can trade or buy) 2007-08 - common cards 1&2 2016-17 - Carl Varleri Gold Paralell (120) 2017-18: Parallel Cards 12-19 Aaron Mooy signature card
  20. IlGino15

    In Progress sixties,seventies,eighties and IlGino15

    Sixties,seventies, eighties send A League parallels, Berisha Star Striker and Ben Khalfallah International Star Il Gino15 sends paypal gift
  21. IlGino15

    AFL Hall of Fame Legend cards

    I was wondering if anyone knew what was the situation with the AFL legend cards. I have been collecting the set but the numberinfpg seems to be all over the place. Did select make a mistake... particularly with the 2007 cards Robran, Stewart (there are two legend cards), Balldock etc seem to...
  22. IlGino15

    Billy Hartung & Jon O'Rourke Future Force Signatures

    Please PM me if you have one available.
  23. IlGino15

    Various Australian and US Basketball Cards 1995-95 (Make an offer)

    Australian Cards 1994 Futera NBL series 1 common set $10 Posted 1994 Futera NBL Series 2 common set $10 posted 1994 Futera NBL clutchmen $2 each (1,2,3,4,5,6,10,12,13) 1995 Futera NBL series 1 common set $10 posted 1995 Futera NBL Airborne inserts 50c each (1,2,3,4,6,9) US Cards 1994 Classic...
  24. IlGino15

    1990's Cricket Sale

    All prices plus postage Topps Cricket 2002 Gold Cards (25) - $5 Tops 2002 Cricket Cards Common set $20 Post War Ashes Greats Herald Sun coin collections $15 1994 Ashes Super Series Full Set $30 1996 Futera Elite Common Set $15 1996-97 The decider cricket cards $15 1995-96 No limit cricket set...
  25. IlGino15

    A League commons 2007-08

    Hi everyone, I am after a few cards from the 2007-08 A League set. Mostly Qld Roar cards. I bought a set with a few missing. Thanks 1,2, 83-98