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    Qld origin legend cards

    I received my cards during the week from this set if anyone wants to trade a signature cards please let me no ASAP
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    Wanted 2018 and 2019 big league grand final mag

    Bit of a random one, I’m looking for the 2018 and 2019 big league grand final edition magazines? If any one has them please let me no cheers
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    2020 nrl elite head 2 head parralell case cards

    I will be keeping the roosters/warriors card And I have decided to pass the storm/rabbits one on , pm with any interest on it ,
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    For Sale/For Trade 2020 nrl elite/priority mail day

    Here are some of my higher end inserts from a case plus a couple boxes of priority Looking for some roosters mojos will put up want list If you want all cards from a team you collect will do bulk deal The bottom picture is what I already have of the roosters still chasing a heap of mojos...
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    Wanted 2020 nrl elite mojo emeralds logo, Tedesco, radley

    Looking for these cards please Ruby need Crichton, Flanagan, keary, taukeiaho, tedesco Sapphire got cordner, logo, teddy Emerald need logo , Tedesco , radley Smith road to finals signature patch Got heaps to trade if interested? these are what I got still need a few let me no if you have any...
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    For Sale/For Trade 2017 traders Penrith panthers Master set

    Hi if there is anyone on this site that wants or knows anyone wanting this set msg me Happy to sell or trade for a roosters master set any year ? Or trade high end cards depending what ?
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    For Sale/For Trade Nrl team ip signed cards in team folders

    I’m sorting thru all my spare signed nrl cards , I will be splitting everything into team lots in there teams folders, if you are serious about adding or starting a team collection please let me no and I will show you what I can come up with ? The folder will contain from 2013 traders and elite...
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    For Sale 2018/19 best and less teams sets

    2020 gold team sets 3 commons 1 silver 1 gold $20 each 2020 silver team sets 3 commons 1 silver $8 each or all 16 teams $90 2019 gold team sets 3 commons 1 silver 1 gold $20 each manly missing silver card $15 2019 silver team sets $8 each or all 13 teams $70
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    Wanted nrl roosters higher end cards

    This is a list of some of the roosters cards I am chasing ? nrl elite mojo cards list of what I got below need 2018 elite Mojo black Mojo emerald Mojo sapphire 2019 elite victor radley young gun signature card Mojo emerald 2020 traders Boyd cordner pink startoon Got mojos 2019 elite 2019...
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    Nrl checklist sheets

    Hi does anyone have any nrl checklist sheets I could purchase looking for any years
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    Wanted nrl signed glory cards

    I have heaps of players to trade who ever I don’t need on this list below I have for trade hope someone can help Signed glory cards needed Current players 6 Austin, 10 rapana, 11 Hopoate, 14 B.morris, 19 Holmes, 29 T.turbo, 30 walker, 33 slater, 40 Ross, 48 mannah, 49 Moses, 54 merrin, 57...
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    For Sale/For Trade Nrl bulk team insert lot

    I will be selling/trading all my extra nrl inserts cards , I am putting them in team lots, wanting to do as bulk lots only , only way I will break these up if someone wants 10 cards or more , happy to do you a deal to add to your ip collections or great way to start up one , also have way to...
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    Wanted roosters insert cards

    Starting abit of a want list of the roosters cards I’m chasing 2019 elite ruby mojo I need Cordner Chrichton Keary Mitchell Tedesco Sapphire mojo need all 2018 ruby mojo got Tedesco, taukeiaho
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    Angry 2020 traders

    Trade for roosters if anyone wants to trade Kurt Mann authentic signature 41/100 sold
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    Wanted 2019 black (40) roosters League sensation tupou

    Still looking to add this to my collection
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    The Official 2020 TLA NRL Traders thread.

    2020 traders legend card
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    For Sale/For Trade Manly predictor #7 with team photo #10/25

    I have a manly predictor card numbered 7 and the team photo numbered 10/25 open to offers
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    For Sale Nrl sale must go make offers

    Hi everyone I’m going to ask for some of the community for help, I never ask it ? but with my wife spending the last week in hospital with a serious episode and both of us unable to work i need to pay for a lot of things ? I will be listing a heap of stuff on here, so add to your collections, if...
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    SOLD/TRADED Delete

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    Nrl legends of league game

    Is anyone going to the legends of league game in Newcastle?
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    Today’s daily telegraph roosters poster

    Any able to get a daily Telegraph paper today? Keen on a roosters poster in it
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    2019/20 cricket cards

    Hi does anyone no any release dates or info on this years cricket cards?
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    Afl supremely empty boxes

    Hi everyone keen on any empty boxes from this release if anyone doesn’t want them , please let me no cheers
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    Wanted roosters nrl final series pennants/flags

    Anyone in Sydney going to next weeks preliminary final I would like a couple of these flags if anyone could help me out please ?