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  1. Matt26

    What other hobbies do you have?

    Drinking and interpretive dance!
  2. Matt26

    Footy Stars 2021

    The Jersey player was a current day player. The Legend was to be on an insert and a signature card.
  3. Matt26

    Footy Stars 2021

    I know one 90's legendary player was approached to have a signature numbered to about 60 or there abouts. I have also heard about another who has provided a match worn jersey for the release.
  4. Matt26

    Footy Stars 2021

    Supremacy is 100% confirmed this year.
  5. Matt26

    Interesting player movements after NBA trades start 2020

    Man those Buffets and Strip Clubs in Brooklyn about to cash in!
  6. Matt26

    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    No idea if it is him or not, but they are slowly making their way through the hall of fame list.
  7. Matt26

    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    LOL am i?
  8. Matt26

    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    Its not sport any more, its business. My biggest gripe is that the Panthers being a "feeder/development club" we get no benefit at all from players the club has developed when they move to other teams. I think that there should be much greater salary cap incentives for teams that develop...
  9. Matt26

    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    The Panthers said after 2021 he was free to leave as they weren't going to offer him another contract. So they upgraded Charlie Staines and said to Mansour if you get a longer term deal, we wont stand in your way. That money now frees up the Panthers to start looking at next years off contract...
  10. Matt26

    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    I wouldn’t mind a Luai, To’o or Martin auto for the Panthers.
  11. Matt26

    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    Hi everyone, Just posting this as im sure we will start hearing some news about the release soon. Cheers Matt
  12. Matt26

    2020 V2.1 (2021) Troll Thread - Corona Edition

    Done and Done!
  13. Matt26

    2020 V2.1 (2021) Troll Thread - Corona Edition

    This gave me a chuckle before:
  14. Matt26

    2020 V2.1 (2021) Troll Thread - Corona Edition

    That's good..... at least they will have enough Rice and Poo Tickets to last them until 2050 where we will still be in lockdown, wearing face nappies and going through COVID Version 16.5....
  15. Matt26

    2020 V2.1 (2021) Troll Thread - Corona Edition

    Was that you on the TV with the 80 Bags of Rice and 33 Packets of Toilet Paper at the Supermarket? Never knew your Rice Cooking was so bad that you needed to "Go" so often afterwards!
  16. Matt26

    2021 release ideas

    Usually start getting info a month out from release..... believe we got the sell sheet around Australia day last year. Cheers Matt
  17. Matt26

    dodgy seller?

    Given that is a deal being done on a FB page, not sure what help we can be here im afraid? As mentioned above, I would contact the page owner and if nothing happens, put a claim in through your payment provider (Paypal) and hopefully you paid G&S not FF.
  18. Matt26

    2021 Official NRL Thread (Spoilers/Rumours/Game Results/Discussions etc.)

    That's a good one most clubs are willing to help out! There is an account on Twitter by someone who runs a lot of the good news stories that never seem to be covered by the mainstream press. Lots of players doing good things there. Its also the supporters too. There was a young U/18's player...
  19. Matt26

    2021 Official NRL Thread (Spoilers/Rumours/Game Results/Discussions etc.)

    There are some great stories out there that never see the light of day because good news doesn't sell papers or get clicks. We had a girl at my old work who was a massive Wests Tigers fan, married with 2 young kids who was dying from multiple Cancers. I reached out through a contact I knew at...
  20. Matt26

    wheres the dedication boiz?

    I was here...... in stealth mode..... you just couldn't see me..... I didn't respond because I was busy reading @graham private messages while he slept.
  21. Matt26

    Need help identifying signatures

    Cowboys Ball: Not in any order Paul Bowman Dayne Weston Luke O'Donnell Steve Southern Shane Tronc Ray Cashmere John Williams Ben Harris Carl Webb Travis Burns A messy Johnathan Thurston?
  22. Matt26


    That was a huge card back in the mid 90's!
  23. Matt26

    2020 Best Pickups

    In the end we found it and its now safely in your PC!
  24. Matt26

    LaMelo Ball Crusade rainbow chase

    It appears that they used the NBL Looney Tunes jerseys for Hampton in Flawless and Immaculate. and there was this other Ball I saw which was cool...