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  1. govern8r

    SOLD/TRADED Looking to move this Luka RC auto patch numbered 12/25

    Looking to sell around $2000, or trade for maybe 1 or 2 nice rookies.
  2. govern8r

    Wanted 1986 Fleer Cards - Will Trade

    Prefer trade on all. I had them on ebay but took them off cause was just all watchers
  3. govern8r

    Wanted 1986 Fleer Cards - Will Trade

    I have BGS 7 #32 Ewing BGS 8 Checklist BGS 7 68 Malone BGS 7.5 27 Dumars Also #5 Sticker Erving BGS 6
  4. govern8r

    SOLD/TRADED Luka Doncic 12/25 RC Patch auto

    Hey guys I have just listed this card on ebay, item number 324285799733 . Take a look maybe shoot through an offer.
  5. govern8r

    Lebron Exquisite tops 1.5 Million

    That is awesome mate. I have a prizm 9.5 and a few rc autos of him and see a bright future there. Hos bball IQ is off the scale
  6. govern8r

    Lebron Exquisite tops 1.5 Million

    Which Doncic is that mate
  7. govern8r

    Any interest in these?

    My mate had a few cards he asked me to put on here to see if anyone wants them. I beleive the Wilkins is numbered to 10. Anyway he is looking for $20 for dual tag, $30 for Gold and $30 for baseball. Paypal FandF, postage is $5.
  8. govern8r

    Box of 2019-20 National Treasures

    WOW thats awesome and definately saved the box
  9. govern8r

    Lebron Exquisite tops 1.5 Million

    It actually sold for 1.8 because it had a 20% buyers premium.
  10. govern8r

    Lebron Exquisite tops 1.5 Million

    Not sure if everyone was watching this auction but WOW.
  11. govern8r

    Busting a box of 2019-20 Impeccable FOTL

    If you want to sell the silver I collect silver and will buy it
  12. govern8r

    BGS and PSA graded Dwyane Wade cards wanted for my PC.

    I have Wade Pristine RC Refractor 9.5 listed on here
  13. govern8r

    WANTED A box of Mosaic Cello

    I have several cards depending on what your into. I have a Wade Pristine rc refractor graded bgs 9.5 and heaps of other stuff
  14. govern8r

    WANTED A box of Mosaic Cello

    Looking to trade for a sealed box, any takers? thanks
  15. govern8r

    Current prices in the hobby

    Pack and box prices are going nuts. Pretty much pricing younger kids out of the hobby. Even the supposed cheaper boxes are ridiculous. Also kids trying to pull cards of their favourite stars only to see companies reintroducing old players form the 50's isnt great either.
  16. govern8r

    Completed cantonesecannonball and Govern8r

    cantonesecannonball gets Vince Carter Ovation Gold RC and Govern8r gets $$ via paypal FandF Agreed?
  17. govern8r

    SOLD/TRADED Wade Pristine RC Refractor BGS 9.5

    It was a lot on ebay, but sale fell through. Its all packed up at the moment, I was probably going to list it as a lot again.
  18. govern8r

    Completed Gov and Glenmc Kobe Refractor

    Gov get paypal $$$ vis F&F and Glenmc gets Kobe Bryant Bowmans best refractor. Ok mate?
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