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  1. Avonc

    Cow Corner Botham and Jones!!

    Nice, one of each colour, was wondering how many people would get one of each.
  2. Avonc

    Cow Corner Set 1 Complete!!

    Great job Al, with so many overseas players in the set.
  3. Avonc

    McCullum Auto

    May not be a big deal for some, but as only the second auto card of a NZ player after Vettori 2012/13 BBL it is for me. Nice low number too #7
  4. Avonc

    SEP 2012/13 BBL ip set complete

    Great effort. Now what's the next task ?
  5. Avonc

    Select 07/08 ip set complete

    Ten years, wouldn't be as much fun if it was too easy. Well done.
  6. Avonc

    Sydney Thunder members cards full sets signed / unsigned 2016/17

    Great effort, now to start it all again (taking there's a set this season).
  7. Avonc

    Martin Crowe Ultra Gold Error Card

    Never seen one of these before, nor any unnumbered cards. Pricewise ? Message me if you are thinking of moving it on.
  8. Avonc

    Double Trouble 1985

    Thanks Wayne, yes I may have got some off you at one stage.
  9. Avonc

    Double Trouble 1985

    Been hunting for years to complete the cards I needed from this set and managed to pick up a full set from the UK. Very to cross this set off my wants list.
  10. Avonc

    Last Of The Set

    Got these back from TnP today to finish off the set of ten.
  11. Avonc


    Been waiting a few weeks to get these two guys together.
  12. Avonc

    Nathan Lyon Signature Patch Redemption mailday :-)

    Nice work , I have one on its way . Too
  13. Avonc

    McCullum UP

    Only collect NZ player cards and authentic autos, so happy to get this card #22/60 Now wait to see how many and what sort of price the autos are going to be.
  14. Avonc

    NZC 2012 Cards

    Been hunting for these for a few years now finally got a set. Put out by NZC in strips of four.
  15. Avonc

    Warne Auto

    Nice addition to collection, thanks Katrina.
  16. Avonc

    Tap n Play Autos

    Finally I got my last two cards from this set. Great to get new players with autographed cards. Time to start saving for BBL06 autos.
  17. Avonc

    T n P Signatures

    Four of the six, Lyon redemption on it's way. Finding it harder to locate a Smith though. Mind you don't want to find one too soon as cash reserves are low low low.
  18. Avonc

    Hussain Auto

    Got my present to myself in the mail today and couldn't wait till tomorrow to open it :) 1999 TopDraw Hussain Signature 60/100 Unfortunately the sig isn't that clear and poor design with not much room for it with light background. But nice to get the only authorized signature card from the...
  19. Avonc


    Thanks guys it took a long time and a lot selling/trading to be able to buy it. Now wait to see what the prices of the Tap n Play signatures will go for once things settle down and more are on the market.
  20. Avonc


    The three card set finally complete :)
  21. Avonc

    Keaton's Maildays Always Updating!

    Great effort there, always nicer to get them in person other Than in the mail or through a trade. Cam
  22. Avonc

    Bradman - Player Ed

    It was on Ebay. Had to pay, but it's The Don.
  23. Avonc

    Bradman - Player Ed

  24. Avonc

    Gayle Mailday

    Glad to help in a small way, you sure help plenty of others. I just hope it fits ? :)
  25. Avonc

    Some New Autos

    Some new additions to my autograph collection. A big thanks to Naz who helped me get all four cards.
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