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  1. Avonc

    2018/19 Tap n Play Signatures

    pm sent.
  2. Avonc

    shane warne cards,,

    Pm sent
  3. Avonc

    TnP CPL 2019

  4. Avonc

    TnP CPL 2019

    Bump, as I think they are finally out 🙂
  5. Avonc

    TnP CPL 2019

    Yes 4th week in Oct, $200 ltd to 100 album sets. Cards look pretty cool, bright colours etc.
  6. Avonc

    TnP CPL 2019

    I know set not out for 2-3 weeks , but I'm after the 5 NZ player cards. So if anyone is splitting a set up, I'm very keen on 46 Phillips 51 Worker 93 Munro 95 Neesham RM06 Munro Thanks Cam
  7. Avonc

    Please delete

    Please delete
  8. Avonc

    BBL 2017/18

    Got all cards needed now. Thanks Cam.
  9. Avonc

    Barratt 1920-30's

    Thanks, just got one of the cards I'm after from John in the mail two days ago. Thanks again for the help, Cam.
  10. Avonc

    Barratt 1920-30's

    Yes I have thanks, on their email list. All the best for the new year,
  11. Avonc

    Topps IPL 2015

    I'm after two cards from this set Topps Cricket Attax 2015 (purple back) Williamson 118 McCullum / Smith (foil card) 129 Plus could be interested in any NZ player IP signed cards from any set. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks Cam
  12. Avonc

    Barratt 1920-30's

    Hi all, I know this is a long shot ( but you may know someone who knows someone ). Barratt- Cricketers, Footballers & Football Teams 1928 Lowry ( Somerset ) Lowry, Dacre, James, Oliver, McGirr (NZ) Barratt- Famous Cricketers 1936/37 All 15 NZ Players Please PM me if you can help or have a...
  13. Avonc

    Classic Cricket Cards

    Hi I'm after these Classic Cricket Cards Please PM me if you can help. Happy to buy or have some signed for trade. All so if anyone has bulk IP signed NZ player cards they want to sell please PM me. Unsigned 154 Hadlee Signed 148 Fleming 149 McMillan 150 Towse 151 Vettori 152 Allott 153...
  14. Avonc

    Topps ipl 2016/17

    Topps Cricket Attax IPL 2016/17 Wanted, any NZ players from this years ipl season. Please pm me if you can help. Thanks cam
  15. Avonc

    1996 Futera Decider cricket - Special Employee Editions

    I thought I could help you , BUT I only have Futera World Cup SEE 4 ups. Cam.
  16. Avonc

    any nz cards

    Pm sent
  17. Avonc

    Futera Heritage

    Hi All, I'm after these cards listed below. Seeing if there's any out there. I'm in NZ so you'll need paypal and prefer to buy in multiples as postage costs can add up. Please PM me with what you have and asking price. Auto 1,2,11 Auto - Player Ed 1,3,4,6,9,10,11,13,14,15,16,22,24,26,28...
  18. Avonc

    Heritage Test Captains (black)

    I will be over from NZ in Melbourne in two weeks time and on the hunt for Heritage Test Captains Black Set. Does anyone have a set they are wanting to sell or know someone or a dealer in town with one ? PM me with details. Thanks Cam
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