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  1. Matt Holtham

    streaming hearthstone + others!

    I'll be streaming, now that i have a regular house etc, come join me for some gaming shenanigans! View: tell me ozcards sent ya :P
  2. Matt Holtham

    A general thank you thread for good humans out there in the OZ card Community.

    Where the fk do I start? (all people will remain nameless unless they want to be named) I don't even know what to say. Literally lost for words atm, but I'll pretend I'm a normal human with feelings for just 1 post :) I won't bore you people with the story, but I was in a VERY bad situation...
  3. Matt Holtham

    In Progress Matt Holtham & chennef

    @Matt Holtham receives 4 optic pink hypers @chennef receives PP agreed?
  4. Matt Holtham

    Completed Matt Holtham & Cardfund

    @Matt Holtham receives PP @cardfund receives 4x ingram/ayton cards agreed?
  5. Matt Holtham

    Completed Matt Holtham & Ardog

    @Matt Holtham gets 4x McDermott and Mirotic graded cards +PP @Ardog receives 3x rui + herro shiny green stuff :) both to send via registered post agreed?
  6. Matt Holtham

    [W] 2019-20 Optic Pink Refractors, 2018-19 Prizm Red/White/Blues, 97-98 Topps Chrome Refractors & Retro PMG's

    As per title. I'm after 2019-20 Optic Pink Hypers, 2018-19 Prizm Red/White/Blues, 1997-98 Topps Chrome Refractors & Fleer Retro PMG's. LMK what you have. Prefer to trade atm due to surgery/other "life being s***" costs. Link to Google doc for pink hyper wants...
  7. Matt Holtham

    In Progress Matt Holtham & MELHOOPS

    @Matt Holtham gets PP $ @MELHOOPS gets culver/trae gfs/etc. (6 cards total) deal?
  8. Matt Holtham

    Completed Matt Holtham & Ante34

    @Ante34 gets 2x Giannis Donruss GF's @Matt Holtham gets paypal agreed?
  9. Matt Holtham

    Anyone wanna help me add to this pile? PMG's

    I need more... MORE!!!!
  10. Matt Holtham

    Completed Matt Holtham& starry23

    @starry23 receives several fleer ultra base cards @Matt Holtham receives $$ via paypal agreed?
  11. Matt Holtham

    Massive list of Steam Keys for sale/trade.

    heys guys I have a heap of spare steam keys, procured while i was a streamer and partner with humble bundle. They aren't stolen, duped or bulls***, they are literally games I either already have, or don't see myself playing. Here's the list: DiRT 4 DiRT 4 Hyundai R5 Rally Car DLC DiRT 4...
  12. Matt Holtham

    Massive list of Steam Keys for trade/sale

    moved as im an idiot :P
  13. Matt Holtham

    Completed Matt Holtham & Phillipstl1981

    @Phillipstl1981 - Receives Stuff @Matt Holtham - Receives things +$5 paypal. agreed mate? :P
  14. Matt Holtham

    In Progress Matt Holtham & ross harrison

    @Matt Holtham receives $$ via paypal @ross harrison receives 90's inserts x25 agreed mate?
  15. Matt Holtham

    For Trade Eminems' "cleaning out his closet to buy a new trailer home" sale!

    Hello peeps. Due to some IRL bulls***tery, I'm having to clear out the vast majority of my cards. I've begun to put them all on my facebook page (a temproary thing while i get this done, so I can track things, i'm not starting yet another fkn breaks page). Pics below are a sample of what will...
  16. Matt Holtham

    The things you find in lockdown

    Was doing some sorting and stumbled across a box of topps chrome 1998-99 and found these puppies along with a few other notables. Today is a good day :) **before people yell at me, I should make it clear, it was a box of singles, I DID NOT open a sealed box of this. Im not an idiot :P **
  17. Matt Holtham

    Completed Matt Holtham & robinsonfan50

    @Matt Holtham Holtham receives $$ @robinsonfan50 receives 1 luka sandwich green x-pectations + 1 base RR agreed?
  18. Matt Holtham

    Jay-Z Topps Chrome RC's!

    A weird one, but might as well :P For sale/trade: 2 Topps Chrome RC cards of Jay-Z. One is regular, the other is a little more special, its a refractor AND is #'d 402/999 $75 posted for both, will also accept trades (ask for my PC wants) and am open to offers!
  19. Matt Holtham

    Completed Matt Holtham and Locky82

    @locky82 gets the dream + penny nicknames @Matt Holtham gets $$$ agreed?
  20. Matt Holtham

    My pc running pic thread.

    Thought I should start somewhere, and begin to post pics of maildays, grails and progression pics. So here's pic 1. Just some PMG's :P Feel free to let me know if you'd like to add to my collection of things i want :P
  21. Matt Holtham

    MY PC Wants - Optic Pink Refractors/Topps Chrome/PMG's/PSA's/Power in the Key

    Hello peeps. As some may know, I'm heading in for surgery in a couple months (don't get excited i'm not dying lol) and wanna cut back on some of my collection to focus on what i really love, other cards :) Below is a list of things I'm after, in order of preference, and I dont mind what...
  22. Matt Holtham

    For Sale 2 cards from select 2020

    Hey guys, I just was wondering if anyone could send me a price check on these 2 cards, and if you would like to buy em, even better :P They arrived randomly in a basketball card collection I purchased. let me know!
  23. Matt Holtham

    My wants list.

    Just Going to leave this here for future reference and what not. My Wants/PC Collection List (in no particular order, and yes I know some of this is pricey :) ) ANY 1996-97 Topps Chrome card ANY 1997-98 Topps Chrome card 1998-99 Topps Chrome Inserts 1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems...
  24. Matt Holtham

    For Sale/For Trade WTS/WTT Donruss Green Flood Base

    Hello everyone. The Box pictured below has approx 400 2019-20 Donruss Green Flood Base Cards that need a new home. If you've ever wanted to put together a GF set, this would be a great start :P More than happy to sell individually, so lmk if you want teams/players and I'll have a dig for you...
  25. Matt Holtham

    For Sale/For Trade Sales/For Trade list.

    Hey guys, Seeing I'm now on 2 forums and 3 different Facebook groups, I thought I would make both my, and your lives easier by having my trades/sales and wants list in 1 place. Yes it is my facebook page. Yes it's technically my business page (yet nothing has every happened there, and beyond...
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