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  1. Avonc


    I have one #15. PM me an offer.
  2. Avonc

    For Sale/For Trade boomboom-84's COMPLETE SALE LIST - Updated 25/03/2015

    Hi Simon, Yes to rugby cards (listed on T/me). Message me on here for wants if you want. Cricket cards above total $23.50 (I take it you have my bank details) Fleming HT card $10 B2B Waugh x2, Lara, Wasim @ $3 ea Postage $1.50 The above $$ are NZ, but if you ever do deals with anyone else it...
  3. Avonc

    For Sale Australian Test Cricket Captains Album Set

    Looking to sell this ltd edition set ( # 198/200) Cardzone has this set on Ebay at $1695. Looking at realistic offers. I'm in NZ so paypal needed and postage will be a higher. 43 cards player cards (18 personally signed)
  4. Avonc

    eBay Futera Listings

    I have listed on Ebay four Futera auctions all at $1R. I don't know how to do a link sorry (ebay name 456cam) Decider Waugh Platinum Player x 4 cards Uncut sheets/4ups x9 (all different) Uncut sheets/4ups x 70 (3 different) Elite Specialists 16 card insert sets x 8
  5. Avonc

    Sold please delete

    pm sent lock in Anderson and Lanning Please.
  6. Avonc

    Warne/Robertson 4up x 60

    I have 60 of these cards for sale or trade for cricket/NRL inserts. Only interested in doing bulk lots of these (10 plus). I'm in NZ but will be on the Gold Coast from Tue 25th so can post from there to save on costs. Please PM me if interested. Thanks Cam.
  7. Avonc

    Mixed Lot

    Pm sent
  8. Avonc

    Bulk Specialist,Prem Batsman & Retro

    I'm from NZ but will be on the Gold Coast next week (Nov 14-20) . I have these to trade or sell in bulk numbers . Futera Specialist sets (16 cards) foiled numbered Futera Aust Retrospective # AR13,14,15 no foil numbering Futera Mark Waugh Premier Batsman PB1,2,3 no foil numbering So if...
  9. Avonc

    2003 ESP Cricket Cards....

    Couldn't message you (box full some else said on here)
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