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  1. nicholasbychiu

    Completed Nicholasbychiu and yujohnn05

    Nicholasbychiu will get: 1) Wade SPA RC auto 2) Bird exquisite patch auto 3) Miller SPA auto 4) Miller Skybox autographics 5) KG SPX auto 6) KG SPGU auto 7) Kidd exquisite patch auto (the one with damage in window) 8) CP3 Exquisite patch auto Yujohnn05 will get bank transfer and shipment...
  2. nicholasbychiu

    Cards FT. Looking for Ray Allen/Michael Jordan/Kuzma

    hey guys, These are available FT. Besides the captioned, I’m also interested in non panini stuff preferably mid-high end. Feel free to PM me cheers. Nicky
  3. nicholasbychiu

    Completed Parra Lettics and nicholasbychiu

    Parra Lettics gets paypal Nicholasbychiu gets 1) Iverson Grand Reserve jersey auto 2) Buddy Hield Galactic 3) Kris Dunn Prizm Silver RC Parra Lettics Agree?
  4. nicholasbychiu

    Completed Mick2612 & nicholasbychiu

    mick2612 gets pp$$ FF Nicholasbychiu gets Mickey silo prime and Immac Majerle. Agree?
  5. nicholasbychiu

    LF: Kat Revolution auto

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the KAT Revolution auto for set completion. Would be very appreciated if anyone has that card willing to trade/sell. PM works best :) Thanks!! Regards, Nic
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