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    1997-98 Fleer Total O (what boxes were these in?)

    Probably shows I have not been buying enough boxes in recent years!
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    1997-98 Fleer Total O (what boxes were these in?)

    Thanks for that. Don't think I have ever seen the like for sale here in NZ.
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    1997-98 Fleer Total O (what boxes were these in?)

    Cool. What exactly are they?
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    Interesting player movements after NBA trades start 2020

    Despite obviously being very successful since Harden's arrival I feel the recent Houston teams have fallen short of fulfilling their potential and to a degree wasted the best year's of Harden's career because they never give a consistent line up a decent run. Howard lasted three seasons...
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    Fantasy Basketball

    I am woefully under prepared for this season and have existing leagues falling over like crazy so would be up for a new one depending on the format.
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    1997-98 Fleer Total O (what boxes were these in?)

    Series 2 retail only according to Beckett Did rack packs and the like even exist back then? (Full disclosure I don't know what a "rack pack" specifically is but all I remember from the '90s here in NZ are boxes of cards and being either...
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    What Would You Pay?

    While I agree a lot of current product is pretty crap you are drawing a long bow to place the current pricing situation on Panini. They just produce the product. Nowhere have I ever seen them state that the SRP/RRP on Prizim is $1000+ AUD or on Hoops it is $600. That is buyers paying a premium...
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    Ebay managed payments

    No experience with Ebay so can not comment there but will say the whole "online-platform-holding-back-the-bank-deposit" is not uncommon. Had a Shopify "shop" for a previous product we sold and they held payments for 5 working days from memory, but, still expected you to send on receiving a...
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    PSA Parent Co. bought out for $700m

    Must have to use BGS now! Interesting time to buy as you would think the sale was at the peak of the market.
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    Black Friday deals

    Just a heads up for anyone that is not aware a lot of sellers (not all) on places such as COMC will be raising their asking price to then put their cards "on special" for the Black Friday sale. Just remember to think whether the price you are paying is actually a good price and not get overly...
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    2013-14 Prestige

    Some cool hits but this is the sad thing about buying boxes this days; you can hit all the best rookies and an auto of one of the greatest players of all time and you still come out behind!
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    2013-14 Prestige

    All the best.
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    Interesting player movements after NBA trades start 2020

    As I understand it player salaries have to total to a % of the league’s revenue as per the CBA (it is around 50% from memory but would have to look it up to find the exact number) if the player salary total falls below that then teams have to pay out to players the difference. I also believe a...
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    What Would You Pay?

    I would be in the $20-$30 range for the Shaq. But, just to add some controversy it would be more than I would pay for the Morant shown earlier.
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    Pre Panini Box Break With a Twist

    Nicely done. Some great cards in there. The Vince Carter Guaranteed Fresh looks cool and if nothing else this thread made me google Gerard King!
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    Interesting player movements after NBA trades start 2020

    As a general comment I find it interesting that this much coin is being given to some average guys given the general financial uncertainty. Grant getting 20 mill per, Harris 19, Bertans and Morris 16, and a guy not on your list in Clarkson getting 13 mil from the Jazz. Not short deals either -...
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    90s haul

    I miss not having a LCS to go to too. Used to love just looking through the boxes of cheap cards just to try and find one I would like. I think they are fun too. Love so many of the bright and out there designs. I feel there was a lot more variety and innovation than with more modern cards.
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    90s haul

    Managed to pick up a collection of 90s cards from a guy in the same city as me who I met the other day. Bought it not quiet sight unseen but had only had a quick scan through one album and all I knew was he like collecting 90s inserts it was a bit of a risk. Unfortunately it contained non of...
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    Show something off

    He looks so young!
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    Patty Mills, Spurs, LeBron, Embiid

    Hi, see below for links to James, Spurs and (one lonely) Embiid in my collection. The links show a full list of my collection so not all are for sale/trade but if interested in anything let me know. Lebron...
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    1989 Hoops Series 1 Box Opening

    Nice to get 3 Robinsons but entering does not look great on any unfortunately if you do go the grading route. Also crazy to think a box of this era now costs over $100!
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    ADMIT ONE: A front row seat to the career of the Black Mamba

    Very cool idea and sounds like a fun chase. I always felt the legacy of Kobe's final game wasn't the scoring of 60 points but that he got up 50 shots — how did his arm not fall off! I will enjoy following this I am sure.
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    Larry Johnson Base

    PM on the way.
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    Larry Johnson Base

    Should be able to scroll through the gallery in this link to see what I have Most is 1996-97 or earlier but let me know if there is anything you need.
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