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  1. govern8r

    SOLD/TRADED Looking to move this Luka RC auto patch numbered 12/25

    Looking to sell around $2000, or trade for maybe 1 or 2 nice rookies.
  2. govern8r

    SOLD/TRADED Luka Doncic 12/25 RC Patch auto

    Hey guys I have just listed this card on ebay, item number 324285799733 . Take a look maybe shoot through an offer.
  3. govern8r

    Any interest in these?

    My mate had a few cards he asked me to put on here to see if anyone wants them. I beleive the Wilkins is numbered to 10. Anyway he is looking for $20 for dual tag, $30 for Gold and $30 for baseball. Paypal FandF, postage is $5.
  4. govern8r

    Lebron Exquisite tops 1.5 Million

    Not sure if everyone was watching this auction but WOW.
  5. govern8r

    WANTED A box of Mosaic Cello

    Looking to trade for a sealed box, any takers? thanks
  6. govern8r

    Completed cantonesecannonball and Govern8r

    cantonesecannonball gets Vince Carter Ovation Gold RC and Govern8r gets $$ via paypal FandF Agreed?
  7. govern8r

    Completed Gov and Glenmc Kobe Refractor

    Gov get paypal $$$ vis F&F and Glenmc gets Kobe Bryant Bowmans best refractor. Ok mate?
  8. govern8r

    SOLD/TRADED Wade Pristine RC Refractor BGS 9.5

    Wade Pristine 9.5 - $450
  9. govern8r

    Completed Govern8r and hackadeandre

    hackadeandre gets Wade Chrome RC Refractor 9.5 and Wade Finest RC 9.5 for $$$ via paypal FF to Govern8r. Price includes all postage expenses. All good mate?
  10. govern8r

    D WADE, open to offers

    So I have a few Wade rcs Im thinking of parting with, what I have is listed below and marked with previous sale prices. Im looking for offers of $$$, or MJ/Lebrons. Chrome RC Refractor, last sale on ebay was $2000 AUS only 2 days ago SOLD $220 AUS last comp sale SOLDLast sale I could find was...
  11. govern8r

    Collecting for different reasons

    Hey guys, I have been collecting for over 20 years and in that time I have acquired so very nice items for example, kobe bryant signed ball and jersey numbered to 24, two MJ graded rcs above 8.5, a ticket from Mjs last game psa graded 9, and much much more. After Kobes passing and his items...
  12. govern8r

    Kobe Bryant..... the good.... the great..... and the ugly

    Hey guys as some of you may know I am and always have been a massive Kobe fan. I have been collecting for over 20 years and was heartbroken at his death. But nothing makes me more angry then people profiting from this sadness. Fair enough if you sell a real item but if you look on ebay there are...
  13. govern8r

    LUKA CARDS just listed
  14. govern8r

    DA Card World Hit Parade signed bball

    So the other day I purchased a random spot in a Hit Parade box break it was $23 and free postage if you won. I paid and fully expected to get nothing in my 6 spot break. Until today when I watched this video View: If you forward to 38:37 my name is...
  15. govern8r

    Completed Govern8r and Bronco247

    Bronco247 gets $$$ via ebay, Ayton Absolute auto, Iriving auto, KD auto, Payton auto, Tatum tri colour rc, Doncic prizm rc, AD auto, Greg Monroe flawless diamond, Ball prizm rc and a bonus. Bronco will post card via ebay, once received Govern8r will post cards for. Govern8r gets Lebron James...
  16. govern8r


    Looking to spend around $300, hopefully graded but dont mind if not. Show me what you have
  17. govern8r

    18-19 Prizm Retail box 2

    As promised here is the results of my second box, love these cards dont love the people they have signing them.
  18. govern8r

    18-19 Prizm Retail box

    Busted my first box today and another will be done in a few days. No Luka love but did score a nice James refractor, Sexton green, Knox green and who the hell knows why Quientin Richardson is still getting paid to sign cards but I have one.
  19. govern8r

    Need some help

    Hey guys this item has been on ebay for months and months and I want to buy it but the seller will not post it no matter what I offer. The price keeps dropping and I have offered $100 and over for it and still no. Wondering if any of you guys live there? maybe if you guys got it we can work out...
  20. govern8r

    Completed Govern8r and Chensanity

    Chensanity gets $$$ via paypal and Govern8r gets KD Topps rookie BCCG 10. Agreed?
  21. govern8r

    Completed Govern8r and Jessica

    Jessica gets paypal $$$ and Gov gets Kyrie Irving prizm on card auto. Agreed?
  22. govern8r


    Hey guys I'm sure I am now alone here. I have been collecting on and off from about 93/94 and in that time I have sold or traded hundreds of cards, and for most of those deals I have been very happy. The word there is "MOST", all collectors have a card they wish they had kept and not sold, not...
  23. govern8r

    New aquisitions

    Been a while but thought I would share some new pickups 35/35
  24. govern8r

    Watch out for fakes

    Take a look at this ebay listing, the auto even looks like a monkey did it 253298908117
  25. govern8r

    Busted a few packs in the USA

    So I bought a heap of packs from an Anaheim card shop and pulled these. Been pulling alot of rookie stuff lately just none of the players I want to.
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