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  1. Wellsie


    Hey mate I have a Brandon Smith Ruby #26/40 if your interested
  2. Wellsie

    Troy's WANT LIST

    Hey Troy Dunno if you still need them mate but I have the following if you do... 15 PowerPlay - Fan Card, Bag Tag Empty Packs - 15 Elite, 16 Traders, 16 Elite, 19 Glory, 19 Elite Sell Sheets - 18 Traders, 19 Traders Let me know mate
  3. Wellsie

    2018 NRL Elite Storm Sapphire Mojo Set #07/20

    Up for sale is a Melbourne Storm Sapphire Mojo Set. #07/20 Looking for $250 delivered or near offer
  4. Wellsie

    Aaron Gordon GS RPA Prime BGS

    What are you chasing trade wise mate?
  5. Wellsie

    Few random bits and pieces 1995 - now (so far) 2007 Invincible Added

    Throwing some 2007 Invincible cards up too. Unredeemed Predictors $20 each. Ben Roberts Top Prospect $35
  6. Wellsie

    Few random bits and pieces 1995 - now (so far) 2007 Invincible Added

    Small sales thread to start off with. Will add more later no doubt 1995 Dynamic Playmakers Signature 3 Card Set - John Simon #0194/1000 - $125 2012 Select Dynasty Top Prospects - Johnathan Wright #068/300 - Ebay Top Prospects - Matthew Duffie #236/300 - Ebay Clive Churchill Signature...
  7. Wellsie

    Completed Wellsie & DJW

    Card arrived in fantastic Condition. Thanks mate
  8. Wellsie

    Completed Wellsie & DJW

    Sounds great to me Wellsie agrees
  9. Wellsie

    SOLD/TRADED 2003 Scanlens/Select Retro

    Well thats one bonus at least :)
  10. Wellsie

    SOLD/TRADED 2003 Scanlens/Select Retro

    Damn I hate hearing that! If you commit to something you should follow it through! Or at the least keep people informed as to when how why etc
  11. Wellsie

    Completed 3Bet & Wellsie

    Wellsie is to recieve $$$ via paypal 3Bet is to recieve 7 x 2015 NRL Elite cards consisting of... 1 Gold 4 Pennants 2 Club Champions Wellsie Agrees
  12. Wellsie


    I dont suppose that Adams is fs/ft is it?
  13. Wellsie

    Player Checklists

    Mate I'd love a Steven Adams one if possible :)
  14. Wellsie

    Completed Fridtok/Wellsie

    Wellsie agrees
  15. Wellsie

    Wellsie's Wantlist. Work In Progress. 1981 - Current

    Hey guys This will take me quite sometime to put together so will update slowly as I go. Prefer trades of course, don't have a huge amount to spend but if your wanting to sell still PM me and I'm sure we can work something out. 1990 - 2000 (The Dynamic Era) 1990 Scanlens/Stimorol Album...
  16. Wellsie

    Mojo keeps coming , updated 8/9, Warning pure on card auto porn

    No dramas mate :) Thanks for the quick reply :)
  17. Wellsie

    For Sale/For Trade Wellsie's Sale/Trade Thread

    After deleting all my threads a year or so ago and not being very active on the page I'm finding I'm on here a lot more lately so thought I should probably bring back the sale/trade thread. Will get a wants list trade up shortly as well. If anyone wants pics of anything listed here please feel...
  18. Wellsie

    2016 NRL Elite 1/1 Tracker

    I got lucky with the Tigers in a 4 box break and scored the Tigers Ruby Mojo #01 Not quite in hand yet as it's being delivered later in the week and won't be in hand for long as I know someone who it will be going to :)
  19. Wellsie

    Not Live. 1st bust in a long time. big mojo finish

    Hey mate. Got a mate who is a mad Drummond PCer. Any chance this would be available for sale or trade in the future?
  20. Wellsie

    NRL Case Break #18 - 2016 NRL Elite - SET TEAMS -COMPLETED!

    Appreciate the offer mate but I managed to jag them in break 19 so I'm good now :) lol
  21. Wellsie

    NRL Case Break #18 - 2016 NRL Elite - SET TEAMS -COMPLETED!

    Bloody hell you have to be quick around here!
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