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  1. nicholasbychiu

    eBay NBA cards for sale - Jordans, 19-20 high end, Upperdeck

    Interested in Championship Galaxy and net assets MJ. Please pm me mate cheers
  2. nicholasbychiu

    SOLD/TRADED please delete

    Price for KPJ Prizm blue, Saric sélect gold, Saric select green and Bruno Silo prime please
  3. nicholasbychiu

    SOLD/TRADED hacka's OMG I CAN'T AFFORD A STORAGE UNIT sale/trade thread

    Price on Knox PP, Mikal Bridges noir /3 and Bamba Immaculate /99 rpa
  4. nicholasbychiu

    Completed Nicholasbychiu and yujohnn05

    Nicholasbychiu will get: 1) Wade SPA RC auto 2) Bird exquisite patch auto 3) Miller SPA auto 4) Miller Skybox autographics 5) KG SPX auto 6) KG SPGU auto 7) Kidd exquisite patch auto (the one with damage in window) 8) CP3 Exquisite patch auto Yujohnn05 will get bank transfer and shipment...
  5. nicholasbychiu

    All cards sold

    Pm sent Liam. Cheers.
  6. nicholasbychiu

    $150 for the lot

    Price on Giles please
  7. nicholasbychiu


    Price on AD patch,Kyrie Revo Auto and James Select insert mate? Cheers
  8. nicholasbychiu

    Tatum Gold Prizm RC Auto 4/10

    Any wiggling room on this mate? Cheers
  9. nicholasbychiu

    Aaron Gordon GS RPA Prime BGS

    Any buffering room on this mate ? Cheers
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