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  1. mj_fan

    SOLD/TRADED 1987 Fleer Michael Jordan PSA3

    Taking offers on this beauty
  2. mj_fan

    For Sale Mark Jackson Menendez Brothers

    Have two of these babies for sale. The infamous 1990 hoops card with the Menendez bros 😂 😂 😂 😂
  3. mj_fan

    Can anyone identify this signature?

    Bought a sport's magazine off the bay, and inside was this signature. It says #25 (jersey number?) I don't know what sport. The magazine was issued in 1991, could be from that time? Was signed on the back of a Las Vegas Bally's Gaming leaflet.
  4. mj_fan

    Completed Neb and mj_fan

    mj_fan pays $$ via paypal Neb sends Jordan cards
  5. mj_fan


    The start of the lower print run/harder to get insert cards from Fleer. It's in MINT-NRMT condition. Corners are good. A bit off centered, and a few flakes on the back (notorious for this) The hair on the back of card is from scanner, not on the card. 😂 Will come Penny Sleeved in a Top Loader...
  6. mj_fan

    Completed pmitch_82 + mj_fan

    pmitch_82 gets $$$$$$$ mj_fan gets cards
  7. mj_fan

    Completed Paul_Ambrey and mj_fan

    paul_ambrey gets $$$$ mj_fan gets cards
  8. mj_fan

    Looking for 90's Bulls

    Looking to buy bulls only singles, inserts, memorabilia, auto's of these players. B.J. Armstrong Horace Grant Toni Kukoc Luc Longley Bill Wennington Bill Cartwright Steve Kerr Would like to make a deal on a bulk lot, if you have.
  9. mj_fan

    NBA Dvd's

    Not sure if this should go in another thread? 3 NBA Finals DVD's Detroit Pistons 1988 finals against bulls (all finals games) Dynasty: 76ers 2013 Heat Champions : All 7 games Make an offer
  10. mj_fan

    Bulk ps3 game collection (200+ games)

    Bulk lot. The more you buy the bigger the discount. No reasonable offers refused. Prefer to sell as much in the bulk as i can. Most will have manuals and some are even new and sealed. Will work out postage on amount you want. Games are as titled: 50 Cent - Blood On The Sand 2014 World Cup...
  11. mj_fan

    Wanting to Buy 90's Micheal Jordan

    Hey guys, I'm looking to expand my 90's collection of MICHAEL JORDAN. Open to looking at what you may have that you no longer want. Looking for commons, mid to high end inserts.
  12. mj_fan

    SOLD/TRADED $175 Eb games voucher for $120

    As the title states. Save $55 at Eb games with a $175 voucher
  13. mj_fan

    Completed WoobieZarz and mj_fan

    Mj_fan gets Jordan's WoobieZarz gets PS4 games
  14. mj_fan

    Completed Greg_B and mj_fan

    Greg_B gets $$$$ mj_fan gets erving bgs
  15. mj_fan

    In Progress NBASIMMO and mj_fan

    NBASIMMO gets paypal and mj_fan gets jordan
  16. mj_fan

    WTD: Jordan 90s Mid to High Inserts

    Hi Guys, Got some spare cash to sink into some more 90s Jordan's. Let me know what us got. Open to anything
  17. mj_fan

    SOLD/TRADED PS4 games Trade for Jordan's

    Will consider trade for Michael Jordan cards. Crash trilogy $30 Mafia 3 $20 Call of duty advanced warfare $20 Doom $25 FIFA 14 $10 Batman arkham knight $20 Add $5 for postage
  18. mj_fan

    80-90's BGS Chicago Bulls Graded

    Wanting Chicago Bulls Graded 1980's BGS only 1990's BGS only
  19. mj_fan

    Completed mj_fan and aussie26

    i get B.J.Armstrong Majestic Auto 6/199 aussie26 gets paypal
  20. mj_fan

    Detroit Pistons: 1988-1989 NBA Champions DVD Box Set

    Relive the Detroit Pistons' first-ever NBA Championship in this exciting 11-disc collector's set. Experience each game in its entirety and original broadcast format from the incredible 6-game Eastern Conference Finals clash with the Chicago Bulls to the spectacular 4-game sweep of the Los...
  21. mj_fan

    Various PS4 and PS3 Games for Sale from $5.00

    PS4 GAMES Little Big Planet (Unplayed Sealed) $30 Driveclub $20 Wolfenstein The Old Blood $20 Bloodbourne $35 PS3 GAMES GTA5 $25 FarCry 4 $25 Max Payne 3 $10 Red Dead Redemption $10 Street Fighter 4 $10 Unchartered $5 Unchartered 2 $5 Metal Gear Solid 4 $5 Battlefield 3 $5 NBA 2K13 $5 Skate...
  22. mj_fan

    VANS SK8-HI (METALLICA KILL 'EM ALL) $60.00 with Postage

    Hit the lights! Metallica is here ready to rip through your brain & the soles of your existing shoes! These Sk8-Hi's are 100% badass, ready to be put through any rapid-fire kick drums or searing guitar licks you can throw at them. Featuring Metallica's debut studio album 'Kill 'Em All' album...
  23. mj_fan

    right person needed to develop site for basketball events

    Came across this on the tree. Id do it but its volunteer. Perhaps someone is more generous. They need a website linked to europe league basketball for events in Melbourne and Australia...
  24. mj_fan

    Kidd, Payton, Malone, Hayes Game Used

    All cards $5.00 each which includes postage. $15.00 for the lot Fleer 04-05 Playmakers Gary Payton PM-GP UD 08-09 PREMIER STITCHINGS - elvin Hayes PS_EH Flair 01-02 UD Courtkings - Karl Malone Game Used Court Topps 04-05 Hardwoord Heroics 074/400 @ Color Swatch - Jason Kidd
  25. mj_fan

    $20 itunes voucher ....$13

    $13 for a $20 itunes voucher. It expires on the 28/05/2013 You to claim a $20 discount on purchases at I will send you the code:)
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