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  1. mj_fan

    SOLD/TRADED 1987 Fleer Michael Jordan PSA3

    Taking offers on this beauty
  2. mj_fan

    For Sale Michael Jordan Inserts, including high end

    How much for the Jordan rookie psa $2k?
  3. mj_fan

    Selling Scottie Pippen Vintage NBA Cards

    Is the finest a refractor?
  4. mj_fan

    For Sale Mark Jackson Menendez Brothers

    Hmmm like to see the listing
  5. mj_fan

    For Sale Mark Jackson Menendez Brothers

    Good call I think I'll go that path
  6. mj_fan

    For Sale Mark Jackson Menendez Brothers

    Have two of these babies for sale. The infamous 1990 hoops card with the Menendez bros 😂 😂 😂 😂
  7. mj_fan

    I was wondering how much my cards are worth

    I'll take Jordan World class Power pallette Power booster Hot list
  8. mj_fan

    For Sale/For Trade Player base/insert/RC lots

    I'll take the Jordan's. Assuming they are commons correct?
  9. mj_fan

    For Sale MJ Fleer RC PSA 5 Centred

    Both psa and bgs grading is slipping. I've noticed bad cards graded high and vice versa like yours. They probably wanted to keep it as a low grade, to keep the other Mj's higher in value
  10. mj_fan

    For Sale MJ Fleer RC PSA 5 Centred

    It's got to be the surface. I've got a few PSA grades which are 5, or 6. on face value they look 8 or 9.
  11. mj_fan

    For Sale Mad mix update 15/11/18

    Pippen and kukoc refractors?
  12. mj_fan

    Anyone selling a Jordan 86 sticker

    i have a bgs 7.5 jordan sticker. i'd let it go for $500
  13. mj_fan

    Can anyone identify this signature?

    Bought a sport's magazine off the bay, and inside was this signature. It says #25 (jersey number?) I don't know what sport. The magazine was issued in 1991, could be from that time? Was signed on the back of a Las Vegas Bally's Gaming leaflet.
  14. mj_fan

    Wanting to Buy 90's Micheal Jordan

    weekend bump
  15. mj_fan

    Completed Neb and mj_fan

    payment sent
  16. mj_fan

    Completed Neb and mj_fan

    mj_fan pays $$ via paypal Neb sends Jordan cards
  17. mj_fan


    The start of the lower print run/harder to get insert cards from Fleer. It's in MINT-NRMT condition. Corners are good. A bit off centered, and a few flakes on the back (notorious for this) The hair on the back of card is from scanner, not on the card. 😂 Will come Penny Sleeved in a Top Loader...
  18. mj_fan

    Please Delete

    price on jordan sticky fingers
  19. mj_fan

    Completed pmitch_82 + mj_fan

  20. mj_fan

    Completed pmitch_82 + mj_fan

    pmitch_82 gets $$$$$$$ mj_fan gets cards
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